For An America That Works

The promise of America has always been that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can get ahead, and that as a result each generation will enjoy more liberty, opportunity, and prosperity.

Jobs and Economic Growth

America doesn’t work if Americans aren’t working.

An America That Works requires an economy where jobs of all kinds are being created: white-collar, blue-collar, part-time, full-time — diverse jobs that reflect the diversity of our country.

Middle Class Squeeze

America doesn’t work if middle class families are working more but taking home less.

An America That Works has growing wages, lower household costs and more take-home pay for working middle class families.


America doesn’t work if it is no longer the land of opportunity.

An America That Works gives working families the opportunity to get ahead and enjoy the promise of the American Dream.

Health Care

If America is going to work, we need a healthcare system that works for America.

An America That Works has a healthcare system that focuses on patient-centered care, while reducing costs through increased competition, improving outcomes, and expanding choices and coverage.