Amendments to the House Rules for the 114th Congress

The House Republican Conference will meet at 5:30 pm on Monday, January 5th, in HC-5 to consider the Rules of the House for the 114th Congress. Attached is the text and section-by-section analysis of the Conference Print of H. Res. 5.

As is traditional, the Conference will likely structure debate time on any amendments proposed to the House Rules. Any Member wishing to have an amendment considered should send a copy of the amendment in Word or PDF format to by 2:00 pm on Friday, January 2, 2015, to ensure its consideration. The email should also identify the Member proposing the amendment and include a brief summary. Amendments should be drafted to the attached resolution. If you have questions regarding amendments to the House Rules, please contact the Republican staff of the Committee on Rules at 202-225-9191.

Click here to read H. Res. 5, Adopting New Rules for the 114th Congress.

Click here to read H. Res. 5, section-by-section analysis.