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Another day, another Obamacare disappointment

Communications • July 1, 2014

But we can’t say we’re surprised. Today the Department of Health and Human Services Offices of the Inspector General’s released their Obamacare verification report. The Inspector General’s offices were looking at the  2.9 million application inconsistencies caused from health care forms being filled out incorrectly.  They were given the arduous task of examining the application inconsistencies in …

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Rep. Black: Let’s At Least Make Sure People Receiving Obamacare Subsidies Are Eligible for Them

Communications • June 12, 2014

For millions of Americans, Obamacare has resulted in higher costs, decreased quality of service, lost choices, and great frustration. House Republicans understand that Americans need  alternatives that maintain our high-quality health care system, while also ensuring low costs. In her column, Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) focuses on the lack of accountability in Obamacare’s subsidy application. Without ensuring that those …

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Obamcare continues to fail – epicly.

Communications • June 5, 2014

The Obama Administration was pretty proud of their 8 million Obamacare enrollees. However, it turns out there are some major issues with the numbers of the Americans who have enrolled. Newly released documents from the House Energy and Commerce Committee found over 4 million inconsistencies in health care applications – affecting over 2 million Americans. Another 2.9 million Americans …

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How’d Obamacare do in the news this week?

Communications • May 30, 2014

Premiums for individual Ohioans who buy health coverage through the federally run insurance exchange will increase 13 percent in 2015 compared to this year, the Ohio Department of Insurance said this afternoon. Premiums would average $374.42 per month, compared to $332.58 per month for the same coverage last year, the department said in a prepared …

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7 bad Obamacare headlines

Communications • May 7, 2014

April showers bring May flowers – except for Obamacare. Seven months ago, the headlines were all about the failed rollout of Glitch after glitch soon became delay after delay. Now, seven days into May, Americans are experiencing the real effects of Obamacare. It’s not pretty. Here are seven headlines from the first week of the month: 1. Washington Post | Why …

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Thankful for Nurses – but not what Obamacare does for them

Communications • May 6, 2014

Amy Dertz has been a Registered Nurse since 2007 in Oakland, California. She recently penned this piece about how her work experience has changed under Obamacare. She describes it as “a killer burden.” “Hospitals delaying and denying care to patients as the ACA enables more Americans to buy into this deeply flawed system. If the ACA …

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10 unanswered questions about Obamacare

Policy • April 30, 2014

Since Obamacare’s March 31, 2014 deadline, the Administration has gone on a victory tour to tout the law and’s eight million so-called “new” enrollees.  But, are there really eight million new enrollees? Of the 8 million, who has paid their premiums? Were they uninsured prior to obtaining insurance? Or, was their insurance previously cancelled? …

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An America that works at home: Health Care

Communications • April 24, 2014

A strong America is a healthy America. This week, House Republicans met with Americans across the country who are being harmed the most Obamacare. We remain dedicated to health care reforms that lowers costs, provides greater access, and ensures high-quality care. Rep. Larry Buschon (IN-08) sits with one of cancer’s youngest victims while on his …

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Maryland grocery store to stop hiring due to Obamacare

Communications • April 14, 2014

Snider’s Superfoods in Maryland is being forced to limit the amount of full-time workers it employs due to harsh provisions in Obamacare. Unfortunately, workers at Snider’s are not the only ones seeing jobs lost and hours cut because of the President’s health care law. Click here to see a list of employers being harmed by Obamacare. Have you …

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5 reasons Sec. Sebelius actually resigned (VIDEOS!)

Communications • April 11, 2014

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was given an impossible task: making Obamacare work (FYI:  no one can make it work). Despite what she just said in the Rose Garden, here are the actual reasons she’s resigning – countless Americans harmed by this unworkable law: 1. Cancelled plans 2. The disaster that is 3. Higher premiums 4. Lost …

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