Adam Schiff Goes Full Queen Of Hearts & Dems Concede Mueller Report Had No Impeachable Offenses

Hugh Hewitt: I want to pick up on something Professor Kearns said, which is the most important thing that was said this morning thus far is Adam Schiff came on and he went full ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Queen of Hearts – verdict first, trial later. I believe he destroyed his credibility this morning on this show as a fair arbiter of this process. The key other thing about “Is there enough time? Is there a middle?” That middle is tired of investigating President Trump. Is has gone on for two years, and the most interesting part of the Nancy Pelosi decision to go for a fast impeachment is the implicit, but very real concession that the Mueller Report had no impeachable office. No obstruction. No collusion. It’s gone. They have erased it from the record. So Adam Schiff is biased, and Nancy Pelosi has admitted that Mueller exonerated Trump.