1 in 4 Americans – that’s a lot

A new chart from the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee shows almost 1 in 4 Americans between the ages of 25-54 (or prime working years) are not working.

Out of the 124.5 million Americans in their prime working years, 28.9 million (nearly a quarter!) are not currently employed. Over two-thirds of all labor force dropouts have been under the age of 55.

Now, there are 3.5 million more unemployed people than before the recession began in 2007.  Seems like our “recovery” isn’t really happening.

House Republicans have passed multiple solutions that will grow our economy, providing a strong support for Americans to get back to work with good-paying jobs.  Right now, too many House-passed bills (like, almost all of them) are stuck on Harry Reid’s desk – gathering dust in the Democratic-controlled Senate. To get Americans back to work, the Senate must act – and these numbers are a sharp reminder that they need to act now.