11 ways House Republicans are focused on your priorities

Two years ago, our military was in shambles. We had too many planes that couldn’t fly, too many boats that couldn’t sail, and too many soldiers that couldn’t deploy. Threats were increasing around the world, and our military was struggling to keep up.

If we want to be the greatest military force in the world, we have to ensure that our troops have the resources they need to be successful. That starts with stability. For a decade, our military had to rely on stopgap funding as our country lurched from one government funding crisis to the next. This Congress, we ended that era. For the first time in a decade, we were able to provide the military full-year funding on time, providing them the needed ability to plan ahead.

House Republicans promised to rebuild our military, and we’re keeping that promise. The military isn’t the only area in which Americans are Better Off Now. Thanks to Republican policies, we have a booming economy, a stronger military, and safer communities. For more specifics, be sure to visit Better.gop.

Here are 11 ways House Republicans are focused on your priorities:

For our military:

  • Gave troops their biggest pay raise in nine years
  • Funded the procurement of new equipment
  • Funded research and development into new defense systems and technologies
  • Care for service members and military forces with funding above the president’s request for cancer research, traumatic brain injury research, and sexual assault prevention

For health and safety:

  • Boosted funding for the National Institutes for Health to support research into Alzheimer’s, cancer, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and opioids
  • Directed historic levels of funding to fight and end the opioid crisis
  • Improved school safety with funding for programs focused on mental health care and student safety
  • Care for our most vulnerable citizens

For economic opportunity:

  • Invested in workforce development, including job training, apprenticeship, and helping veterans transition
  • Promoted early childhood education
  • Help first-generation college students succeed in college