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Stopping government abuse? #StuckInTheSenate

Communications • October 24, 2014

Federal government employees hold a great amount of responsibility — unfortunately within recent years, we’ve seen grave abuses within these positions. Whether it’s Lois Lerner’s conservative targeting through the the IRS to Jeffrey Neely’s federally-funded lavish Vegas trip, it’s no wonder that only 34% of Americans trust their government a “fair amount” (and only 9% trust the government a “great amount”). House …

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Responding to the Ebola Outbreak

Communications • October 17, 2014

The eyes of the world are focused on America’s response to the Ebola outbreak — just this past week,  one out of five Americans expressed concern about the disease. This week, the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing to examine the U.S. effort to combat Ebola thus far — one of the many actions House Republicans …

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We haven’t forgotten about the VA

Communications • October 9, 2014

Earlier this year, watchdogs in the Department of Veterans Affairs health agency found long wait times and dishonest management.  House Republicans responded swiftly, passing H.R. 4810, the Veteran Access to Care Act of 2014, and took time to listen to problems and stories from veterans around the country. Yet there is still a lot of work to be done to …

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This story doesn’t add up

Communications • September 5, 2014

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported: “A hacker broke into part of the insurance enrollment website in July and uploaded malicious software, according to federal officials.” Pretty much par for the course for the glitch-ridden website responsible for facilitating the purchase of health insurance for millions of Americans. Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins sent a letter in …

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Building a coalition with our nation’s heroes

Rep. Andy Barr • September 5, 2014

Rep. Andy Barr represents Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District in the House of Representatives and serves on the House Committee on Financial Services. In August, he held a District Period Coalition Meeting where he discussed H.R. 3230, the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act. Soon after being sworn into office, I began the Sixth District Veterans Coalition to …

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U.S. Senate needs to get to work

Rep. Paul Cook • August 28, 2014

Rep. Paul Cook represents California’s 8th Congressional District, first elected in November 2012. He serves on the House Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Veterans’ Affairs committees. Today he submitted the following op-ed to the San Bernadino County Sun. Recent polling has made one thing clear: Americans are unhappy with Congress. I work there myself, and I have to …

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You’ll want to read these IRS headlines twice

Communications • August 15, 2014

These articles are probably going to cause you to take a double-take: “IRS Failed to Do Background Checks on Contractors” “The IRS failed to do background checks on some private contractors who handled confidential taxpayer information, exposing more than a million taxpayers to an increased risk of fraud and identity theft, a government investigator said …

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VA progress is being made – but there is still work to be done

Communications • August 14, 2014

Veterans heard some good news today. According to the Associated Press, VA referrals to private doctors are on the rise. This is largely in part to the House-passed bill H.R. 3230, the Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014. This bill allocates money to private doctors to treat veterans who are unable to get appointments at …

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Protecting the American People from Executive Overreach

Communications • July 31, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement today after the House passed H. Res. 676, which provides the House with the authority to initiate litigation to hold the President accountable for executive overreach: “Our Founding Fathers thoughtfully and purposefully built a government on a system of checks …

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Republican Leadership Press Conference: “Let’s get to work”

Communications • July 29, 2014

“This is what it looks like to solve the problems facing Americans. And you know what – this is just the beginning.” Click to Play Republican Leadership Press Conference July 29, 2014 Participants: Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) Majority Leader-elect Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) Majority Whip-elect Steve Scalise (R-LA) Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) Conference Vice …

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