KDRV: Southern Oregon for Southern Oregon : Connecting Customers To Local Businesses

Abigail Schilling is the founder of the Medford Cowork Collective, and says she wanted to create a site that puts all the information in one place, so consumers can know if a business is open, its hours, and whether or not delivery is an option.

The Bulletin: Central Oregon distilleries switch from spirits to sanitizer

Central Oregon distilleries are racing to fill the need for hand sanitizer by switching from spirits to cleansing gel.

Forbes: Coronavirus Champions: A Running List of Brands Getting It Right

A distillery in Portland started making and giving away hand sanitizer in an acute shortage.

Oregon Business: Coronavirus: Manufacturers Switch Gears

The manufacturing switch is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in a shortage of the hygiene product, as well as other protective gear for health care workers, such as rubber gloves and face masks.

Surfer Today: Sailworks shifts production to medical face shields

The windsurfing company from Hood River, Oregon, has re-tasked its sail loft and staff to start making medical face shields.

Mail Tribune: Businesses get creative to cope with crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has businesses rethinking how they operate — assuming they can stay open at all.

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