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Vicky Hartzler


Hartzler Praises Committee Passage of Farm Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04), a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee, praised the Committee’s passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The Committee passed the measure by a margin of 26 to 20.


“I am pleased that the Agriculture Committee has worked together to pass this important bill in a timely manner,” Hartzler said. “Missouri farmers work hard everyday to feed the world, and they need the certainty of a five-year Farm Bill. This bill strengthens safeguards for our food supply and improves public/private risk management programs that are vital to American agriculture. In addition, the Farm Bill makes significant investments in rural broadband, including a provision I authored to expand access to loan guarantees for broadband infrastructure in rural America and set a minimum speed for federal investment. Today was an important step, and I look forward to the upcoming floor vote to move this process forward.”


Hartzler noted that this bill makes historic improvements to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and helps recipients break the cycle of poverty. “Improving work opportunities for able-bodied adults receiving federal nutrition assistance is a key development in this year’s Farm Bill. Missourians have always supported giving their fellow man a hand up, and these common-sense improvements to the nutrition program will help those receiving SNAP find meaningful employment,” said Hartzler.


Specifically, the Farm Bill:


  • Reauthorizes and strengthens Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage programs, maintains crop insurance.
  • Streamlines existing work requirements for able-bodied SNAP recipients and pairs them with a variety of options to increase SNAP recipients’ opportunities.
  • Provides a safety net for farmers who are affected by unfair foreign trading practices.
  • Reforms key conservation programs, expands access to working land programs, and includes language Rep. Hartzler authored to increase grazing flexibility for Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands.
  • Authorizes substantial funding for the expansion of rural broadband.
  • Establishes new programs to protect the health of the nation’s livestock.
  • Improves assistance for specialty crops and reduces fraud in organic imports.
  • Helps beginning farmers and ranchers establish themselves in agriculture.


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Hartzler: Time to Say Goodbye to Broken Tax Code


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) today celebrated the final day of our antiquated tax code, noting that April 17th marks the last time that taxpayers will have to deal with the old, broken tax system.


“Some things from 1986 are worth keeping. The tax code is not one of them,” said Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, who today celebrated the last day of America’s 32 year-old tax code. “Today marks the last time Americans will have to file under this cumbersome, antiquated tax system. In fact, most people at this time next year will be able to file their taxes on a form as simple as a postcard. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act has simplified our tax code while providing relief for almost everyone who pays taxes,” added Hartzler, who noted that the standard deduction, which 71% of Missourians use, will nearly double.


“The new tax code will help hard-working families in Missouri and across the United States who, for too long, have had to focus on just getting by instead of getting ahead,” said Hartzler. “Under the new system, families will receive an enhanced child tax credit as well as a doubling of the standard deduction. It is time we put working families first,” added Hartzler.


Other highlights of tax reform include:


  • Increases child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000 to help parents with the cost of raising children.
  • Preserves the adoption tax credit.
  • Maintains the deduction for charitable contributions.
  • Preserves the home mortgage interest deduction for existing mortgages and newly purchased homes up to $500,000, providing tax relief to current and aspiring homeowners.
  • Reduces corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% so businesses can grow and hire more employees.
  • Reduces small business tax rate to the lowest it’s been since World War II.
  • Maintains deduction for higher education.



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Hartzler, Correa, and Bost Introduce Bill to Enhance VA Hiring of Health Care Providers


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-MO), Congressman Lou Correa (D-CA), and Congressman Mike Bost (R-IL) introduced bipartisan legislation today that would make the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) more competitive in recruiting top-quality physicians to care for America’s veterans.  The bill authorizes the VHA to begin the recruitment and hiring process for health care providers up to two years prior to the completion of required training, placing VHA on a hiring timeline that is competitive with the private sector.  The bill also releases physicians from “non-compete agreements” for the purpose of serving in the VHA, and updates the minimum standard for VHA physicians to include the completion of a postgraduate medical residency.


“America’s veterans deserve the best health care available.  We want to remove barriers the VA faces in hiring physicians to care for those who have served our country,” said Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler.  “Our bill puts veterans’ hospitals on a level playing field with the private sector when it comes to recruiting timelines, and allows physicians that want to depart the private sector and serve at the VA to do so without fear of reprisal.  I’m pleased to advance these common sense reforms on behalf of our veterans, who have done so much for our nation.”


Rep. Correa said, “Great healthcare depends on great doctors. I am proud to join Congresswoman Hartzler in finally addressing the thousands of vacancies in veterans’ hospitals around the country by providing practical and common sense solutions already at work in the private sector. This legislation will help remove the barriers preventing great doctors from joining the VA and ensure we have enough highly-trained medical professional to care for our veterans. We must do everything we can to ensure our veterans have the resources and skilled doctors they need. We owe them all.”


The American Legion has voiced their support for the bill as well, saying, “The VA Hiring Enhancement Act will help address the shortcomings in recruitment and retention of highly qualified physicians.”  The bill, addressing health care within the VA system, is especially welcomed by some at a time when Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) like American Legion have expressed growing concern about the privatization of veterans’ health care. 


The bill comes at a time when the VHA reports over 30,000 vacant positions.  Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin has said, “[hiring is] the single most challenging thing that I know of in VA.”  The VHA is the nation’s largest integrated health care network, serving over 9 million veterans.



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American Families have to Balance their Budgets: So Should Congress


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Citing a federal debt exceeding $20 trillion dollars, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) today voted in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution that would require Congress to refrain from spending more than it receives in revenue. The measure would also require a three-fifths supermajority in the House and Senate to raise the debt limit. The amendment, which received a majority of votes in the House, failed to garner the two-thirds vote necessary under rules to advance to the Senate.


“In 1995, the national debt was $4.9 trillion, and the Senate failed to pass a balanced budget amendment by as single vote. Today the debt is over $20 trillion. It is clear that we need a constitutional requirement to keep our financial house in order,” said Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, who also supported a balanced budget amendment in 2011. “American families have to balance their budgets, and they face serious repercussions for out of control debt. The same should apply to Congress,” added Hartzler.


“The debt is out of control and we must make some difficult decisions in Congress to rein in spending,” said Hartzler. “This Balanced Budget Amendment would compel current and future elected officials to make the tough choices needed to get our priorities right, while providing for the common defense and living within our means. It is clear that Washington won’t balance the budget unless it is forced to do so. So, let’s force fiscal discipline with a Balanced Budget Amendment,” added Hartzler.


An audio clip of Rep. Hartzler speaking about the Balanced Budget Amendment can be found here.



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Hartzler: 2018 Farm Bill Text Released


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04), a member of the House Agriculture Committee, announced the release of the 2018 Farm Bill. This Farm Bill will ensure American maintains the safest, most abundant food supply in the world, invests in rural communities by expanding access to rural broadband, and provides nutritious meals to those in poverty while making a historic investment in getting able bodied working adults they skills they need to succeed.


“Today is the first step towards getting a five-year Farm Bill passed before the next fiscal year begins in September.  Farmers, especially in Missouri, have been struggling with low prices over the past few seasons, and it’s essential we get this bill done in time to ensure they can continue to produce an abundance of food for the entire world.  This reauthorization also continues to feed those in need, modernize SNAP eligibility requirements, and make a historic investment in job training programs for able-bodied adults receiving assistance through the SNAP program.  I look forward to marking up next week’s Farm Bill with a full and open amendment process.”


A link to the bill text can be found here. A summary of the bill can be found here.


The House Agriculture Committee is scheduled to mark up the bill text on Wednesday, April 18. A link to a live feed of the mark-up can be found on the House Agriculture Committee website on the day of the mark-up.


An audio recording of Representative Hartzler speaking about the 2018 Farm Bill can be found here.



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OP-ED: In the Growing Digital Divide, Rural Missouri is Getting Left Behind


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Highspeed internet is a critical component of our twenty-first century economy, affecting virtually every aspect of American life. It is unfortunate that rural communities are all too often left behind from the promise and prosperity of this modern technology. The FCC reports that less than half of rural Missourians have access to high-speed internet (defined as a minimum of 25 Megabits per second or Mbps download speed). Without broadband access, Missouri localities have difficulty attracting new businesses, police and emergency services sometimes lose their connection to state networks and students are disadvantaged compared to those in cities and suburbs. A recent study found that rural counties with less rural broadband connectivity had lower incomes and higher unemployment than counties that had it. As Sharon Strover from the University of Texas told the Wall Street Journal, “Having access to broadband is simply keeping up. Not having it means sinking.”

More than three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone. When I was growing up, we only had three major broadcast networks. Now, 55 million Americans are Netflix subscribers – and entertainment companies are rushing to develop and grow their own streaming services. At the same time, the “Internet of Things,” the devices and systems in our everyday lives which connect to the web and communicate with each other, may expand to as many as 200 billion devices by 2020.

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, the extraordinary broadband revolution will only continue to remake every aspect of how we live, learn, and work. Therefore, it is imperative that rural communities in Missouri can share the same opportunities as those in major cities.

We have to do better. Being connected is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Rural Americans cannot be treated as second-class citizens. Our economies, livelihoods, and future relies on high-speed internet access just as much as those of our fellow Americans from cities and suburbs.  However, expanding internet access to rural communities has large up-front costs for internet service providers because of the need to physically lay fiber or cable across large areas with low populations. The federal government can and should play an important role in lowering these barriers.

To that end, I have introduced legislation in Congress to incentivize private investment in broadband deployment – H.R. 5213, the Expanding Rural Access to Broadband Act.  If a private business seeks a loan to expand highspeed internet access into rural communities, my legislation will allow the federal government to guarantee that loan up to 80%.  My legislation also raises the minimum standard for new lines from the current 4 Mbpsbs download speed to 25 Mbps. I hope that these important provisions will be included as part of the forthcoming Farm Bill, which the House of Representatives is expected to vote on soon.

In addition, this year the Federal Communications Commission will begin deploying $2 billion, over the next decade, in the second round of its Connecting America Fund reverse auction to support rural broadband development. This means that hundreds of millions of dollars could be coming to Missouri to help deploy broadband in areas that need it most. Congress also recently passed a government funding bill that includes an additional $600 million specifically for the expansion of broadband in rural American.

While these efforts will go a long way to help bridge the digital divide, the United States should not stop here. Last year, I joined 70 of my colleagues in urging President Trump to include dedicated rural broadband connectivity investments as part of his infrastructure plan.  The president’s newly-released proposal includes as much as $50 billion in funds for rural development which includes broadband. As Congress considers this request, it is vital that broadband connectivity receive an appropriate share of funds to put rural communities on an equal footing with our cities and suburbs.

Just as electricity, telephones, radio, and television fundamentally transformed American life in the 20th century, highspeed internet is the foundation of the 21st century economy. As your representative, I am working to ensure that Missourians have equal access to the promise and prosperity of the Information Age now and into the future.

By Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04)

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Hartzler Recognizes Johnson County Recovery Court with Drug-Free Champion Award


Rep. Hartzler presents Johnson County Recovery Court personnel with the “Champion for Drug-Free Missouri Award.” (L-R): Adriatik Likcani, Emily Brown, Circuit Clerk II Carissa Sawyer, Drug Court Coordinator Christi Riddle, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, Circuit Clerk Stephanie Elkins, Deputy Sheriff Dale Malcolm, Judge William Collins, Prosecuting Attorney Rob Russell, Justine Worley and Haley Wheeler.


HARRISONVILLE, MO — Today Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) recognized the Johnson County Recovery Court with the “Champion for Drug-Free Missouri Award,” which recognizes entities in the Fourth Congressional District that have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to combatting Missouri’s drug crisis.


“I’m so proud of the caring leaders in Johnson County who have worked for months to establish a drug recovery court in this area,” Hartzler said. “Several individuals had a vision for the court a couple of years ago and I was pleased my office was able to come alongside them and help them obtain the grants they needed. Through perseverance and caring, the leaders in Johnson County who established the court are now able to offer individuals a pathway to hope and a new life. I commend them for their hard work.”


Hartzler praised the drug court’s first two graduates, who officially completed the program today. “I know these graduates will be an example to many more in the community, inspiring others to reach out for the help they need and live drug-free.”


Drug courts are special dockets that handle cases involving drug-addicts, where the individual undergoes treatment for substance abuse, submits to drug testing, supervision and monitoring, receives immediate sanctions and incentives for misbehavior and regularly reports to a special drug court judge for status hearings. The Treatment Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania stated, “To put it bluntly, we know that drug courts outperform virtually all other strategies that have been used with drug-involved offenders.” An extensive review of drug courts by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) also concluded that adult drug court programs substantially reduce crime. Northwest Professional Research Consortium found that parents enrolled in family treatment drug courts were also more likely to be reunified with their children than parents who participate in traditional child welfare case processing. 


“Drug recovery courts take a lot of time to establish and require a commitment to working with affected individuals over the long-term as they struggle to begin new lives,” Hartzler stated, but added that the evidence shows drug courts work.


Drug courts have been particularly successful in the state of Missouri, which has more treatment courts per capita than any other state in the nation. Treatment courts in Missouri have had more than 19,200 graduates since the first one was established in 1993, and 842 drug-free babies have been born to treatment court participants.


Rep. Hartzler recently voted for an omnibus government spending bill that contained $4 billion to fight the national opioid epidemic, which included $447 million for grant programs that support drug courts (among other anti-drug efforts). Rep Hartzler has continuously fought in Washington for resources to combat the drug epidemic, advocating for increased funding for drug courts and establishing a “Drug Free Missouri” initiative. In her initiative, Rep. Hartzler has conducted assemblies at 13 high schools in Missouri’s Fourth District, where she has spoken to students about their chance to be the drug-free generation, and she has compiled a “Drug Free Missouri” toolkit that outlines local resources for drug addiction.


For more information about Rep. Hartzler’s initiative or to access her toolkit, please visit her website here.



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Hartzler Presents Belton School with Drug-Free Champion Award


BELTON, MO — Today Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) presented the Belton School District with the “Champion for Drug-Free Missouri Award,” which recognizes entities in the Fourth Congressional District that have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to combatting Missouri’s drug crisis.

“Missouri had 908 opioid and heroin related overdose deaths in 2016 and an estimated 235,000 Missourians misused prescription drugs in the past year,” Hartzler said. “As a former teacher who was also a co-director of a program for at-risk teens, I have seen the devastation drugs can cause in the lives of our youth, their families and our communities. Also, as the Representative of this district, I have heard from employers who cannot find workers who can pass a drug test, recruiters who struggle to find qualified candidates to enter our military, and parents who have lost their children to drug overdose. This has got to stop, and Belton High School is a model for confronting the problem. It randomly drug tests athletes and students who drive to school and regularly invites canine units to sniff for drugs. Additionally, Belton focuses not only on prevention, but on recovery and healing by providing free counseling to students struggling with addiction. I am proud of Belton High School for its efforts and am happy to give it the ‘Champion for Drug-Free Missouri Award’ today.”


Belton High School is the sixth school that Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler has visited this week as part of her “Drug-Free MO” anti-drug initiative. At Clinton, Skyline, Hermitage, Boonville, Warsaw, and Tipton schools, Hartzler is hosting school assemblies where she is speaking alongside Captain Kip Bartlett of the Mid-MO Drug Task Force, motivational speaker Tom Krause and Julie Oziah-Gideon, who lost her 20-year old daughter, a former student at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, to drug overdose.


Hartzler notes, “My goal with these assemblies is to challenge these students to be the generation that chooses to live drug free. The plain truth is that drug abuse has devastated so many Missouri families. This is a self-made crisis. But the good news is we have the power to stop it. It starts with us – in our cities and towns.  I believe these young people hold the key to a brighter future. I have faith they will rise to the challenge and am so encouraged by their positive response to our message.”


Congresswoman Hartzler has also compiled a “Drug-Free MO” toolkit that includes resources on how families can assist their loved ones to get the help they need, federal grants which communities can utilize to help make them drug free and firsthand testimonials from people and communities on how to combat drug use. To find more information on her anti-drug initiative and the toolkit, please visit Rep. Hartzler’s website or download the toolkit here.


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Congressional Spending Bill Highlights Missouri’s Importance to National Defense


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) today supported H.R. 1625 – Consolidated Appropriations Act, which provides government funding for the remainder of the year while making much needed investments to our military. This bill provides $654.6 billion in funding for the Department of Defense – the biggest increase in defense funding in 15 years – including projects and important assets at both Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air Force Base. The legislation, which passed with bipartisan support, now heads to the Senate for approval.


“The effects of sequestration have done more harm to our military’s readiness than any adversary since the Budget Control Act took effect,” said Hartzler, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee and chairwoman of the committee’s Oversight and Investigations panel. “Years of budget cuts and continuing resolutions have degraded our military’s capabilities and destroyed morale. This bill provides much-needed funding to accelerate the recovery of our military’s readiness and reinforce our nation’s military edge. I am pleased this bill includes important defense priorities for the nation and the state of Missouri,” added Hartzler.

Hartzler, who led efforts supporting Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air Force Base as well as advocating for other regional military interests during the crafting of this legislation, noted the following highlights:

Fort Leonard Wood:

  • Provides funding for the Fort Leonard Wood hospital replacement project. 
  • Provides full funding for a new blood processing center.
  • Increases Army active duty end strength by 7,500, which means more soldiers will be trained at Fort Leonard Wood.

Whiteman Air Force Base:

  • Provides critical funding for B-2 modernization programs.
  • Supports funding for A-10 modernization, including wing replacements.
  • Provides funding for the continued development of the B-21 bomber.


Additional Missouri Specific Provisions:

  • Funding for 24 F-18s.
  • Funding support for the Army’s Ammunition Production Plants, like the one located at Lake City.
  • Funding for C-130H modernization programs.
  • Funding for a new Communications Facility at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base.
  • Funding for the new headquarters for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in St. Louis.

“Since arriving in Congress I have consistently advocated for robust investment in our nation’s defense and I am pleased to say this legislation turns the tides on years of damaging defense cuts that have put our nation at risk.”



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Passage of Spending Bill Ensures Largest Investment in American Military in 15 Years


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) today supported H.R. 1625, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which provides government funding for the remainder of the year while making much needed investments in our military, homeland security, infrastructure, school safety and our communities through the aggressive combatting of opioid abuse. The House passed the measure with bipartisan support, 256 - 167. It will now head to the Senate for approval.


“Since arriving in Congress I have consistently advocated for robust investment in our nation’s defense and I am pleased to say this legislation turns the tide on years of damaging defense cuts that have put our nation at risk,” said Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee where she chairs the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation. “This agreement ensures the largest investment in the American military in 15 years, starting the reversal of the readiness shortfalls and providing our men and women in uniform the resources they need to get the job done,” said Hartzler, further noting that this legislation fully funds a pay raise for our troops.


Hartzler added that this measure delivers critical investment in other national priorities, including rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure. The legislation funds projects across the country, including transportation, energy and water and internet connectivity efforts that will create jobs and modernize our communities. It includes $600 million in investment for rural broadband improvements, an issue that Hartzler has championed in her district.


“While broadband internet deployment to larger cities across the country continues, more than half of rural Missourians still lack access to this vital resource and are left with antiquated, incredibly slow or non-existent internet access. This funding helps move forward efforts to address this,” said Hartzler, who has introduced her own legislation, the Expanding Rural Access to Broadband Act (H.R. 5213), to help expand broadband in rural areas.


“As is the case with much of our country, Missourians have been directly impacted by the scourge of opioid abuse. It is impacting our families and communities, and this legislation provides the largest investment to date to combat this crisis,” said Hartzler, whose local Drug-Free Missouri initiative focuses on fighting drug abuse throughout her district. The effort to fight opioids goes hand in hand with the legislation’s focus on youth safety and Hartzler’s efforts to stem school violence. A former middle and high school teacher, Hartzler added that H.R. 1625 also provides funding for effective mental health, training and school health programs. Hartzler recently visited the White House to discuss with the President the need for an all-encompassing approach to address school violence and advocated for her bill, H.R. 2513, the Police Officers Protecting Children Act, which would allow off-duty and retired police officers to carry a firearm to protect children at school.


The Consolidated Appropriations Act also invests in homeland security, addressing threats along America’s southern border by funding barriers and border protection technology. While disappointed that the Conscience Protection Act was omitted from the final bill, Hartzler was pleased that the bill maintained all historical pro-life and family values riders, including the Hyde amendment, the Hyde-Weldon amendment and the D.C. Needle Exchange Program Funding Ban.


Highlights of H.R. 1625 also include: 


  • Provides largest pay raise (2.4%) for our troops in a decade
  • Rebuilds our military and increases readiness, bolsters our Naval forces, invests in critical procurement and replacement of aircraft to maintain air superiority and increases end strength of our Armed Forces
  • Fully funds support to Israel, including additional funds for missile defense and anti-tunneling technology
  • Provides more funding to build 90+ miles of President Trump’s border security wall
  • Fixes the tax bill’s 199(a) “Grain Glitch” for our farmers
  • Increases funding for our veterans and provides the necessary medical care, construction and modernization to reduce backlogs and fulfill unfunded requirements
  • Invests $4 billion - the largest investment to date - to combat the opioid crisis and address prevention, treatment, and enforcement
  • Directs $1 billion in funding for mental health programs, as authorized in 21st Century Cures
  • Provides $37 billion for NIH, a $3 billion increase over FY17, to fund additional research and develop cures for major diseases



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Vicky Hartzler is the Representative for Missouri’s 4th Congressional District, having been elected to that position on November 2, 2010.

She was born October 13, 1960 in Cass County, was raised on a farm in Archie, and lives with her husband, Lowell and daughter, Tiffany, on a working farm in Cass County. She is a graduate of both the University of Missouri-Columbia and Central Missouri State University (now University of Central Missouri) graduating summa cum laude with a B.S. in Education from MU and a M.S. in Education from Central Missouri.

She was first elected to political office in November of 1994 as the State Representative from Missouri’s 124th District. She served three terms, leaving in January of 2001. Prior to her time in politics Vicky taught family and consumer sciences for 11 years in Lebanon and Belton.

In 2004, she served as spokesperson for the Coalition to Protect Marriage, a state constitutional amendment which passed resoundingly and led to Missouri recognizing traditional marriage as a union of a man and a woman. In 2005, she was appointed as Chair of the Missouri Women’s Council, serving for two years.

Vicky and Lowell Hartzler own a company with three farm equipment stores in the 4th District.

The Hartzler family lives near Harrisonville in Cass County.

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