31 Things that HAVE Seen an Update Since 1986

October 22, 1986, was the last time a major reform to the American tax code was signed into law. That was 31 years ago.

Now, some things get better with age, but this is certainly not the case with tax code. When you consider what our economy, technology, and world looked like back in 1986, you can understand WHY old simply doesn’t work when it comes to the tax code. A lot can change in 31 years!

Seriously, just take a look at these 31 things that HAVE changed in that time. Why would we want a tax code that reflects the past?

 1.  Cell phones

Before smartphones, selfies, and social media, these clunkers were just, um, phones. (via GIPHY)

2.   Cars

No GPS, no bluetooth, no problem (at least not in 1986). (via GIPHY)

3.   TVs

Imagine not having DVR or online streaming…Be kind! Rewind! (via GIPHY)

4.   Your closet

Still some of the most iconic looks, but we’ve all moved on… (via GIPHY)

5.   Your hair

Not that the 80s weren’t fabulous, but, we don’t miss this. (via GIPHY)

6.   Wedding dress styles

Puff sleeves have seen their day. And today is not that day. (via GIPHY)

7.   Family portraiture

We can pretty much thank the 80s for all awkward family photos. (via GIPHY)

8.   Makeup

It was all about color back then… (via GIPHY)

9.   Computers

You basically carry these in your pockets now. (via GIPHY)

10.   Exercise

The 1980s immortalized these videos. But they’ve since been replaced with CrossFit and Insanity. (via GIPHY)

11.   Music

Hair bands – yes. But what about T-Swift? (via GIPHY)

12.   Television

Did you watch Cheers, ALF, the A-team? If you did, you had to watch them without DVR or Netflix. Binge-watching wasn’t easy in 1986. (via GIPHY)

13.   Cartoons

Or if you were still a kiddo, you’ll remember those Saturday morning cartoons! (via GIPHY)

14.   Sports

In 1986, the Bears won the Super Bowl, Wayne Gretzky set an NHL record with 215 points, and Jack Nicklaus won his 6th Masters Tournament. It was also the last time Kentucky Wildcats beat the Florida Gators in football. Oh, how times have changed. (via GIPHY)

15.   Reading

Some big titles included It, The Making of the Atomic Bomb, The Bourne Supremacy, and Hatchet. Plus, they were all printed on paper and bought in bookstores. (via GIPHY)

16.   Air travel

Air travel has come far in safety, scope, and luxury. Not to mention you could smoke on planes in 1986. (via GIPHY)

17.   Geopolitics

To put this in perspective, the Soviet Union still existed in 1986. (via GIPHY)

18.   Space

In 1986, Pluto was still considered the 9th planet in our solar system. Sadly Pluto has been downgraded since to a dwarf planet. (via GIPHY)

19.   Medicine

It’s no question that medical advances have dramatically changed since the 1980s. For example, in 1986, there was no Human Genome Project. (via GIPHY)

20.   Socializing

A great deal of socializing has gone online since 1986. Think of the time before Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Snapchat (the list goes on)… (via GIPHY)

21.   Smoking in restaurants

Smoking bans hadn’t gained much traction in the U.S. by 1986. (via GIPHY)

22.   Phone books

Phone books don’t serve much of a purpose in 2017. (via GIPHY)

23.   Video games

From geometric pixels and arcades to detailed artwork and online gaming. (via GIPHY)

24.   Research

Another case of paper to the Web. With sites like Galileo and EBSCOhost, much research can be done without ever visiting the library. (via GIPHY)

25.   Taxi/Uber

Imagine trying to order a car on your cellphone in 1986. (via GIPHY)

26.   Shopping

One-day shipping? Ordering batteries online? Cyber-Monday? 1986 missed out on all of that. (via GIPHY)

27.   Photography

From film to digital to mobile. (via GIPHY)

28.   Internet

Thats right, the Internet barely existed in 1986. (via GIPHY)

29.   Starbucks

In 1986, there were only half a dozen Starbucks in the U.S.. (via GIPHY)

30.   Rich People

In 1986, there were only about 26 billionaires in the U.S.. Today, there are over 560 in the U.S.. (via GIPHY)

31.   Movies

Some of the best movies of all time were around in 1986, but film capabilities have definitely upgraded in the last 31 years. The definition of CGI in 1986 was King Kong, the original. (via GIPHY)


In 31 years of our world getting repeated and extensive upgrades, our tax reform has been left behind. Far behind. The American Tax Code has become a huge burden on middle class families, Main Street job creators and the American economy.

It’s time for a change.

House Republicans have been working for years on bold ideas to overhaul our nation’s broken tax code. Now, with the Trump administration, the House, and the Senate working together, we’re on track to tackle tax reform this fall.

Intrigued? Check out our tax reform framework here.