3 Omissions from President Obama’s Press Conference on His Sequester

1. The sequester was President Obama’s idea.

• President Obama and his team were the first to propose the sequester. Bob Woodward and Jay Carney both confirmed this over the past week.

2. Republicans passed two plans to replace the President’s sequester, yet Senate Democrats have passed no replacement.

• House Republicans took steps to replace President Obama’s sequestration, passing bills on two separate occasions to replace the sequester with responsible spending cuts and reforms. The Democratic-controlled Senate did not consider either bill.

o H.R. 5652, Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act
o H.R. 6684, Spending Reduction Act of 2012

3. In 2013 the federal government will take in more revenue than ever before.

• The Congressional Budget Office has project the government will take in $2.7 trillion in revenues in 2013 – more revenue than it ever has before. (The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2013 to 2023, Congressional Budget Office, February 2013)