Another Pelosi Power Grab

In less than 70 days since the beginning of this Congress, Speaker Pelosi has repeatedly abused her power at the expense of the American people. Whether it was H.R. 1, which federalizes elections and robs power from state and local officials to reward politicians, or her payoff to progressives that used the pandemic as an excuse to pass dangerous far-left policies, she has repeatedly put her partisan interests first.

Her latest power grab has to do with the results of the congressional election in Iowa’s Second District. While the state certified that Rep. Marinette Miller-Meeks won the election in November, Speaker Pelosi and her party have begun the process of trying to overturn these results and install a Democrat in this seat.

Last week, the House Administration Committee voted against a motion to dismiss the challenge to this election, even though the state certified the result months ago.

  • The Washington Examiner: “House panel votes against Iowa Republican’s motion to dismiss opponent’s contest to 2020 race”

Prior to the vote, the top Republican on the Administration Committee, Rep. Rodney Davis, outlined why the challenge to this election should immediately be dismissed because, as he said, “Congresswoman Miller-Meeks was certified the winner of Iowa’s 2nd District only after a thorough, transparent, and bipartisan process. Bipartisan recount boards, which included a member from each campaign and an agreed upon third party, in all 24 counties went through and counted and recounted every lawful vote under Iowa law. Following this process, Iowa’s bipartisan State Canvassing Board voted unanimously to certify Congresswoman Miller-Meeks the winner.”:

Despite this evidence, Speaker Pelosi continues to press forward with an effort to overturn the results of this election and refused to dismiss this push when asked about it yesterday:

On Friday, Rep. Miller-Meeks joined Fox News’ “Special Report,” to explain how Democrats are trying to disregard the laws of Iowa to get – as they claim – the results that they want: