House Democrats Embarrass Themselves Trying To Score Political Points Off AG Barr

There’s no other way to describe yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr other than a colossal failure for House Democrats. Throughout the so-called “hearing,” they asked the Attorney General questions and either didn’t like what he had to say so they wouldn’t let him complete his answer, or wouldn’t even let him talk, period:

The Attorney General recognized this and said directly, “(t)his is a hearing. I thought I was supposed to be heard,” but Democrats still refused to allow him the opportunity to answer certain questions. At one point Chairman Jerry Nadler – who delayed the start of the hearing in the morning – refused to give the witness a break when one was requested, a break from the committee’s past precedent:

Throughout the hearing, Chairman Nadler was under fire for his ridiculous claim that rioters and organized instigators who are perpetuating violence in cities across the country are a “myth.” Other Democrats used the hearing as an opportunity to blame the federal government and Department of Justice for upholding the law by countering the widespread violence and attacks on law enforcement, instead of rightfully condemning the lawless behavior of these rioters:

Even Democrats recognized how disastrous the hearing was for their party, including one of the main lawyers involved in the impeachment sham who pointedly criticized Chairman Nadler:

And reporters from The New York Times and CNN, as well as conservative commentators, also criticized Democrats for not knowing basic facts about the points they sought to raise, and for their overall failed strategy:

  • Fox News: “Ben Shapiro decries Barr hearing as ‘moral absurdity’: ‘Just ridiculous from beginning to end'”
  • Mediaite: “Karl Rove: Democrats at Barr Hearing Look Like ‘Jerks’”

If the goal of this hearing for House Democrats was to show that they will defend the actions of violent rioters who are causing chaos in cities across the country, attack the Attorney General for enforcing the law, and refuse to let him answer questions, then they succeeded. More likely, the American people saw first-hand yesterday how they made an “embarrassing spectacle” of their governing responsibilities and cannot be trusted with power.