A new plank

Just when we think the extreme rhetoric and hypocrisy of House Democrats has reached its limit – they prove us wrong again.

Just take a look at this timeline:

Friday at 2:06 PM: Rep. Ilhan Omar says it’s an “outrage” that Minnesota TSA agents hadn’t received their back pay.

Friday at 3:27 PM: Rep. Ilhan Omar says we should completely defund the Department of Homeland Security (which funds the TSA).

The Democrats’ socialist agenda is painfully out of touch with reality. Over a period of just a few weeks, they’ve tried to remove God from witness oaths, refused to protect babies, attempted to limit our Second Amendment rights, and impose government control over free speech and expression.

We’ve also previously heard plenty of Democrats call for defunding and eliminating ICE, a law enforcement agency that arrests and deports thousands of criminals every year. But going after the entire Department of Homeland Security also means defunding the Coast Guard, Secret Service, FEMA, and of course, the TSA.

This quote from a top Democrat strategist perfectly sums up their party in 2019: “We are on an out-of-control roller coaster going 100 miles-per-hour, and we have no functioning brake.”