Tom Marino

Tom Marino


Foreign Policy Magazine Quotes Marino on Unused National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS)


Representative Tom Marino was quoted regarding the Department of Homeland Security's unused NTAS infrastructure and the failure of President Obama's new system of warning the American public about terrorism threats. Marino's full statement appears below: 

“The underutilization of the NTAS seems to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the President’s ability directly communicate with our citizens about terror threats. Under his lack of leadership the bureaucracy has grown cumbersome and lethargic which make expedient dissemination of information nearly impossible. That is completely unacceptable and DHS needs to figure out a way to get this most basic function right. Frankly having a NTAS that is hollow and purely aesthetic is embarrassing.

In emergency situations, especially during terror attacks or threats, information can save lives and increase overall safety. We’ve had too many close calls in the past few years and social media may never be enough to provide our people with important information. We need a complete infrastructure of notifications systems and the President needs to regularly inquire with his security commission about the effectiveness of it.

I am deeply concerned about this problem and the fact that no alerts have been issued despite all the imminent threats we face. I am currently working closely with my colleagues on the Homeland Security Committee to plan more Congressional inquiries into the utilizations and usefulness of the current NTAS. We must do everything we can to make it better. The first step is implementing better leadership.”

Please read FP Magazine's John Hudson's full article here


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Marino Calls on Obama to Request Congressional Authorization




September 26, 2014

Marino Calls on Obama to Request Congressional Authorization for Continued Action against ISIS

Williamsport, PA—Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10, Lycoming County issued the following statement regarding misconceptions about Congress’s authority in combatting ISIS in Iraq and Syria:

“I am frustrated to hear some of my colleagues, news reports and talking heads drag on about British parliament’s actions with Prime Minister Cameron. Their government is fundamentally different. News anchors should know that. Our government allows the President to request action from Congress. If Obama wants a new authorization for military actions against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, than he, the Commander in Chief, needs to ask us for one. But I doubt he will. He and his party colleagues are too focused on political outcomes during the midterms which are little more than a month away. There are hawks in Congress and there are doves, but all members will heed the call of our duties if the President chooses to lead.”


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Marino Presents Small Business Award



September 24, 2014

Williamsport, PA-Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10, Lycoming County gave the following statement after awarding the local small business, QorTek, with the Small Business Innovation Research award:

"I was very pleased today to visit QorTek, a world leader in piezoelectronics with two local offices in the Williamsport area. It is truly amazing what this small business is accomplishing in the medical, manufacturing and defense industries. That’s why QorTek received a Small Business Innovation Research award that I was honored to present. QorTek is working with some of the biggest names in business from all over the world. I am happy to have them in my district."


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Rep. Marino Supports Airstrikes against ISIS within Iraq and Syria




September 24, 2014

Washington D.C.—Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10, Lycoming County released the following statement regarding President Obama’s brief address on the current air campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq:

“Yesterday the President spoke about our expanded operations against ISIS. While it was brief, I wanted to take a moment to address some concerns many of my constituents have been expressing: both supporters and critics. While the reaction from folks in PA-10 has been overwhelmingly supportive, I think it is crucially important to address critics concerned with arming the Syrian rebels in their fight against ISIS.

I, too, have very serious concerns when dealing with any faction in the Middle East, especially in Syria. I have expressed deep doubts regarding the ideology of many of those factions. Over a year ago I questioned Secretary of Defense, Hagel and Secretary of State, John Kerry about their knowledge of Syrian opposition groups and potentiality of arming them in their fight against the Assad regime as part of a broader hearing regarding the use of chemical weapons. They could not identify those groups with a great degree of certainty then. Unfortunately today, that seems to have not changed.

The President’s Administration allowed any moderate Syrian opposition groups to go unidentified, overlooked and unassisted. He also waivered in confronting ISIS from the start and allowed it to fester, grow and seize territory. Now the situation on the ground has fundamentally changed and the players involved are required to have different roles.

I still hold significant reservations about arming Syrian rebel groups to combat ISIS in their strongholds, but if this Administration and our military commanders can find, positively identify and convince groups to join the fight against ISIS, then I can support that. But we have to be sure they are moderate and have no interest in harming ethnic or religious minorities when ISIS has fallen and President Obama should clearly define to the American people and Congress who we are supporting.

Last week the House voted on key legislation that will allow the U.S. and others to destroy ISIS. That allowance is for the purpose of arming and training the aforementioned rebel groups – if they exist and a relationship can be cultivated to achieve our mission. We did not authorize the commitment of troops and the President is using the current Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) in Iraq to launch the air strikes.  This is a key distinguishing point from the amendment I voted for last week. It does not authorize the President additional money to carry on operations, but allows greater flexibility in using funds already appropriated. I want funds to combat ISIS to be directed by United States military commanders where they see fit. They know best how to direct our assets and resources.

Are concerns about our vote last week from critics valid? These apprehensions have merit. Some say America has not been particularly successful in arming opposition groups, and I agree. However, these critics will also not tolerate ground operations or a protracted offensive with direct US participation. Yet, despite this, they fully acknowledge that ISIS must be eradicated. And while no perfect option was presented to Congress by the President, our vote was a necessary first step in eliminating the threat ISIS poses to the stability of the region. This vote was the best option available at the time. Inaction was, and is not an option.

I am encouraged to hear that operations held in the past few days were not done in conjunction with the Assad Regime. That regime should perish as well as ISIS. As this operation continues and the situation remains fluid, Congress and the President must provide our military all the necessary resources to complete the mission and rid the world of ISIS once and for all.”


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Media Advisory: Rep. Tom Marino to Host Annual Senior Health Fair



September 22, 2014


Cathy Romaniello


Rep. Tom Marino to Host Annual Senior Health Fair

Cogan Station, PA—Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10, Lycoming County issued the following media advisory regarding tomorrow’s Senior Health Fair. This year’s fair is Congressman Marino’s fourth since being elected. Please see event details below:

WHO: Congressman Tom Marino and nearly 50 senior health services exhibitors.

The state legislative offices of Sen. Lisa Baker and Reps. Karen Boback, Sandra Major and Tina Pickett will be represented. Staff will answer questions about state programs that are available to senior citizens.

WHAT: The expo will feature exhibits by local, state and federal organizations including a visit by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Mobile Vet Center.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 10a.m. to 2p.m.

WHERE: Montrose Bible Conference, 218 Locust Street in Montrose, PA 18801 (570) 278-1001

WHY: To provide seniors and their families with access to several exhibitors and service providers who can speak about topics ranging from assisted living, daily healthcare to Social Security. This Fair affords seniors a one-stop destination to these resources and provides an opportunity for them to ask questions, review service plans and explore new ways to increase their quality of care.

Some vendors in attendance will include: Commission on Economic Opportunity/Wyoming County Division (Human Services), Wyoming County Cancer Society, Wyoming County Cancer/Tobacco Partnership, Chesapeake Energy, North Penn Legal Services Inc., Interfaith Friends, Frontier Communications, Northeast Regional Cancer Institute, Victims Resource Center, Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PACE program), PennDOT District 4, Penn State Cooperative Extension, Wyoming County Senior Center, RSVP/APPRISE Volunteer Program, Luzerne/Wyoming Counties Area Agency on Aging, Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Lech’s Pharmacy, MetLife, Alzheimer’s Association, Community Counseling Services/Senior Peer Counseling Program, Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau, CareGivers America, Luzerne/Wyoming Counties Transportation Department (Shared Ride Service), Senior Care Services (division of Gannon Associates), American Red Cross, Wilkes-Barre Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Connection, Wyoming County Housing Authority (income-based housing assistance), Tyler Memorial Hospital, Experience Works, Trehab Community Action Center,  Mature Workers Program,  Social Security Administration, AseraCare Hospice, and Wyoming County Emergency Management.


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Op-Ed: Rep. Tom Marino Outlines Seven Point Plan to Eradicate ISIS


Cogan Station, PA-President Obama addressed the nation on the eve of September 11th in an attempt to outline how he plans to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, or ISIL as he calls it. However, the speech fell far short of describing just how evil ISIS is and how difficult it will be to defeat them. President Obama also failed to articulate just how seriously imminent the threat is to our homeland. Yet, I commend the President for making his address while not revealing our exacting strategies and tactics. It was a smart move from an otherwise disengaged and seemingly inept Commander in Chief.

  I have been quick to share my views about how America and our allies should go about defeating ISIS. Some on the left and even the right will criticize me, calling me a war monger.  Critics will outline the monetary costs of waging all-out war on ISIS and still others will advocate for America to further isolate itself. Nevertheless, these criticisms fail to recognize the harsh realities of the world we live in and geopolitical dilemmas our President has allowed us to descend into.   Every American can plainly see just how bad things have gotten. The polls show it. The world is on fire. What we are witnessing is what happens when America waivers and retreats from a position of strength in the world. Putin invades Ukraine. China provokes Japan and the Philippines. Hamas brazenly attacks Israel. Assad uses chemical weapons against his own people. Terrorists attack our consulate and murder our ambassador. And ISIS is on the march.   ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is nothing new. We have known about their formation for over a year. Yet President Obama allowed this threat fester to the point that it has now grown to a size that even he, the “I end wars, not start them” President, is forced to act.   ISIS now occupies vast swaths of land throughout Iraq and Syria. They control cities our men and women fought and died for during the Iraq War. They have taken control without any significant resistance from the Iraqi Army and now they drive Humvees paid for by the American taxpayer. ISIS has confiscated masses of weaponry given to the Iraqis by the U.S.   ISIS is comprised of the world’s most evil people. They are rapists, pillagers, murders, women-haters, and thieves. They fight only to destroy. They have no valid grievances. They have threatened us time and time again without response and so they beheaded our captured journalists. Just think about that for a moment. Put yourself in a position of leadership. What would you do? How do you think the people you represent would want you to address that kind of evil? Would you try to rationalize with the evil? Would you try to intellectualize their motives? No. You would act.   I may be one of 435 members in the House of Representatives, but I am not alone. I and others who share my views will lead an effort to ensure ISIS is destroyed and our homeland is secure. We will push and we will build an overwhelming coalition of members to help the Commander in Chief kill every last one of ISIS’s fighters. We will seek to go after every entity and nation who harbors or funds them without reservation.   That is why I support the use of force against ISIS and the provision of necessary funds to do so. In addition, I will also push my seven-point plan to systematically disrupt, dismantle and destroy ISIS. The plan is as follows:   1.      Effective immediately, position carrier battle groups in the region and begin a massive shock-and-awe air campaign to destroy ISIS’s heavy weaponry and transportation routes while simultaneously ordering special operations forces to hunt down ISIS leaders and commanders. Capture or kill them and free any captives. This will assist in gathering vital intelligence.   2.      Reestablish local intelligence networks and reassure informants within those networks that we will protect them. This reestablishment will take time and can be done more quickly with the help of our Allies’ networks and operatives.   3.      Continue to arm and assist the Kurdish Peshmerga to fight alongside us. They are the most reliable and have shown their abilities to defend their lands and resist ISIS.   4.      Stifle and shutdown ISIS’s propaganda machine and online radicalization efforts via cyberwarfare. This will frustrate and lessen their influence to draw new fighters to their aide.   5.      Drastically increase border security on the U.S.-Mexican border with National Guard troops and the necessary resources for our border agents. We then authorize federal law enforcement to launch new counterterrorism operations near our borders with the express purpose of monitoring and neutralizing threats.   6.      Direct Secretary Kerry and all high-ranking diplomats to demand our Allies and other nations join our cause – whether militarily, economically or logistically.   7.      Disable ISIS’s economic capabilities by destroying oil lines. Demand no nation pay them ransoms for captives and launch investigations into any governments that may be funneling money to ISIS and shutdown those transactions.   This plan is comprehensive and necessary. It is the kind of thing the American people are ready to hear. They, as well as I, wish we were not in this predicament, however, Americans know we are still the shining city upon the hill. We are the first and last line of defense for freedom and liberty. We are a nation of good will and when we are led properly, good people follow us.   Now is the time Mr. President. Seize this opportunity to reclaim your credibility and lead from the front of the pack. The world is watching and ISIS is on the march. Read More

Rep. Marino Votes to Protect Farmers




September 10, 2014

Rep. Marino Votes to Protect Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing from Bureaucratic Encroachments

Washington D.C.—Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10, Lycoming County cosponsored and voted for H.R. 5078, Waters of the US Regulatory Overreach Protection Act in order to protect the agricultural industry and others from burdensome regulations. The bill is designed to protect agricultural producers from unnecessary intrusions into their daily production activities by disallowing the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers to rewrite definitions or expand their scope of oversight with regards to the enforcement of the Clean Water Act of 1972.

Congressman Marino issued the following statement on the bill’s passage:

“I was proud to cosponsor and vote for this bill. There was bipartisan support as well which signals to me that many of my colleagues and their constituents are growing weary of the growing power of the government’s bureaucracies. I believe that starts with a basic understanding that Congress is the true authority in matters concerning the authorities given to entities like the EPA.

However, some of my colleagues opposed this bill and expressed that supporters like me are uncaring of the environment and clean American water systems. Nothing could be further from the truth. I support and want clean water systems throughout our lands but this is not a matter of clean water, it is a matter of eroding our constitutional republic. Congress is authority on all matters given to a federal agency and no agency should be allowed to rewrite definitions or laws regarding their original authorization unless otherwise voted upon by those elected by our citizenry.  That is why I voted for this bill and commend Rep. Southerland and all cosponsors for supporting it.

I encourage every member who opposed this bill to visit their local farmers, talk with them, listen to them and understand that it is in the inherent interest, the moral fiber of the daily lives, to be good stewards of their lands. They produce the food on our tables and generate massive economic activity at home and abroad. The last thing they need is another regulation or a prolonged permitting process. This is a good bill and I know it will be a signal to overly intrusive agencies like the EPA that Congress must be consulted and the process must be respected before they rewrite laws.”

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Media Advisory: Rep. Marino to Speak at Central Bradford County Chamber of Commerce




September 8, 2014 

Rep. Marino to Speak at Central Bradford County Chamber of Commerce

Washington D.C.—Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10, Lycoming County is scheduled to speak about the Affordable Care Act to a local chamber of commerce. Please find the pertinent details below.

WHO: Representative Tom Marino and members to the Central Bradford Chamber of Commerce

WHAT: A discussion among Chamber members and small business leaders about the negative impacts of the Affordable Care Act on local small businesses and other issues

WHEN: Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 4:30pm

WHERE: Towanda Country Club, 645 Golden Mile Rd, Towanda, PA 18848


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Op-ed: Patent Trolls: Failure to Reform Resonates from Silicon Valley to Pennsylvania


Patent trolls: Failure to reform resonates from Silicon Valley to Pennsylvania

By Tom Marino

Special to the San Jose Mercury News

In a divided government like we have seen in Washington since 2011, it is obviously difficult to get things done. Both parties represent constituencies with deeply different ideologies. As representatives of our states and districts, we in Congress reflect that divide and defend the beliefs our constituents hold dear while doing our best to effectively govern.

Admittedly, divided government offers us too few opportunities to work together to find consensus on problems. That is why it is so disappointing that the Senate was not able to complete work this year on patent litigation reform to crack down on patent trolls that stifle innovation in every industry throughout our economy.

In December 2013 the House of Representatives passed the Innovation Act with the support of 195 Republicans, 130 Democrats, and strong support from the president.

As vice chairman of the Intellectual Property Subcommittee, I worked with Republicans and Democrats, including some of the most conservative and liberal members of the House, to advance the bill through the Judiciary Committee and to educate others in Congress about the challenges patent trolls present to everyone from Silicon Valley innovators to the small businesses I represent in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley. In May, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled the rug out from under us. Despite our efforts to move a measure that in all likelihood would have passed, Reid signaled that he would not allow it to be debated on the floor . Advertisement

Trial lawyers, pharmaceutical manufactures and universities have been rightfully blamed as the entrenched interests that killed the bill while the tech community has been dubbed "D.C.'s biggest loser." And patent trolls are permitted to continue to suppress the innovation economy, and line their pockets with the proceeds from junk lawsuits.

This failure was a great disappointment to many of us. I'm a Star Wars fan, though, and I cannot forget the words of Obi-Wan when he said, "You can't win, Vader. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

In this case our rebel alliance does not lack for power in public policy debates. The reforms we propose are common sense and central to the basic needs of a competitive economy.

The innovation community is spreading beyond its traditional bases. This growth and buy-in from a diverse set of business interests is an indicator that now is the time to champion serious patent litigation reforms.

From the nation's largest retailers to local coffee shops, the beneficiaries of technologies that have emanated from places like Silicon Valley are feeling the negative effects of litigation brought by patent trolls. While Washington is most certainly divided, it should not reject one of the most vital reforms that will enhance, protect and sustain a pioneering 21st century economy.

In the 113th Congress, there has not been a bigger disappointment to me than the failure to enact the Innovation Act. I am convinced that 2015, and the beginning of the next Congress, will offer new opportunities to advance these proposals and many other goals critical to the ongoing success of America's innovation economy.

U.S. Rep. Tom Marino, representings Pennsylvania's 10th District, will discuss cyber-security and patent protection at the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting Thursday. He wrote this for this newspaper.

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Op-ed: Obama’s EPA keeps getting in way of America’s energy boom


Obama's EPA Keeps Getting in the Way of America's Energy Boom

Published in the Lewistown Sentinel

By Tom Marino

July 3rd, 2014

Cogan Station, PA – Now is the best time in America’s energy history. New reports from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show the United States now produces 84% of its energy needs right here at home while usage of renewables has surged upward by 49% since 2005. More good news shows overall emissions are down by 11% and projected to continue downward. Pair those numbers with the impressive rise in technological advancements in both energy extraction methods and transportation and we begin to see just how many opportunities are ripe for our taking – both domestically and internationally.

Though the numbers look promising and our energy future looks bright, America’s coal production has decreased by 21% and our overall energy portfolio lacks balance and diversity.

Unfortunately the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the direction of the President, is much to blame. Their burdensome regulations contribute to the industry’s decreases and prohibit growth in renewable energies as well; a sector that would create more even more jobs.

While the Obama Administration continues to suffer one foreign policy blunder after another, it is imperative we examine this issue holistically. America’s energy policies should not benefit nations that routinely undermine international law, security or commerce (see China and Russia). Unquestionably the EPA’s overreach does just that. New regulations will lower the price of coal in international markets thereby increasing China and Russia’s ability to purchase and burn even more coal. This, of course, will allow them to do so without any sort of sensitivity toward the environment. So any potential environmental gains made here at home will be regrettably undone abroad.

Considering these negative impacts, we must shift our thinking more broadly to fully examine the international implications of our energy policies. Stagnation of coal mining in America has a ripple effect at home and overseas. These job-crushing impacts thwarts wage increases and investments in new technologies that help make coal cleaner and safer.

Meanwhile, our European counterparts have increased their usage of coal as Russia tightens its grip on their oil and gas accessibilities. America has vast and well-documented coal reserves projected to sustain our energy operations for decades. Our energy production should be an ‘any and all’ strategy. Exports should reflect world markets and favor countries that share our values and interests.

Plus, the world still produces 40% of its energy from coal. America has never been better positioned to unleash and stimulate a global energy revolution.

Opponents of this view will regurgitate familiar talking points and lob overly simplistic criticisms to stifle public debate. Congressional leaders need to shift the debate towards energy diversification. That means striving for balanced production outputs in coal, oil, natural gas, wind, wave, solar, geothermal and nuclear. The President’s administration should champion these as part of a robust and comprehensive energy portfolio that is treated equally among bureaucratic agencies. It is not the job of the EPA to pick winners and losers. The private sector and adherence to free market principles will bring about the clean and diverse energy technologies America needs.

Still those same opponents will advocate increases in taxation as a way to spur investments in technology intended to make energy production cleaner and safer. Taxes never create jobs or provoke technological innovation; the free market does that.

We must work to create policies that create a friendlier environment for revenue generation that stimulates job creation which lowers consumer costs and increases affordability for low income workers and retirees. Considering this, I find it regrettable the President and his fellow Democrats in the House and Senate refuse to join my Republican counterparts in protecting free market principles. This Administration consistently assaults private businesses while driving a narrative that inaccurately portrays them as untrustworthy and solely profit driven. That portrayal is not only overgeneralized but entirely inaccurate. Pennsylvania in particular is a great state for energy producers and to suggest their motives are evil in nature is incongruent with the President’s claims to the energy’s sectors successes during his recent campaign. History has proved consistently that private enterprise will relentlessly compete for market advantage over competitors. Just because energy producers are deemed “dirty” by liberals does not means those producers will refrain from the pursuance of cleaner energies if provided with a flexible regulatory and economic framework. Now is the time to unleash energy business so they can create affordable, clean, safe and renewable energy resources for our communities.

America has an unprecedented abundance of economic opportunity within our reach. If we are to seize it then we must embrace all forms of energy. If we are to regain economic leverage over countries who threaten liberty and democratic systems then we must embrace every resource available to us. If we are to truly be good stewards of our great lands and waters then we must refrain from scoring political points with special interest groups and crony capitalists. If America is to once again realize this great blessing of abundance then we must reimagine our approach to energy production. If we are to lead the world by example then we should live that example - not talk about it.

Massive additions to the job market and increased quality in national and global security are obtainable. Americans must end this cycle of self-sabotage and embrace our almost certain prosperous future.


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Contact Information

410 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3731
Fax 202-225-9594

Tom Marino came to Congress in January 2011 in much the same way he arrived at other destinations throughout this life: with a sense of purpose, a clear set of goals, and a common-sense approach to finding solution to serious problems.

Though he had previously talked about running for Congress, it wasn’t until he found himself so frustrated by the direction the nation was taking that he declared himself a candidate in early 2010.

He emerged the victor of a three-man Republican primary race and went on to defeat two-term Democrat incumbent Chris Carney by 10 percentage points in November 2010.

With his two children at his side, he was sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives on January 5, 2011, becoming part of the largest freshman class in decades.

Tom was re-elected to serve a second term in 2012, receiving 66 percent of the vote in the general election.

Marino maintained his standing on three House committees – Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, and the Judiciary – and six subcommittees, two of which he serves as Vice Chairman.

The assignments are a good fit for the attorney who gained a reputation as a tough prosecutor, first as Lycoming County District Attorney and then as U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

But when Congressman Marino tells working people that he knows where they are coming from, he means it.

That’s because he is never far from his blue-collar roots and the middle-class Williamsport neighborhood home where his mother still lives.

Tom, one of four children to Vivian Marino and the late Joseph Marino, is a second-generation Italian-American.  His father was a janitor and a fireman and his mother was a homemaker.

Tom married his high school sweetheart, Edie, and went to work in the manufacturing field.  It wasn’t until he was passed over for a promotion that he realized the importance of a college education.

So, at 30 years old, Tom sold his truck and Edie worked full time as he enrolled in college.  Tom earned his bachelor’s and law degrees in five years, attending the former Williamsport Area Community College, Lycoming College and Dickinson School of Law.

He practiced law for several years before being elected to two terms as District Attorney for Lycoming County.  He later served as U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, where his name became synonymous with cracking down on organized crime and drug trafficking.  He was the first U.S. Attorney to attend the Top Gun PA X training classes and completed a National Security Seminar at the U.S. Army War College at the Carlisle Barracks.

Tom returned to work as a private-practice attorney for two years before deciding to run for Congress.

Tom and Edie have two adopted children, Chloe and Victor, and live in Cogan Station, Lycoming County.

A three-time cancer survivor, Tom is active in community events and enjoys reading, motorcycle riding, weightlifting, running, and spending time with his family.

Besides his committee work, Tom is involved with a number of congressional caucuses, and serves as Co-Chairman of the Cystic Fibrosis Caucus, Congressional Kidney Caucus, and the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth.

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