Trent Franks

Trent Franks


House Sponsor of Sanction Iran Safeguard America Act warns Against Iran's latest Stipulation on Nuclear Deal


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In light of Iranian President Rouhani's stipulation that all sanctions be lifted upon implementation of nuclear deal, Rep. Franks had the following response:  "Iranian President Rouhani's recent stipulation that all sanctions on Iran be lifted on the same day as implementation of a nuclear deal fundamentally demonstrates the regime's arrogant and delusional mindset. 

"Senator Cruz and I have jointly introduced the Sanction Iran Safeguard America Act (H.R. 1540; S. 825) and we continue to believe that the way forward with Iran is not to acquiesce to childlike temper tantrums but to ratchet up pressure on the regime to dismantle their uranium enrichment and plutonium production capabilities.

"Any deal with Iran that does not dismantle their uranium enrichment and Plutonium production capabilities and include an immediate end to their support for terror in the future will only further endanger the entire human family. Iran has a decades long record of defiance of international agreements. Suddenly trusting this regime is foolish beyond comprehension."

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Upon Passage of H.Con.Res 27 the FY2016 Budget Resolution Rep. Franks Comments on his YES Vote


WASHINGTON, D.C. - After House Passage of H. Con. Res 27 which establishes the budget for the United States, Congressman Franks offered the following comments on his YEA vote: "This Budget clearly defines our National Priorities by boosting defense spending above the President's request, repealing Obamacare in full, strengthening Medicare, and balancing the budget in less than 10 years without raising taxes. "Our Seniors will be protected from Obamacare's raid on Medicare. Our National Defense will be bolstered through greater funding of troop training, and our grandchildren's futures will be brighter as we get on a path to paying off the debt. I was happy to support such a plan."

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Rep. Franks' H.R. 308 - Keep the Promise Act - Passes Natural Resources Committee


WASHINGTON, D.C. - After today's Natural Resources Committee passage of H.R. 308, the Keep the Promise Act, a bipartisan bill that would prevent any additional casinos in the Phoenix Metro area, the bill's sponsor, Congressman Trent Franks, released the following statement:

"I commend the Natural Resources Committee for passing H.R. 308, the Keep the Promise Act. This bill halts a precedent that may lead to an expansion of off-reservation casinos and dangerous changes to the complexion of tribal gaming in other states across the country.  Tribes across the nation, including many of the other Arizona tribes that played an integral role in the 2002 gaming compact, strongly support this legislation due to the impact this situation could have on tribal gaming enterprises nationally. 

"This bill is not about a vendetta. Nor is it about ending gaming in Arizona. It is, very specifically, about ensuring that the limits on casinos specifically promised back in 2002 during debate on Proposition 202 are realized."

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Coffee with the Congressman


You are invited to COFFEE WITH THE CONGRESSMAN The third in a series of "Mini Townhalls" is designed for the Congressman to get better acquainted with constituents and to address concerns in a smaller, more intimate setting.Space is extremely limited!Please RSVP to the District Office Staff - 623-776-7911  

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Coffee with the Congressman


You are invited to


The second of a series of "Mini Townhalls" is designed for the Congressman to get better acquainted with constituents and to adderess concerns in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Space is extremely limited!

Please RSVP to the District Office Staff - 623-776-7911

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Israel Allies Co-Chair Rep. Franks responds to Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to Congress


"That was one of the very most statesmanlike and visionary speeches I've heard on this floor since I came to Congress 12 years ago.  Barack Obama should have used this historic event to bring world leaders together to counter the unspeakable danger a nuclear weapons capable Iran represents to the entire human family. Instead, an American president, his administration, and dozens of Democrats shamefully and petulantly boycotted.

"The Prime Minister of Israel, one of our most vital friends on earth, traveled nearly 6,000 miles to speak to us about the survival of the only Jewish State on Earth and the administration wouldn’t travel 6 minutes down the street to hear him. It is a shameful disgrace.

"Nearly a decade ago, I stood on the floor of the United States Congress to openly call for Iran to be referred to the U.N. Security Council:

"Mr. Speaker, Iran is attempting to allay international concerns, pledging that its nuclear program will be subject to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Yet this assurance is completely unassuring when put in the context of 18 years of unremitting deception, and the IAEA’s ineffectiveness. Iran has violated its obligations and forfeited its credibility. We must not allow this defiant threat to the world to pass by unnoticed. The IAEA should refer Iran to the Security Council. The world cannot allow the current ruling regime of Iran to obtain and develop indigenous nuclear capability."

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Franks Introduces CIPA to prevent dangerous widespread power failures


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In light of constant threats to the electric grid that have directly threatened the survivability and functionality of critical United States infrastructure Congressman Franks introduced the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act today."The Department of Homeland Security has the specific responsibility to secure the key resources and critical infrastructure in the United States, to include power production, generation and distribution systems. Yet thirteen years after this job description was enacted, our nation's most critical infrastructure - and the systems that more than 300 Million Americans depend upon every day for basic activities - are still vulnerable to large scale blackouts. "Anyone who understands how critical our power grid has become in modern America to feeding our families or keeping our children warm will understand why this act is so crucially important. The Critical Infrastructure Protection Act will enhance DHS threat assessments for geomagnetic disturbances and electromagnetic pulse blackouts which will enable practical steps to protect the vital electric grid that serves America and her critical financial, agricultural, medical and emergency response capabilities and many other critical systems. “I am encouraged that the House of Representatives passed this legislation unanimously last Congress.  I look forward to working with both my House and Senate colleagues in this new Congress to ensure this critical measure makes it to the President's desk.”  

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Franks, Blackburn Introduce Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act


WASHINGTON, DC- Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08), along with Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-07) today released the following statement upon the introduction of H.R. 36, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act:

Congressman Trent Franks:

"More than 18,000 'very late term' abortions are performed every year on perfectly healthy unborn babies in America. These are innocent and defenseless children who can not only feel pain, but who can survive outside of the womb in most cases, and who are torturously killed without even basic anesthesia. Many of them cry and scream as they die, but because it is amniotic fluid going over their vocal cords instead of air, we don't hear them.

"Late term Abortion in America has its defenders, but no true or principled defense. The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act seeks to afford basic protection to mothers and their unborn children entering the sixth month of gestation.

"I would just deeply encourage all interested parties, including fair-minded reporters, to simply read this bill. It is one all humane Americans can support if they understand it for themselves.

"Throughout America's history, the hearts of the American people have been moved with compassion when they discover a theretofore hidden class of victims, once they grasp both the humanity of the victims and the inhumanity of what is being done to them.

"America is on the cusp of another such realization."


Congressman Marsha Blackburn

"We have a moral obligation to end dangerous late-term abortions in order to protect women and these precious babies from criminals like Kermit Gosnell and others who prey on the most vulnerable in our society," Blackburn said. "The United States is one of the few remaining countries in the world that allows abortion after 20 weeks. That is why today we renew our efforts to protect the lives of babies and their mothers with the introduction of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Rep. Franks and I have been a good team moving this legislation through the House as we continue to lead the fight to ensure the unborn are provided the same protection that all human life deserves."

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Franks Statement After Voting Against "CROmnibus"


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08) released the following statement today after voting against passage of H.R. 83, the FY15 Continuing Resolution/Omnibus.

"Despite the past few months of negotiations between parties on the 'CROmnibus,' there were several provisions in the bill that made the overall package impossible for me to support.

"One of Congress' most powerful tools to hold the other branches of government accountable is the power of the purse strings; so it is notable that the bill failed to even make an attempt to mitigate the President's unilateral and unconstitutional attempt to bypass the legislative process by granting many rights of citizenship to millions who have disregarded our immigration laws.

"As a Member of the Judiciary Committee and Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee, it is equally unjustifiable to me that the bill gives an additional nearly $400 million more than requested to Eric Holder's Justice Department, which has alternated between using the law as a political weapon and holding this Administration and its political allies above the law altogether. The bill in fact adds hundreds of millions more than requested to many other liberal priorities, including the EPA, the SEC, and the Department of Energy.

"The bill represents months of hard work and there is much in it that I applaud, but these "poison pills" are not trivial; they will bring real consequences to bear on the American people, many of whom are already struggling to run their businesses, to afford quality healthcare, to find work, to put food on their tables, and to build and protect their children's futures. I hope for their sake that we can work on a budget that will better honor their collective desire, reflected most recently in the midterm elections, to reign in what is correctly perceived as an overbloated, out-of-control Administration and the federal government."

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Congressman Trent Franks' Critical Infrastructure Protection Act Passes Unanimously


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08), a ranking Republican member of the House Armed Services Committee, released the following statement on tonight's unanimous House Floor passage of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act.

"The Department of Homeland Security has the specific responsibility to secure the key resources and critical infrastructure in the United States, to include power production, generation and distribution systems. The U.S. electric grid is fundamental to our continued way of life and practical steps must be taken to protect those critical elements that serve the United States from all threats. The negative impacts on U.S. financial, agricultural, medical and other critical societal infrastructure are potentially catastrophic in a severe electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or severe space weather event.

"Today with the passage of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, we are one step closer to protecting America from one of the potentially more serious short term national security threats we face.

"Anyone who has tried to feed their family or keep their children warm after the power has gone out will understand why this act is so crucially important. I am happy to see that my colleagues in the House of Representatives have taken this first step to protect our nation.

"Passage of this legislation will help the United States prevent and prepare for such an event by including large-scale blackouts into existing national planning scenarios, including educational awareness for first responders to protect critical infrastructure. Most importantly, it requires specific plans for protecting and recovering the electric grid and other critical infrastructure from a dangerous EMP event.

"There is a moment from the life of nearly every problem when it is big enough to be seen by reasonable people and still small enough to be successfully addressed. Those of us across America live in a time when there still may be opportunity for the free world to address and mitigate the vulnerability that naturally occurring or weaponized EMP represents to the mechanisms of our civilization. This is our moment."

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Congressman Trent Franks is a conservative Reagan Republican, and he has spent most of his life working on children’s issues and trying to build a better future for all children.

Trent is someone who still believes that there is such a thing as the truth and that people and principles should be at the center of political discourse in America. He works very hard in the United States Congress for smaller government by cutting government waste, reducing taxes, bureaucracy, and regulation. Trent believes in personal responsibility, free enterprise and that government’s first purpose is to protect its innocent citizens.

Trent is a former member of the Arizona House of Representatives. While in the House, he served as Vice-Chairman of the House Commerce Committee and Chairman of the House Sub-Committee on Child Protection and Family Preservation.

In January of 1987, Trent was appointed by the Governor to head the Arizona Governor’s Office for Children, which is a Cabinet level division of the Governor’s office responsible for overseeing and coordinating state policy and programs for Arizona’s children.

Trent served four and a half years as the Executive Director of the Arizona Family Research Institute, a non-profit organization associated with Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family for the purpose of advocating public policy to protect children and families in Arizona. The Arizona Family Research Institute later became the Center for Arizona Policy.

Trent Franks is past Chairman of the Children’s Hope Scholarship Foundation and a Republican Member of The United States Congress. He currently serves on the Armed services Committee and the Judiciary Committee, and is now Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee.

He is a member of the Republican Study Committee, the House Working Group on Judicial Accountability, House Working Group on Waste, Fraud and Abuse, the Congressional Hispanic Conference, the Liberty Caucus, the DUI Caucus, the Human Rights Caucus, the India Caucus, the Refugee Caucus, and the Education Freedom Caucus.

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