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Chair McMorris Rodgers for National Review: Upholding the Promise of America this Constitution Day

Today on Constitution Day, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) writes for National Review on upholding the promise of America.  McMorris Rodgers points to the Constitutional Authority plank of the House Republican Better Way agenda, which she released in a ceremony earlier this year with Speaker Paul Ryan and fellow House Republicans.

Says McMorris Rodgers, “As we take part in this annual reflection on the genius of our Founding Fathers and the promise of America through our Constitution, we need to have an honest conversation with ourselves. If Congress is serious about its role as the people’s voice in government, then we need to utilize every tool at our disposal to restore our constitutional authority under Article I and prevent this president — any president — from fast-tracking regulations without input from the American people. …

“…I am so proud that our Conference came together and recognized the importance of restoring constitutional authority. We devoted an entire plank of our Better Way agenda to it, and unequivocally it is the most important plank. At the end of the day, legislating means nothing if the American people aren’t at the core. We emphasize the need for making government more accountable by placing agencies and bureaucracy under more scrutiny from Congress; to make government more representative by rewriting old laws and implementing new ones so regulations reflect the will — and input — of the people; to restore checks on spending; and to make government more transparent by publishing publicly what we’re doing.”

Read more via National Review by clicking here, and be sure to check out our plan to restore the people’s voice in our government by visiting

McMorris Rodgers on YAHOO! News and Fox Business: We Can Do Better

The VA Secretary’s comments yesterday comparing wait times at Disney to wait times at the VA left Americans across the country stunned and disgusted.

Says House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, “When you go to Disney, you aren’t wondering if you’re going to live long enough to make it to Space Mountain.  You aren’t concerned for your health, your parents’ wellbeing, or your buddy’s safety. Our servicemen and women have died while waiting in lines. And with 18 percent of appointment cancellations going unfilled, we can do better.”

In interviews this afternoon with Katie Couric (Yahoo News) and Neil Cavuto (Fox News Business), McMorris Rodgers discussed the dysfunction of the VA, saying they have “lost sight of the veteran.” McMorris Rodgers went on to discuss her bill, the Faster Care for Veterans Act, which provides veterans with off-the-shelf technology seen in doctors’ offices across the country and gives veterans the ability to schedule their own appointments with the VA.

Catch highlights from today’s interviews below:

On Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto

05.24.2016 Cavuto
On Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto, McMorris Rodgers says“We can do better. And we must. We need to be rethinking the way that we deliver these services. …I have been working on legislation for a couple of years now to require the VA to use off-the-shelf technology that is available and used in doctors’ offices all across the country every day. …yet the VA is resisting this at a time when their waiting lists continue to go up. …Veterans are contacting me every day. They are at their wits end trying to work through this organization, this agency… they feel like a burden when they contact the agency rather than having the red carpet rolled out and having some people that actually care about meeting their needs.”

On YAHOO! News with Katie Couric

05.24.2016 Couric

On YAHOO! News with Katie Couric, McMorris Rodgers explains, “We have had a number of secretaries through the years who have had to resign. The real question is how do we make sure the veterans are getting the care that they need? This is the way that we as Americans show our gratitude for those who have served–republicans, democrats, independents. Too often, when a veteran approaches the VA, they feel like they are more of a burden, than actually having the carpet rolled out for them. Things need to fundamentally change at the VA—not just at the top.”

Acting to End the Opioid Epidemic

“People in recovery are warriors, of a sort. … We cannot do it alone.  We have to find other warriors.”

This is the reminder that Nick Yacoub shares with all of us. 

With drug-caused deaths involving opioids on the rise, stories like Nick’s – a drug addiction survivor from Rep. Barbara Comstock’s (R-VA) local area – are growing more and more common.

In the People’s House – as we continue to pursue a bright future, where every American can rise up and take control of their version of the American Dream – we will soon act to help end the cycle of opioid addiction.

As Nick puts it, addiction is an “equal opportunity destroyer of lives.”

We must act now.

Sean Duffy on House Effort to Protect Taxpayers from Puerto Rico Bailout

Earlier today, Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) appeared on CNBC and discussed the efforts in the House to protect taxpayers from a Puerto Rico bailout.  

Under Rep. Duffy’s leadership, the House Committee on Natural Resources recently released legislation that will protect the American taxpayer from a bailout and hold Puerto Rico accountable to its debt.

For Rep. Duffy’s full interview with CNBC, CLICK HERE.

Seize the Opportunity to Honor and Celebrate the Trailblazers

Our country is a place where you should be trusted to pursue your own dreams – no matter your background, or your walk of life.  This is all part the agenda we’re building to restore a confident America, where every American can feel secure in our lives and our futures.

This Women’s History Month, we seize the opportunity to honor and celebrate the trailblazers.  At the same time, let’s challenge ourselves to think about how we can keep making history for future generations.

Rep. Martha McSally and Senator Joni Ernst Wage Battle for Women Airforce Service Pilots

This Women’s History Month, we celebrate women who have blazed the trail as well as those who continue making history for the next generation.

But as Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) and Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) have seen, there’s one celebration that’s been quite the battle: The fight over whether or not World War II Women Airforce Service Pilots can be honored with burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

In this online story, McSally and Ernst talk with YAHOO’s Katie Couric about this new battle being fought for these women veterans.


What Do Bricks and Menus Have in Common?

What do bricks and menus have in common?

Believe it or not, both have been targeted by the Obama administration’s top-down, government-knows-best approach that has left the American people feeling frustrated and voiceless.

“In the People’s House, we hear you,” says House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). “We hear you, and we’re working on an agenda for a more confident America – that trusts ‘We the People’ to make our own decisions for ourselves, and our families.”

As part of our efforts, we’ve recently passed two bills that don’t sound like they have all that much in common: The BRICK Act and the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act.

But both initiatives work to address the regulatory assault this administration is attempting to impose on everyone from our local grocery stores and restaurants to small, family-owned manufacturers – including brick producers (yes, you read that right – brick producers).

As Rep. Bill Johnson’s (R-OH) BRICK Act passed the People’s House this week, Johnson noted that, “The majority of U.S. brick plants are small, family-owned operations, often located in small communities that depend on the plant for good-paying jobs. … Forcing them to comply with a costly, job-killing rule that is still pending in the courts makes absolutely no sense. I am glad my House colleagues agreed and joined with me to pass the BRICK Act.”

On recent passage of her initiative that gives restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores the freedom to provide nutrition information in a way consistent with how they operate and how their customers actually place orders, McMorris Rodgers says, “This is really about trusting Americans through their elected representatives to make the best decisions and fulfill the dreams that they have.”

Remember, these examples are why House Republicans are building a bold agenda for a more confident America, produced for the people by the people’s representatives. As part of our efforts, we’re focused on restoring the “We the People” mandate in our Constitution because our voices are being stifled by an executive branch that thinks it “knows best.”

Says McMorris Rodgers, “That’s why the work that we are doing is so important this year: to build an agenda that is going to restore a confident America so that every American is going to feel secure in their lives and in their futures because their voices are being heard and reflected through their elected representatives. As we present a bold, forward-looking agenda, we must restore the Constitutional, ‘We the People’ mandate. This is part of the choice that we will be offering America as we move forward in 2016.”

Snapshot: Rep. Sean Duffy

“When I got there, I was living on a TV set.”

You probably wouldn’t expect to hear that from your U.S. Representative.

But this is what you’ll see when you take a closer look at a snapshot of Rep. Sean Duffy’s (R-WI) story.

In this video, Duffy describes the People’s House as “… a sampling and slice of all of America, with a wide range of cultures and viewpoints that come together for this raucous American conversation.”

“It’s a conversation of really big ideas,” he says.

On House Republicans’ forward-looking agenda, Duffy notes these are ideas of, “ … opportunity and prosperity.”

2016 is our opportunity to choose a future driven by bold ideas that empower people to fulfill their dreams and open America up to new futures with solutions that are driven by the people in local communities across the country. Learn more about our work by visiting