#WhatsAtStake without Republican leadership: Jobs

Democrats like to talk about #WhatsAtStake and being #ForThePeople. Want to know what’s at stake? A booming economy, safer communities, and a strong military.

When everyday Americans look at their bigger paychecks or the “now hiring” signs in their hometowns, they have only one party to thank for that.

Spoiler: it isn’t the Democrats. No, they fought us every step of the way as we worked to help everyone in this country have a chance at a better life. Worse still, they’ve promised to repeal tax cuts — the very tax cuts that made this hiring boom a reality.

Unemployment is at a historic low – 3.7 percent! That’s the lowest our unemployment has been since 1969!

4.5 million jobs have been created here in the United States since President Trump’s election — 2.1 million of those since the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act became law.

In addition to unemployment numbers being at their lowest point in decades, job openings are at a record high — 250,000 jobs were added in October alone. And in October there were 7.1 million job openings, marking yet another month that there have been more job openings than those who are unemployed.

While everyday Americans feel that now is a great time to find a job, Democrats scoff at these numbers. They miss the good ol’ days of 9 percent unemployment, stagnant growth, and bleakness like we had in 2010 under the Obama administration.