Biden Continues To Deliberately Spread Misinformation About Georgia’s Election Integrity Law

Conference circulated an email yesterday to provide a reality check about the state of Georgia’s election integrity law that detailed how Democrat politicians, the media, and their corporate allies are purposefully mischaracterizing the law to curry favor to the activist left.

Despite mounting evidence confirming that this law actually expands ballot access for voters – especially when compared to current statues in states that these out-of-touch entities like to hold up as models – President Biden continues to demonize it, referring to it again yesterday as legislation in line with the Jim Crow era.

Many have been quick to not only outline how this legislation does nothing to restrict voters’ access to the ballot, but have also emphasized how offensive it is for President Biden to invoke “Jim Crow” as a political weapon:

  • Fox News: “Tim Scott: Georgia Dems’ Jim Crow references ‘terribly’ distort voting-law facts”
  • Fox News: “Ben Carson blasts Omar’s ‘disgusting’ Georgia-Apartheid comparison, says Biden doesn’t understand ‘Jim Crow'”

On top of invoking this charged rhetoric, the disinformation campaign spread by the President and Stacey Abrams is going to directly hurt African-Americans. That’s because Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO will deprive African-American owned business of a key opportunity to generate revenue:

  • Fox News: “‘Woke’ MLB moving All-Star Game from 51% Black Atlanta to 76% White Denver, critics note”
  • Fox Business: “MLB All Star Game boycott ‘crushing’ for Atlanta small businesses”

As the Conference email said yesterday, this law does not do the things that Democrats, the media, and corporations claim that it does. The more they advance these false narratives, the more dangerous it becomes for our country. We cannot live in a society where the mainstream media and private companies are working hand-in-glove with a major political party to promote an ideology that goes against the beliefs and values of millions of Americans.