5 Ways House Republicans Brought Regulatory Relief to Americans this Year

Did you know House Republicans are offering record relief from Obama-era red tape by striking harmful regulations from the books? Here are five ways we have curbed the regulatory power of Washington this year.

  1. We’ve protected the American people from a last-minute regulatory onslaught by reclaiming “power of the purse” authority for Congress.
    • H.R. 26, the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act of 2017
  2. We’ve increased transparency in the rulemaking process, giving the people more input. How? By requiring agencies to choose the least costly option, unless they can show a costlier option is needed to protect the public.
    • H.R. 5, Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017
  3. We’ve enhanced oversight of the overreaching regulations often issued during a president’s final months in office.
    • H.R. 21, Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2017
  4. We’ve passed 14 Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions  to repeal last-minute regulations from the twilight of the Obama presidency.
  5. We’ve overhauled Dodd-Frank to end “too-big-to-fail” behavior and bank bailouts, demand accountability from both Wall Street and financial regulators, provide regulatory relief for Main Street and community financial institutions, and unleash opportunity for small business, innovators, and job creators.
    • H.R. 10, the Financial CHOICE Act of 2017

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