A people-up approach

A people-up approach.

That’s how we’re going to combat poverty in America, according to Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC). More than 17 percent of the population in his home state, North Carolina, are trapped in poverty today, making it one of the nation’s most impoverished areas.  As he meets with local non-profit leaders across his district, Walker hears success stories of people who have been brought up and out of poverty and back into the workforce.

“My fear is that safety nets sometimes turn into spider webs by keeping people in a vicious cycle of poverty,” says Walker.


Just last week, as part of his ongoing efforts to tackle poverty in his local area, Walker teamed up with former U.S. Representative and childhood hunger advocate J.C. Watts to talk with more than 75 faith leaders and discuss strategies  for bringing hunger and homelessness to an end.

Taking to the airwaves, Watts and Walker also praised the efforts of leaders in the community who provide children in need with food, and basic necessities.

“J.C. Watts and I share a similar philosophy about dealing with these issues,” says Walker. “A people-up approach rather than government-down.”

We like the sound of that.  That’s because a bottom-up agenda – for the people, produced by the people’s representatives – is all part of the future Republicans are pursuing in the People’s House.