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Two years ago, House Republicans rolled out our Better Way agenda to address the major challenges facing our country. We kept our promises, and the American people are Better Off Now for it. Our policies have led to a booming economy, safer communities, and a stronger military.

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Free Beacon | House Republicans Promote New ‘Better Off Now’ Message

The campaign, accompanied with a social media hashtag “#BetterOffNow” and the website betteroffnow.gop focuses on accomplishments made by Republicans since they’ve held the majority in the House of Representatives.

Better Off Now cites the current low unemployment rate, increased take-home pay, moves made in the fight against opioids, and improvements made to the military.

House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R., Wash.) spoke to how the economy has improved since Republicans took control of the House.

“For the last decade, we have been asking ‘where are the jobs?’ Today, it’s an entirely different story. In 2010, the unemployment rate was at 9.9 percent. Just last month, it was at 4 percent. We are celebrating that 4 percent,” McMorris Rodgers said. “More people are coming off the sidelines and into the workforce, companies are coming home, and 3.7 million jobs have been created since President Trump was elected.”

“This is the comeback story that was made possible through the Better Way agenda, the foundation that was laid two years ago. And we’ve worked hard to deliver on those results,” McMorris Rodgers said. “Today, Americans are Better Off Now.”

Rep. Warren Davidson (R., Ohio) mentioned how Republican policies are positively affecting America’s national defense.

“What’s important is that Republicans are delivering on our promises,” Davidson said. “As a result, America is stronger at home and abroad, with a booming economy, safer communities, and a revived military.”

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Fox News | House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers On The #BetterOffNow Agenda: “This Is The Republicans Keeping Our Promise To The American People”

At the House Republican leadership press conference Wednesday Cathy McMorris Rodgers highlighted the ways Americans are “Better Off Now.”  Rodgers stated,

“Republicans have kept our promises. People are optimistic again. They can buy a new house; they can start a family; they can expand their businesses. In this booming economy, Americans have hope and confidence again.”

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson to discuss the #BetterOffNow agenda and how she feels Republicans have delivered results for the American people.

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Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) for Yellow Hammer: Americans are better off now

Two years ago, I joined other Republican House members in unveiling our “Better Way” agenda. The agenda covered everything from national security to tax reform to the economy. It was a bold vision about a different path for America that wasn’t driven by a larger, more powerful federal government. Instead, we advocated for a better way where we got government out of the way and allowed the American people to flourish.

Working with President Trump, we have held true to our promises to the American people. Two years later and with many parts of the agenda in place, we can safely say that Americans are better off now. Our communities are safer. The economy is booming. Our military is being rebuilt. Our “Better Way” is paying off.

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Chair McMorris Rodgers in the Washington Examiner: America is better off now

For the last decade, Americans were asking, “Where are the jobs?” Today, companies are coming home, 3.7 million new jobs have been created since President Trump’s election, and there are historically low levels of unemployment. It’s a comeback story that we said was possible in our Better Way agenda, and over the past two years, we delivered. As a result, Americans are better off now.

A booming economy isn’t the only reason why. People have hope again that their futures are brighter and more secure because Republicans are listening to them. We are keeping the promises we made in our Better Way agenda to make our communities safer and to rebuild our military.

After years of sluggish growth, we said we would make America competitive again and ensure it’s the best place in the world to live, work, start a business, and raise a family. That’s why when President Trump was elected, we immediately got to work to unleash economic growth with more than a dozen bills that repealed Obama-era red tape and eliminated billions of dollars in regulatory costs. These bills are now law, and they are putting power back in the hands of our farmers, community bankers, small business owners, and everyone in between.

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Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Fox News:

“Two years ago House Republicans ran on a platform called ‘The Better Way’ and then along with the newly elected President Trump guess what we did? We did what we said we were going to do, we kept our promises and we enacted a very promising agenda that is now occurring and what’s the result? We are stronger at home and abroad, we are rebuilding our military, we are confronting the opioids crisis, we’re ending human trafficking, we are fixing things so that we improve people’s lives and so take a look, we now are showing that we are ‘Better Off Now.’ You can go to better.gov to see all the accomplishments that we, along with the President, have put into place to dramatically improve people’s lives.”

‘We have a great contrast’

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Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) on Fox Business:

“What we’re doing as Republicans is put the country first, put the American people first…you’ve already heard [Nancy Pelosi] say that if she became Speaker, the first thing she would do is roll back the tax cuts. That’s not speaking to the American people…we’ve seen that the tax cuts are working. We’re Better Off today than we were under the Obama administration, so why would you roll back policy that’s actually being effective?”

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) on OAN:

“Look at the economy. Just two, four years ago, economists were saying the best growth we’re ever going to see in the economy is 1.5, maybe 2 percent. Look at where we are today — we’re expecting the Federal Reserve to come out in the next few days with an estimate of over 4 percent growth in GDP. Look at the unemployment rate and the bonuses that have been given out. When the individual looks and asks the question ‘am I better off today than I was four years ago economically?’ the answer is yes. Is America safer today than it was just two or four years ago? The answer has to be yes.”

Chair McMorris Rodgers on The Hugh Hewitt Show:  

“Nancy Pelosi had predicted that [tax reform] would be Armageddon. It’s hardly Armageddon. She talked about $1,000 being crumbs. Now she is saying she wants to raise taxes. That’s not the solution. Americans are optimistic today. I hear it in Eastern Washington. There is optimism that has returned about the future. People have hope again. That is what we want for people.

“Right after Starbucks had announced that they were increasing benefits and giving bonuses to employees, I had visted the manager in Downtown Spokane. He just had his first baby 4 months ago and he was so excited. The other employees were bouncing off the walls because they were hopeful. This is what we want for people. We want them to believe that they can have a better life.”

“I encourage people to go to better.gop. We have a ton of information… you can find it all on better.gop.”

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