4 things you don’t want to miss from our Weekly Address: Constitution Day Edition

Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA) joins us this week for the Republican Weekly Address to honor Constitution Day, and pay tribute to those who worked to create the biggest experiment in self-government the world has ever seen. Here are four big highlights from Rep. Rothfus’ address that you won’t want to miss:

1) “Today is Constitution Day. 229 years ago today, a group of visionaries, including Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and George Washington, emerged from Independence Hall having signed the final draft of the blueprint for our federal government. Theirs was a vision for a new kind of government: one based on freedom, not force.”

2) “Our founders recognized that in our country the government would operate by the consent of the governed. And so to guard against and arbitrary power, there would instead be a separation of powers among three branches of government. This all sounds so simple, but, in recent years, we’ve seen an erosion of these principles. A regulatory superstate has replaced the sovereignty of the people. So-called-experts in Washington churn out all kinds of rules and red tape without accountability, hurting millions of Americans.”

3) “We also need to get back to basics regarding the fundamental freedoms our constitution protects. We have seen threats, for example, to First and Second Amendment rights in recent years. Indeed, my own Diocese of Pittsburgh, as well as the Little Sisters of the Poor, had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to protect the right to exercise their religion against an overbearing regulatory agency.”

4) “Our Better Way plan seeks to restore the separation of powers in at least a few important ways. We propose that Congress actually write laws in clear language that provides clear lines of authority. No gray areas that allow unelected bureaucrats to run amuck. We propose new limits on spending, so that Congress and the people have the ultimate say over how your tax dollars are being spent. And, we want to increase transparency across the board. Make government publish more information about what it’s doing. And, especially what it’s regulating. After all, this is the people’s business.”

Earlier this week, Rep. Rothfus also took to Townhall.com, penning an op-ed on “Why We Must Defend the Constitution, the Guardian of Liberty.” On this Constitution Day, he says “Every American should take time [today] to read the seven articles and twenty-seven amendments that are supposed to guide the governance of the country.”

We couldn’t agree more. So this morning, why don’t you pull out your pocket Constitution, or open the Constitution app on your phone, or just Google search it, and take a few minutes to appreciate the founding of our country and the importance of protecting our ideals.

Click here to see Rep. Rothfus’ full op-ed.