Biden Admin Takes Steps To Re-Enter The Iran Deal

This week, the Biden Administration began indirect conversations with Iranian officials to discuss lifting sanctions and re-entering the nuclear deal. Up to this point, Iran’s posture has been that they will not negotiate with the United States unless sanctions are lifted, even while they continue to try and acquire nuclear weapons capabilities. Their delegation praised the initial conversations in clear evidence that United States negotiators are willing to concede to Iran’s demands for sanctions relief:

  • The Washington Post: “Talks on reviving Iran nuclear deal begin on ‘right track,’ Tehran envoy says”

At the outset, these negotiations are already a victory for Iran. They are touting the fact that these indirect conversation will ultimately lead to the lifting of sanctions and the end of the effective maximum pressure campaign against them. They also have publicly promoted 133 “new nuclear achievements,” they have made in a sign that they are fully committed to moving forward with the nuclear weapons program, regardless of the results of these conversations with American diplomats. Despite that, the Biden Administration continues to hold discussions with them:

Lifting sanctions and re-entering this deal would be devastating for the United States and our national security interests. The maximum pressure campaign has succeeded in undermining the Iranian economy and would have forced them back to the table under different terms. Instead, the Biden Administration is following the same failed path as the Obama Administration that will result in an emboldened and empowered Iran.