7 bad Obamacare headlines

April showers bring May flowers – except for Obamacare.

Seven months ago, the headlines were all about the failed rollout of healthcare.gov. Glitch after glitch soon became delay after delay.

Now, seven days into May, Americans are experiencing the real effects of Obamacare. It’s not pretty.

Here are seven headlines from the first week of the month:

1. Washington Post | Why Obamacare isn’t getting any more popular — and probably won’t
In just one week, a barrage of national polling has reached the same verdict: Obamacare’s Rocky Balboa-esque announcement that 8 million people have signed up for health care has done absolutely nothing to reverse the law’s basic and long-standing unpopularity.
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2. WaPo | Poll: Obamacare hits new low
The Pew Research Center poll shows disapproval of the law hitting a new high of 55 percent. It comes on the heels of several polls last week that showed the law had very little — if any — bump after sign-ups on the health-care exchanges exceeded goals.
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3. Forbes | Obamacare makes it safer than ever not to purchase health insurance — and that’s a bad thing
Obamacare has made the risk of being uninsured smaller than it was previously, because it drastically reduces the share of their medical bills that the uninsured will have to bear after January 1, and creates several new ways the uninsured can cover their medical bills between the onset of illness and that date.
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4. Investor’s Business Daily | Obamacare Overhead: $2,500 Per Newly Insured Enrollee
While ObamaCare was sold on the premise that it could cut health costs, the results of the first open enrollment show that, even with 8 million people signed up, doing so turned out to be hugely expensive.
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5. NBC | FBI probing Oregon’s Obamacare exchange: Reports
The exchange, whose lead contractor was Oracle, was unable to enroll a single person in on online session, and instead had to rely on various workarounds to sign up people for health insurance plans.
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6. CNBC | Obamacare has not freed up our ERs: Hospital CEO
Fetter said the growth rate in ER visits has not slowed as many supporters of the president’s new health-care law had hoped. “Emergency room visits are up.”
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7. NYT | Massachusetts starts over on health website after troubles
Massachusetts will stop trying to fix its deeply flawed health insurance website and instead buy new software to help its residents enroll in coverage, officials there said Monday.
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