3 things House Republicans are doing for women

Now, more than ever, women are the primary decision makers in their homes – about health care, their budget, and the work force.

Forty-seven percent of the labor force are women, and more than half are the primary income earners for their families. Almost fifty percent are making the family’s financial decisions, and an overwhelming 85% are making the health care decisions. However, our current economy is not empowering women to reach their full potential.

Obamacare introduced a slew of problems that disproportionately impact women. The Employer Mandate, which requires businesses to cover the insurance of all employees who work at least 30 hours a week, is leading many companies to slash workers’ hours to avoid paying outrageous Obamacare fees. This affects women at a rate 63% more than male workers- meaning more women are being demoted to part-time positions, instead of the full time jobs they held before Obamacare.

House Republicans’ Solution: The Save American Workers Act (H.R. 2575) restores the work week back to 40 hours – putting more Americans, and more women, back into good-paying, consistent positions.


Another serious source of pressure for American women are rising gas prices – which have nearly doubled under President Obama.  For women driving to work, driving to pick up their children, or driving to run the errands, this becomes a major cost for them.

House Republicans’ Solution: Lowering Gasoline Prices to Fuel an America that Works Act (H.R. 4899) is a package of bills passed by House Republicans that target America’s energy production. By expanding production, allowing for more exports, and reducing red tape in the energy industry, we can drive gas prices down. Lower gas prices puts more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans.

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Want to hear a really impressive fact about American women? Between 1997-2013, the number of women-owned businesses increased at a rate of 1 1/2 times the national average.  And as of 2013, there were an estimated 8.6 million women-owned small businesses in America. However – getting there is no easy task. There are wads of regulatory red tape in the way for business creators and employers. This not only stifles the creative ideas of American small business owners, but also their ability to hire job-seeking Americans.

Our Solution: America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2014 (H.R. 4457) would permanently allow small businesses to deduct up front costs of purchasing new equipment and property – allowing small business owners to grow, improve the economy, and hire more people.

House Republicans know that women do a lot more for their families, their friends, and their community as a whole. But through bills like those listed, and dozens of others we have passed, we are working for women and all Americans.