2014: Looking Back

It’s been an exciting year for House Republicans. Advancing hundreds of pro-growth, commonsense bills  — passing 742 — and pursuing solutions that will put Americans back to work while lowering costs at home have kept us quite busy.

But our work is far from over (in fact, we’re just getting started), but as we prepare to ring in 2015, let’s look back on highlights from the year.

742 bills passed. While much of our work found itself #StuckInTheSenate, we continued to advance smart legislation, passing solutions that would empower thousands of Americans around the country.  Bills like H.R. 3, which would ensure the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and H.R. 2575, the Save American Workers Act are just two of the dozens of bills that will be reintroduced in the new Republican-led Senate in 2015.

174 House-passed bills  signed into law by President Obama. Bills like the ABLE-Act and the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) were signed into law, improving the lives of thousands of Americans. And while we’re proud of these 174, there’s so much more we can do — with the President’s help, we can make 2015 the best year yet.

7 Appropriations bills passed. One of the many responsibilities of Congress is to maintain its budget. House Republicans made this a priority, passing 7 Appropriations bills this year (compared to the Senate’s zero).

215 Amendments adopted. While we may not always agree with our Democrat counterparts, we certainly know how to work together to get the job done for the American people. This is a good habit we plan on carrying into the New Year, and a resolution we encourage our Senate counterparts to pick up as well.

2014 was a year filled with accomplishments, but as we look forward to the new year, we are determined to achieve even more in America’s New Congress. By working with both the Senate and the President, we can pass solutions Americans need. Solutions that will create jobs, build a healthy economy from the bottom up, and make life at home better for families in every corner of the country.

From our families to yours, thank you for a great year — and we look forward to ringing in a happy, healthy, and productive 2015!