5 Important Reminders from Rep. Doug Collins’ Weekly Address

As everyone gathered around their dining room tables this week, it’s a reminder of the how similar we all are — rather than how different we are from one another.

Here are five important highlights from Rep. Doug Collins’ (R-GA) Republican Weekly Address:

  • “Thanksgiving always comes with a promise of renewal. Renewal of common values and traditions. These things are especially important this year. Our nation faces pressing problems.
  • “We can be proud to live in a nation where we free to voice our differences passionately, and resolve them peacefully. We honor thee values by gathering together.
  • “There is much to be grateful for this thanksgiving. We are thankful for the men and women who fight for us, who spend this holiday away from home. We are thankful for the police and first responders, doctors and nurses who work around the clock to keep us safe. We are thankful for everyone who opens their doors and hearts to those who are less fortunate and in need.
  • “In the weeks ahead,  our mission is to set things on the right course. A unified Republican government offers the people A Better Way to address some of our biggest challenges.
  • “The work will not be easy, there will always be difficult days, but if we listen and learn from another, if we seek to empower and not to exploit one another, our journey ahead will be brighter than the path behind us, and we will gather together to give thanks for the heritage we share for a more perfect union.”

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! You can view Rep. Doug Collins’ full weekly address here, and learn more about our Better Way agenda by visiting better.gop.