A Trip Down Memory Lane

Yesterday, President Obama took a trip down memory lane to the place where it all began in Springfield, Illinois.

He gave an address to the Illinois General Assembly in the same place he touted a message of “hope” and “change” in 2008.

Sadly, the American people have seen that message of “hope” translate into a top-down government approach that hardworking Americans shoulder.

President Obama’s visit was on the heels of perhaps his most divisive budget proposal ever, and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) had a few words to say about it.

In the video below, Rep. Davis contrasts the Senator he once knew with the President’s “government-knows-best” legacy we see today.

“The President we know today is not the Senator Obama that we knew just a few short years ago,” Rep. Davis said during a press conference on Capitol Hill.

“He’s changed.  When Obama was a Senator, he supported Illinois coal. …But on his march to his presidency a few short years ago, he changed his philosophy.”

On President Obama’s last budget proposal, Rep. Davis said, “…One proposal in the President’s budget that irks me as a member who worked in a bipartisan way to pass a long term transportation bill … [is]  he wants to double-down and raise those gas prices even more on the people that he professes to care about the most.”

Rep. Davis pointed out, “… it was important to the American people to rebuild our crumbling roads and infrastructures in a bipartisan way  … because these families are enjoying lower gas prices, they are able to pay down their credit card debt, they’re able to save for retirement, maybe take a vacation or help their kids go to college.”

“President Obama has changed,” said Rep. Davis, “and I hope that his message of bipartisanship that he wants to give to the Illinois General Assembly today —  I hope he heeds it himself when he gets back here.”

Keep in mind, this is all part of the choice the American people have in 2016 – a choice between President Obama’s top-down status-quo legacy and House Republicans’ positive vision for a more confident America.