8 Wins in the 2018 Funding Bill

Mar 23, 2018 | COMMUNICATIONS •

On Friday, March 23, President Trump signed a critical 12-bill appropriations package that will fund important government programs consistent with the Bipartisan Budget Agreement and NDAA.

What is that?

Simply put, appropriations bills are how Congress utilizes its “power of the purse.” These bills provide the funding for critical services everyday Americans rely on, including funds that help keep our food supply safe, support our public health preparedness, invest in critical infrastructure, fight devastating wildfires, and a lot more.

What do they do?

These bills prioritize the safety and prosperity of Americans above all else. Since appropriations lingo and numbers can get a little confusing, we’ve highlighted eight wins for everyday Americans in these bills.


  1. It rebuilds our military after years of damage and neglect done under the previous administration.
  2. It fully funds a 2.4 percent pay raise for our troops.
  3. It helps keep our kids and schools safe by ensuring compliance with the National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) and implementing key provisions from the STOP School Violence Act.
  4. It secures our homeland by providing funding for physical barriers (a wall system) and associated technology along the southwest border of the United States.
  5. It provides the largest investment to date to combat the opioid crisis. This includes robust funding for addiction treatment and prevention, as well as law enforcement programs that stop the spread of these dangerous drugs and help families and communities get the assistance they need.
  6. It rebuilds America’s aging infrastructure by investing additional funds for projects across the country including transportation, energy and water, and cyber.
  7. It maintains all provisions to preserve Second Amendment rights government-wide.
  8. It preserves the sanctity of life, maintaining existing pro-life provisions.

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