A Bad Product

With the Obamacare insurance exchanges opening last week, Democrats are in an all-out sales pitch pushing Americans to sign up for health care. Republicans don’t think Americans should be forced to sign up for something that isn’t even working. Democrats on the other hand, think you should be fined if you don’t.


Obamacare Is A Bad Product That’s Not Affordable.

Tracy Seipel of San Jose Mercury News reports that Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura of California were “floored” when they opened their new medical bills showing a much pricier health care plan due to Obamacare. These are just two examples of thousands of Americans who are experiencing serious rate shock. That Obama promise of reducing health insurance premiums by $2,500 has been completely broken for these two.

“Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama. Yet, like many other Bay Area residents who pay for their own medical insurance, they were floored last week when they opened their bills: Their policies were being replaced with pricier plans that conform to all the requirements of the new health care law.”

“Vinson, of San Jose, will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy, while Waschura, of Portola Valley, will cough up almost $10,000 more for insurance for his family of four.” (Obamacare’s winners and losers in Bay Area, Tracy Seipel, San Jose Mercury News, October 5, 2013)

Obamacare Is Not Accessible.

Last week, Americans went to the Affordable Care Act’s website to try and sign up for health care, only to find that, “Obamacare’s web site is really bad,” as Ezra Kline and Evan Soltas of the Washington Post explain:

“The Apple analogy has been oft-used by the Obama administration — including by President Obama himself.”

“A couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it,” Obama said. “I don’t remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or iPads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn’t.”

“But the Obama administration doesn’t have a basically working product that would be improved by a software update. They have a web site that almost nobody has been able to successfully use. If Apple launched a major new product that functioned as badly as Obamacare’s online insurance marketplace, the tech world would be calling for Tim Cook’s head.” (Wonkbook: Obamacare’s web site is really bad, Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas, Washington Post, October 4, 2013)

And Guess What? If You Don’t Sign Up For Obamacare, You Will Be Fined

Obamacare has not been kind to Americans since the exchanges opened and it would only seem natural that many Americans wouldn’t be interest in buying in a bad product. However, there is bad news if you’re not interested. President Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrats will fine you if you don’t buy their product.

“The ACA hopes to create incentives for that pool of people to join, but also promises a punishment if they don’t — a fine this year of $95.” (Is anyone going to sign up for Obamacare?  Russell Goldman, ABC News, October 1, 2013)

Republicans Don’t Think That’s Fair

That’s why House Republicans have passed a bill to delay Obamacare for a year, giving everyday Americans the same break Obama has given to big business and labor unions.