5 things (still) on our summer wish list

House Republicans have passed more than 40 jobs bills that are now stuck in the Senate. Since it’s apparent we can’t get them all through a stubborn Democratic-controlled Senate, we have a shorter, more realistic wish list for Senator Reid that will help hardworking Americans.

1.  The Northern Route Approval Act


This bill approves the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project the majority of Americans support.The Keystone XL Pipeline would do a lot for Americans – but most notably, it would create around 42,000 jobs, create a more energy independent North America, and boost our economy by contributing approximately $3.4 billion to U.S. GDP. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of good things.

2.  The Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act

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A quality education has the power to change the trajectory of a child’s future. By improving and expanding charter schools around the country, families and teachers will become empowered to make the best decisions for individual students. Right now, there are more than 1 million students on charter school waitlists around America – the Success and Opportunity through Charter Schools Act would help meet this demand by strengthening existing charter schools and encouraging states to promote and expand their charter school programs. Educational opportunity should be available to all Americans, regardless of zip code.

3.  The Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013

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This bill gives working families the flexibility they need to balance the demands of work and home. Removing barriers for private-sector jobs will give workers the same access to paid time off that public-sector workers have. This way, parents can attend soccer games, and school events, or take elderly parents to the doctor – while also being able to maintain a career.

4. The Hire More Heroes Act of 2013


Our veterans have given their all, and this bill is another way House Republicans are working to honor their service and make life easier for them. Because veterans often already receive health care through federal coverage, Hire More Heroes Act of 2013, encourages businesses to hire veterans using existing health care incentives. Hiring veterans not only puts strong American workers in good-paying positions, but it also helps ensure our heroes will be taken care of when they get back home.

5. Small Business Capital Access and Job Preservation Act


Small businesses are the backbone of our economy – but right now, they’re struggling to succeed under mounds of red tape and unnecessary regulation. This bill helps small business owners invest in their employees and their business – empowering them to grow. When our small businesses are able to succeed, American workers and the American economy are able to grow and succeed, too.

Our country’s strength relies on the strength of the American people – these bills empower families, veterans, small business workers, and others all over America. We’re starting out with a realistic wish list for Senator Reid and his stubborn Senate – because even passing just these five bills would strengthen Americans, our economy, and our nation.