Yoder Leads Effort to Update Email Privacy Laws

A lot has changed since 1986.

Cabbage Patch Dolls have been replaced by Webkinz.

We can now communicate in seconds with people around the world through email and texting.

And power suits are no longer in style.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that has stayed the same: our email privacy laws.

In a press conference today on Capitol Hill, Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) spoke on the importance of updating our laws to reflect our country’s growth and innovation over the last few decades.

That’s why he introduced the Email Privacy Act — a bill that will give our emails and text messages the same privacy and protection as our paper mail.

Says Yoder, “This is the type of bill that shows Congress is solving problems, is listening to the next generation, and is modernizing our laws and protecting the constitutional rights and the liberties of every American.”

Catch Rep. Yoder’s full remarks HERE.

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