Steve Stivers

Steve Stivers


Statement from Congressman Steve Stivers on the Inauguration of President Trump


Regarding the Inauguration of President Trump, the following can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

"Today, we were fortunate to come together as a nation and witness a pillar of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power," Stivers said. "I am looking forward to working with President Trump over the next four years to address the important issues facing our country, such as fixing health care, strengthening our military, bringing jobs back, and supporting our veterans."

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Rep. Stivers Votes in Favor of First Step to Making Health Care More Affordable through Budget Reconciliation


WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Congressman Steve Stivers (R – OH) today voted in favor of a budget resolution to allow the House of Representatives and Senate to repeal many of the harmful provisions of Obamacare in the budget reconciliation process. The legislation passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 227-198.

“Under Obamacare, the cost of health insurance is putting a heavy burden on families and businesses. There is no doubt, Obamacare has failed the American people,” Stivers said. “Today’s vote is the first step in creating the health care system we need: a patient-centered approach that will bring back choice and lower costs across the board. I look forward to working toward this system and providing relief to the millions of people struggling to find access to quality and affordable care.”

Insurance providers are increasingly going toward more narrow networks or dropping off of the Obamacare market completely, limiting choices for patients. Premiums and deductibles have also skyrocketed for both those in the individual market and in the employer-sponsored market. Businesses forced to comply with the employer-mandate of Obamacare are finding it more costly to hire full-time employees, impeding job growth in our communities.

The budget reconciliation process allows Congress to address provisions of Obamacare affecting federal spending and taxes, such as the individual and employer mandates. Reconciliation bills require a simple majority in both the House and Senate to pass and go to the president’s desk.

For more information on the House Republican plan for health care, click here.
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Rep. Stivers Statement Regarding the Passage of Legislation Objecting to the Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution


Regarding the passage of H. Res. 11, Objecting to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 as an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian Peace, the following may be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

"Today, I voted to stand with Israel and oppose the U.N.'s unprecedented action - which President Obama refused to veto - condemning Israel's presence in the West Bank. Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East, and I join the House of Representatives in calling for a repeal of the resolution."


Steve Stivers is a Member of Congress from Ohio’s 15th Congressional District and a cosponsor of H. Res. 11.

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Statement from Congressman Steve Stivers on the Beginning of the 115th Congress


Regarding the beginning of the 115th Congress today, the following can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

"I am excited to begin the new Congress and work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass policies that will make America stronger and more prosperous. I am looking forward to addressing important issues facing our country, such as fixing our broken health care system, reforming our tax code and fixing regulation to bring jobs back to our communities, rebuilding our military, and reforming the VA to better serve our nation’s veterans."


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A #BetterWay to Provide Health Care


For far too many Americans, the simple mention of “health care” causes stress.  Daunting medical bills and complex bureaucratic systems that are all but impossible to navigate adds unnecessary anxiety.  If you or your loved one is ill, your sole focus should be on treatment and recovery, not on the maze that is health insurance or the calculations for how you will pay a premium.

As your Representative in Congress, I am committed to finding solutions that empower citizens by allowing them to provide for their families, share in the American Dream, and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Adequate, easy-to-understand health care is essential to that goal, but the mess of mandates and taxes that Obamacare has created has not met that goal. Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Republican Conference believe there is a Better Way to provide healthcare for the American people.

It starts with a simple idea: that you know what is best for your family. You should have the ability to choose the options that best fit your health care needs, while still having access to the best, life-saving treatments our nation has to offer. Bureaucratic processes and red tape should never stand in the way of you making those choices. Health care should put you at its center, not the insurance agencies. The Better Way plan focuses on giving you the control and the choices, not Washington.

Additionally, the ability to make your own decisions is not conditional and does not have an expiration date.  Regardless of your income, medical condition, or circumstances, you should not have to worry about your coverage. As you get older, Medicare should work the same way: more choices, and more control. The Better Way plan is committed to protecting Medicare, while promoting efficiency and effectiveness, eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the system, and providing our seniors with the benefits they have been promised and worked for.

While it will take a bold plan to address one of our nation’s biggest challenges, I am looking forward to the start of the 115th Congress so that we can get to work. Our nation’s health care system has become messy, confusing and stressful - but it doesn’t have to be.  There is a #BetterWay.

If you would like to learn more about the Better Way plan, please visit If you have any other questions about my views on health care, I also invite you to contact me in my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, my Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, my Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654, or in my Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049. You can also follow me through my e-newsletter at

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Rep. Stivers' Statement on the Passage of the UN Security Council Resolution


Regarding the passage of the United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel's presence in the West Bank, the following can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH): 
"President Obama's highly unprecedented decision to not veto this resolution is yet another representation of his refusal to support Israel - our greatest ally in the Middle East - and I strongly disagree with the action. I am looking forward to working in the new Congress to strengthen Israel's standing and security in the region."
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Progress in Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Our Country


The mental health crisis affects a devastating number of individuals and their families across the country. In fact, roughly 43.8 million Americans experience mental illness each year, and nearly 10 million suffer from a serious condition, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. With only 41 percent of adults with a mental health condition receiving care in the last year, our broken health care system has clearly failed to help those who need it most. The crisis is complex and affects people of different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and economic status. While an issue like this cannot be solved through one piece of legislation, recently, the House of Representatives took a step to improve our mental health care system by passing the 21st Century Cures Act. The 21st Century Cures Act focuses mainly on investing in the development of life-saving cures, but also includes the most significant reforms to the mental health care system in more than a decade – reforms that will provide better services and bring accountability to ensure patients receive the care they need.

Like much of health care, treatment for mental health care can be costly and patients rely on insurance plans to cover it. However, there are instances where mental health conditions are not covered in the same way as other physical ailments, despite existing mental health parity laws requiring these conditions be treated equally. This legislation requires new guidance to ensure plans are compliant with mental health parity laws.

We also face a shortage of qualified service providers to treat individuals struggling with mental health conditions, leaving much of the burden on families to find the right care for their loved ones. As part of this bill, grant programs will be reauthorized to recruit and train mental health care providers, strengthening our nation’s mental health care system now and in the future.

This legislation also creates an Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Abuse to promote the coordination of mental health programs across federal agencies, ensuring the most effective, evidence-based programs are being used and supported. This includes coordinating with the Department of Veterans Affairs on the national Suicide Prevention Lifeline Program to give veterans who call access to a specialized hotline for assistance. Additionally, this bill encourages increased communication between providers, families and patients to give patients the best possible treatments.

As Congress continues to consider reforms to the health care system to create a more patient-centered approach that lowers costs and increases access, quality care for mental health conditions will continue to be one of my top priorities.

It is an honor to serve you, and I look forward to hearing from you on this and other issues facing the federal government. Please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654, or Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049 with any questions or concerns.
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Healthy Food for Ohio Funds Vinton County Grocery Store


Columbus, OH -- Finance Fund Capital Corporation (FCAP) has funded a $1.58 million Healthy Food for Ohio financing package for Campbell’s Market to build a 12,000 sq. ft. fresh food grocery at 636-698 W. Main Street in McArthur. The much-anticipated deal follows a three-year public-private effort to recruit a fresh food grocer to operate in rural Vinton County, which is home to approximately 13,000 residents. Other funding sources for Campbell’s Market in McArthur includes a $50,000 grant from Vinton County.
The Campbell family has been in the grocery business for more than 85 years. Rick Campbell, proprietor, has over 40 years of experience owning and managing two other rural grocery stores: Campbell’s Foodland in Zanesville, OH and Campbell’s Market in Duncan Falls, OH - both of which are still open today. Those stores, which are located 1.5 hours from McArthur, are similar in size to the planned store in Vinton County.
Vinton County has not had a grocery store since 2013, when the SuperValu was sold to Dollar General, which does not carry fresh food. The closest grocery store has been over 10 miles away. “One of our biggest challenges was determining if the trade area could support ongoing operations of a locally owned grocery store,” Campbell said. “Thanks to Vinton County’s market study, we are convinced that the McArthur store can be successful if community residents commit to shopping there regularly.”
Campbell’s Market is expected to break ground in McArthur in March 2017 and open for business by August that year. It will offer fresh produce, meats, dairy, frozen and shelf stable items and accept SNAP and WIC food assistance benefits.
“Financing for Campbell’s Market in McArthur simply wouldn’t have been possible without the coordination of federal, state and private funding through the Healthy Food for Ohio program and Finance Fund,” said Congressman Steve Stivers. “Everyone brought something to the table in order to recruit an outstanding local grocer in Rick Campbell, and I have been pleased to work with Rep. Ryan Smith and local officials on the shared goal of bringing back fresh food and jobs critical to the health and prosperity of rural Vinton County.”
A local McArthur resident will be hired to run the day-to-day store operations. Plans call for hiring up to 15 full-time and 15 part-time employees from the local community. Campbell’s other grocery stores source their food from Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), which will be the wholesaler for the new McArthur store as well.
“I am very thankful this vitally important project was able to come to fruition,” said Ohio House Finance Committee Chairman Rep. Ryan Smith.
FCAP launched the Healthy Food for Ohio program in March 2016 as a public-private partnership. HFFO provides flexible financing to help grocers and other fresh food retailers such as Campbell’s Market in McArthur start up or expand operations in disadvantaged rural and urban communities that lack access to healthy affordable food.
To date, HFFO has provided flexible financing to 5 healthy food retail projects in rural and urban areas throughout the state serving approximately 32,238 people with fresh, affordable food, creating an estimated 117 FTEs, 28 construction jobs, and creating or expanding 67,930 sq. ft. of retail space.
“Each of FCAP’s Healthy Food for Ohio projects is special, but Campbell’s Market in McArthur is particularly significant due to the tremendous, concerted effort behind this project’s realization,” said FCAP President and CEO Diana Turoff. “Campbell’s Market represents what HFFO is all about – providing funding to help fresh food grocers open or expand operations in disadvantaged and underserved rural and urban areas. It’s a great example of what’s possible when highly committed people mobilize to overcome obstacles and realize a shared vision for a healthier community. We are grateful to the state of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for coming alongside FCAP to make HFFO possible.”
“Grocery stores are fundamental to improving the quality of life and attracting business and jobs to disadvantaged communities,” said Ohio Sen. Bob Peterson. “Grocers such as Campbell’s Market provide entry level jobs with flexible hours for community residents and serve as economic anchors that attract neighboring development. Grocery stores also contribute to the tax base and increase property values. Clearly, grocery development through FCAP and its Healthy Food for Ohio program is a key driver of economic and community health for Vinton County and many other communities where HFFO funding is making healthy food access possible.”
About Finance Fund Capital Corporation (FCAP)
Finance Fund Capital Corporation (FCAP), is a nonprofit certified Community Development Financial Institution that provides flexible and affordable financing options for nonprofit and for-profit clients on projects that build assets, create jobs and provide access to needed goods and services. FCAP’s financial products include the Small Business Loan Fund which includes the Healthy Food for Ohio program, and the Community Health Loan Fund. FCAP made its first loan in 2006, and has leveraged $57.7 million on an investment of $27.8 million to 59 borrowers.
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In The Face of Adversity, We Remain #BuckeyeStrong


At 9:56 a.m. on Monday, November 28, The Ohio State University (OSU) Emergency Management and Fire Prevention Twitter Account sent an alert they hoped they would never need to use: “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.”

In the minutes and hours that followed, a flurry of conflicting information and rumors spread around Ohio and the nation as we began to piece together what had happened on Ohio State’s campus. Law enforcement worked to clear the area throughout the morning and afternoon, before lifting the shelter in place. 

It was later revealed that Ohio State student Abdul Razak Ali Artan jumped the curb with his car, striking students and faculty, and then pulled a knife and began attacking everyone in his path.  Thankfully, OSU Police Officer Alan Horujko was nearby and immediately took action to bring down Artan in under a minute.

It is through situations such as this that the bravery of our law enforcement officers is truly demonstrated. Officer Horujko – who is 28-years-old and has been with the department for less than 2 years – took quick action to keep a dangerous and tragic situation from becoming even worse. I am incredibly thankful for Officer Horujko’s heroic actions saving the lives of students and faculty in the area, and for all of the first responders who were on the scene.

The investigation into the attack is ongoing, but recent reports have indicated that the attack was ISIS-inspired terrorism. This only further reinforces the idea that we must establish a comprehensive strategy to not only contain, but defeat ISIS and any terrorist organization that threatens the safety of our country. As we move into a new Congress and new administration, I will continue advocating for a strategy to engage nations around the world to build a coalition and combat ISIS.

Now, as our community heals from this horrific incident, it is important that we unite together and support one another. As a graduate of The Ohio State University, I know firsthand that the resilience of the students and faculty are second to none. In the face of this adversity, I join with them in remaining #BuckeyeStrong.

It is my honor to serve you in Congress, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate contact me at my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654 or Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049.


Steve Stivers received both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA from The Ohio State University, and is a Member of Congress from Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.

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'Godspeed, John Glenn'


Ohio aviation hero and former U.S. Senator John Glenn has died at the age of 95. He passed away peacefully Thursday afternoon surrounded by family at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center in Columbus.

“John Glenn is, and always will be, Ohio’s ultimate hometown hero, and his passing is an occasion for all of us to grieve,” Governor John Kasich said in a statement. “As we bow our heads and share our grief with his beloved wife, Annie, we must also turn to the skies, to salute his remarkable journeys and his long years of service to our state and nation.”

Glenn was born in Cambridge, Ohio, and studied engineering at Muskingum College. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy as an aviation cadet and flew in the Korean War before becoming a test pilot. Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth aboard Friendship 7 in 1962, and became a national hero. He served as U.S. Senator from Ohio from 1974 to 1999.

“I’m grateful to have known him, to have partnered with him on projects and legislation in Congress, and to have worked with him and served on his advisory board at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University,” said Ohio Senator Rob Portman (R). “Most recently, I called him to ask him to join me at my swearing in in January for the seat he once held.”

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) said knowing Glenn had been one of the greatest blessings of his life.

“What made John Glenn a great Senator was the same quality that made him a great astronaut and an iconic American hero: he saw enormous untapped potential in the nation he loved and he had faith that America could overcome any challenge,” Brown said.

Congressman Steve Stivers (R) called Glenn, “a true hero and statesman” who “was able to transcend the Earth.”

Congressman Jim Jordan (R), who represents Ohio’s Fourth District, which includes Pickaway County, said, “The Fourth District of Ohio, home to Neil Armstrong’s birthplace of Wapakoneta, understands the unique and incredibly important contribution that Ohio has made to space exploration. From the Wright brothers to the moon, Ohio’s native sons have played a central role in pioneering flight and space travel. America owes John Glenn a debt for the risks he took to help us win the space race.”

State Senator Troy Balderson said, “New Concord native John Glenn has left Earth for his third and final time. His silent strength and resolve raised the country to new heights as he remained firmly grounded in the values he was raised with.”

Last June Columbus’ airport was renamed the John Glenn Columbus International Airport in his honor.

“Though he soared deep into space and to the heights of Capitol Hill, his heart never strayed form his steadfast Ohio roots. Godspeed, John Glenn!” Kasich said.

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Raised in Ripley, Ohio, Steve Stivers learned from his mother and father the importance of family, hard work and public service, which have been the values he has carried with him through his life, whether as a student at The Ohio State University, a soldier serving overseas, as a State Senator, or as a Member of Congress.

Stivers is currently serving his third term as a Member of Congress and represents Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, which is made up of 12 counties including: all of Athens, Clinton, Fairfield, Hocking, Madison, Morgan, Perry, Pickaway, and Vinton counties, and parts of: Fayette, Franklin, and Ross counties.

Stivers is serving his third term his third term on the Financial Services Committee, which oversees the banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities industries. Members who serve on the committee also work on housing and consumer protection legislation and oversee Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, Stivers has been tapped to serve on the Committee on Rules, which is charged with determining which bills reach the House Floor for a vote. Historically, the Committee is often known as “The Speaker’s Committee” because it was chaired by the Speaker up until 1910 and is the means through which the Speaker of the House manages the House Floor. The Committee also determines how long and under what rules the full body of the House will debate each bill.

Throughout his career, Steve Stivers has led the way supporting programs and initiatives to encourage job creation, promote economic development, and put our country’s fiscal house in order. As he wrapped up a successful first term in office, two of Stivers veterans bills, the HIRE at Home Act and TRICARE for Kids, were rolled into the National Defense Authorization Act and signed into law by the President. In his second term in office, Stivers had two bills make their way to the President’s desk. These two bills, H.R. 1391 and H.R. 4189,would re-name two postal facilities located in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District after our fallen veterans. These bills are a small measure Congress can take to honor the lives of brave service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Prior to running for Congress, Stivers served in the Ohio Senate and before that worked in the private sector for the Ohio Company and Bank One, where he focused on promoting economic development and encouraging job creation.

A career soldier, Stivers has served 29 years in the Ohio Army National Guard and holds the rank of Colonel. He served the United States overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and Djibouti where he led 400 soldiers and contractors and is proud that each and every one returned home safely to the United States. Stivers received the Bronze Star for his leadership throughout the deployment.

Stivers received both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA from The Ohio State University and resides in Columbus with his wife, Karen, and children, Sarah and Sam.

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