10 reasons Senate Democrats should act on House-passed jobs bills

If there was any question about who the most powerful man in Washington is…

More so than House Speaker John A. Boehner or even President Obama, it is Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat in his eighth year as majority leader, who has the most single-handed power to shape what gets done and what falls to the wayside in Washington.

— Washington Times

All that power, and yet Harry Reid has said “no” to 294 House-passed bills, including dozens of bills to create good-paying jobs and grow a healthy economy.

While Americans continue to suffer in this economy, here are 10 reasons the Senate should act on these bills, courtesy of the House Ways and Means Committee:

#1:  The share of adults who are working is back to 1984 levels

#2: This is the worst “recovery” ever for long-term unemployed

#3: Far more adults have left the workforce than found new jobs

#4: Six years later, 32 states have yet to recover the jobs lost due to the recession

#5: The share of adults working-full time remains near record lows

#6: Relative to prior recessions, economic growth has significantly underperformed during this “recovery”

#7: The U.S. economy shrank during the first three months of 2014.

#8: Millions of men in their prime working years are not working

#9: The trillion dollar stimulus package passed didn’t reduce unemployment like Democrats promised

#10: The trillion dollar stimulus package passed didn’t create jobs like Democrats promised

Where are the jobs? Ask Harry Reid why he hasn’t brought them home.