Middle Class Squeeze

Increasing Wages and Take-Home Pay

Increasing Wages and Take-Home Pay

Median household income has actually fallen over the past decade. Families have gone years without raises and are living pay-check to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet.

While a growing economy is the best way to lift wages and take-home pay, the federal government shouldn’t actually make it harder for more Americans to make more money. Yet some of our laws do just that. For example, the 30-hour rule under Obamacare is an incentive for employers to reduce an employee’s hours to 29 or less. For some used to working 40 hours, the result is a 25% loss in pay.

House Republicans are acting to fix these problems, including most recently by passing legislation to overturn the 30-hour rule under Obamacare. (H.R. 2575)