Your Priorities = Our Priorities

In two years, the American people have changed their minds — a lot.

A recent Gallup poll asked 828 Americans, “Who do you want to have more influence over the direction the nation takes in the next year — Barack Obama or the Republicans in Congress?”

Their answer? Republicans in Congress. Fifty-three percent of Americans want Republicans to have greater influence over our nation’s direction, while only 36% answered in support of President Obama and Congressional Democrats.

gallup poll 11-12

Given the failures of the Obama Administration — in addition to the Senate’s inaction over the last two years — these numbers are unsurprising. While House Republicans have passed myriad solutions to improve our economy, lower every day costs, and empower Americans through education — the Obama Administration has been broken a lot of promises.  Americans are taking note.

Rhetoric doesn’t pay the bills or get you into the doctor of your choice — but solutions, like the dozens House Republicans passed within the past year, do.

But our work has only begun. Wages are still stagnant, energy prices are still rising, and health care is still wrapped in red tape. But we will remain focused on our tasks ahead, by remaining focused on the priorities of the American people.

This weekend, Speaker of the House John Boehner said,

“This is a time for solutions to get our economy moving again, and we are eager to get to work.  Your priorities will be our priorities.  That’s our pledge to you, the people we serve.”

And as we look ahead, we will hold that pledge close. House Republicans will pursue the solutions America has asked for — the solutions Americans need.