These 3 Reps Give a Closer Look at A Better Way

With a majority of Americans saying our country is heading down the wrong path, House Republicans are spending August traveling to every corner of the country to present real solutions that solve the  pressing challenges of our time — A Better Way for people in places like Ohio, Virginia and beyond.

Here’s a closer look:

  • As seen in here in The Clermont SunRep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) talks more about how our plan to fight poverty presents bold, new ways to reward work, and get people back on their feet. Wenstrup cites the 1964 State of the Union by President Lyndon B. Johnson as the beginning of the “unconditional war on poverty.” Fifty years later – the official poverty rate hasn’t changed. People are often kept down by the very programs that are supposed to help them up. We should be lifting people out of poverty instead of funding the status quo. Or, in the words of Rep. Wenstrup, “Together, with common sense and dedication to each other, we can do more.”
  • Then there’s Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), who has been sharing the importance of fixing our broken health care system. Our plan to repeal and replace Obamacare consists of more than 40 ideas to ensure all Americans have access to quality, affordable medical care. These are, “ideas to expand consumer choice and lower costs, provide consumer protection, lead the world in developing cures, and preserve Medicare,” and we’re continuing to make sure patients can regain their voice in their health decisions — all while providing the flexibility needed for better care.

From Ohio to Virginia and everywhere in between, we have a plan for every person to become confident in their lives and in their futures.  To view our ideas, visit

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