Fact vs. Fiction

During an appearance this morning on CNN, Rep. Ruben Gallego *unconvincingly* told Poppy Harlow that Democrats don’t support open borders:

Rep. Gallego: “No candidate (Democrat) that is running right now actually wants open borders.”

Poppy Harlow: “We are out of time, but I would note that’s what a lot of people took away from all of them on that stage that were on that night… raising their hand at the MSNBC debate saying they would decriminalize crossing the border.”

Poppy was right – and there’s plenty more examples of Democrats supporting open borders:

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for completely eliminating the Department of Homeland security, which funds law enforcement agencies such as Border Patrol, Coast Guard, and TSA.
  • Just last year, House Democrats pushed legislation to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.
  • In addition to supporting decriminalizing illegal border crossings, every single Democrat on the main debate stage agreed to provide free health care to illegal immigrants.
  • Democratic activists cornered Joe Biden and demanded that he apologize for all deportations under President Obama.

Bottom line: The evidence of Democrats supporting open borders is overwhelming. Despite Rep. Gallego’s spin, the most influential members of his caucus are pushing a radical immigration agenda that would exacerbate the humanitarian crisis and put our communities at risk.