A Scoop of Sweet Potatoes — and a Side of Stagnant Wages

The middle class suffers more today than they did prior to the great recession — and Americans are definitely feeling the pressure. Jobs that were once substantial enough to sustain a middle class family now means even affording basic necessities is daily struggle.

The problem? More people might be working, but wages aren’t growing — in fact they’re shrinking. The jobs that built America’s middle class remain, but the pay has become stagnant and no longer provides the opportunities needed to thrive.

This Thanksgiving, many families will feel the squeeze of a tight wallet as they set their table. Americans will experience an increase in their Thanksgiving ingredients from last year, with some items like sweet potatoes having a 16% increase in cost.

Since 2009, the cost of Thanksgiving dinner has increased 15% — which provides just a glimpse of the economic pressure American families are feeling. As wages are decreasing, every day costs are rising.

House Republicans know what it takes to change course and help families. As we prepare for the new year, we are ready to bring solutions to the table that will turn our economy around. A healthy economy means more good-paying jobs, higher wages, and  greater opportunity — and a dinner table where everyone has peace of mind.