#WhatsAtStake without Republican leadership: Freedom from red tape

Halloween may have come and gone, but honestly, we’re still frightened.

Why? Because Democrats are summoning spirits of two years past.

Two years ago, our country was in a very different place. Our economy was stagnant, and we were told to accept the sluggish two percent growth as the ‘new normal.’ Thanks to an absurdly high corporate tax rate, we hemorrhaged companies (and jobs) to other countries, and small businesses credited regulations and the tax code with their inability to grow and hire.

Republicans changed that. Part of our Better Way agenda two years ago was a promise to roll back regulations that were hurting Americans and crushing jobs — and we did.

In addition to policies like tax reform, House Republicans passed 17 Congressional Review Act resolutions, with 16 of them becoming law — the most in U.S. history.

What does this mean? It means Republicans voted to protect the American people from the last-minute tidal wave of regulations that the Obama administration put in place in the final days of his presidency. Everything from land management to education to buying a car — nothing was safe from the heavy hand of a Democrat-led government.

These regulations were hurting workers, small business owners, even universities, and rolling them back was one of the first actions we took when Republicans took control. We’ve cut $4.1 billion in agency costs, $34.8 billion in industry costs, and saved  more than four million hours of paperwork.

Republicans believe that everyday Americans know better than the federal government how to live their lives, run their businesses, and raise their families. They don’t need a bureaucrat in the basement of the Department of Labor telling them what to do.

The Democrats? Well, the vast majority did vote NO on all of these regulatory rollbacks….