Back Home, House D’s Face Socialism Backlash

Constituents living in the districts of freshman House Democrats haven’t exactly rolled out the red carpet for them when they return from Washington.

From Olathe to Yorkville, these members have been confronted – and often booed – for campaigning as centrists but legislating as socialists…

Rep. Ben McAdams hosted a town hall where he desperately tried to distance himself from his party’s lurch to the left:

“One resident contended that the Democratic Party is pushing socialism, communism, infanticide and anti-semitism, and asked McAdams ‘how long do you intend to ride that train with those people’ in the party?”

Rep. Lauren Underwood got an earful for supporting a socialist healthcare proposal that eliminates private insurance and replaces it with a one-size-fits-all government plan:

“Moerschbaecher said he believes Underwood is hiding a socialist agenda under nice platitudes, along with her fellow freshman Democratic congressional members … He also said he thought Underwood dodged the question about replacing private health care with socialized care.”

Rep. Sharice Davids wobbled on single-payer, but was booed for fighting attempts to secure the border:

“Conservatives in the crowd appreciated Davids’ healthcare response but booed when she said building a wall is not the solution for border security. ‘It was pretty much the same liberal, leftist rhetoric we hear consistently through the media, the mainstream media,’ said Maurine McLellan, who lives in Stilwell, Kansas.”

Rep. Abigail Spanberger also received significant pushback at a town hall after voicing her opposition to physical barriers at the border:

“Peter Hasso spoke up to challenge Spanberger on her position on Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico. After the meeting he said Spanberger’s answers were pretty much what he expected, and he wasn’t convinced that she’s any different from other Democrats.”

Bottom line: House Democrats have spent their time in the majority embracing socialism and being co-opted by the most extreme elements of their party. Now their constituents see right through their empty campaign promises.