Steve Stivers

Steve Stivers


Stivers Invites High School Students to Compete in 2016 Congressional Art Competition


WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stivers (R – OH) invites high school students from Ohio’s 15th Congressional District to participate in the 2016 Congressional Art Competition.  

The art competition is held every year to recognize the extraordinary artistic talents of our nation’s high school students. The goal of the competition is to support and promote the arts and to foster creativity and artistic expression among our nation’s youth. The winner of the art competition will have his or her artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year. The winner will also be awarded a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend a reception and to see his or her artwork hung inside the Capitol.

The competition is open to all high school students who live in Ohio’s 15th District. All submitted entries must be an original in concept, design, and execution. All artwork must be submitted to one of my three district offices by March 18, 2016.

Artwork entered in the contest may be up to 28 inches by 28 inches (including the frame) and may be up to 4 inches in depth. The artwork may be:

• Paintings - including oil, acrylics, and watercolor
•Drawings - including pastels, colored pencil, pencil, charcoal, ink, and markers
•Prints - including lithographs, silkscreen, and block prints
•Mixed Media
•Computer Generated Art

The Congressional Art Competition began in 1982 to provide an opportunity for members of Congress to encourage and recognize the artistic talents of their young constituents. Since then, over 650,000 high school students have been involved with the nationwide competition.

The Art Show and Awards Ceremony for the Art Competition will take place at the Columbus Museum of Art on April 6, 2016 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

Anyone seeking additional information on this year’s Congressional Art Competition should contact Adam Slane in Congressman Stivers’ Hilliard District Office at (614) 771-4968.

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This Year, Resolve to Make America Safer and Stronger


America is facing a number of challenges, both at home and abroad. We need to have a comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIS. We need tax reform and regulatory relief so our economy can grow. And we need the federal government to finally balance its budget. I had hoped the president would address some of these challenges during his final State of the Union Address. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Though they didn’t get the attention they deserved in the president’s speech, I remain committed to finding solutions to these issues to make America safer and stronger.

America faces both internal and external threats from the terrorist organization ISIS. In the time that has passed since the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, we have joined in the airstrikes in Syria attempting to contain ISIS. However, it is not enough to just contain ISIS; we need a comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIS. We should be engaging the nations in the region and building a coalition of allies to join in the fight. There is no doubt that when America leads, the world is a safer place. It is time that America take the lead in the effort and develop an effective strategy to eliminate ISIS.

There are also steps we can take to address our challenges at home to make our economy stronger. For far too long, American businesses have been crippled by the unnecessary regulations and the complicated tax code. In fact, the corporate tax rate in the United States is the highest in the world. This is leading many businesses to leave for countries with friendlier business environments, and taking their jobs with them. If we can provide regulatory relief and pass comprehensive tax reform, companies will not want to leave the United States to do business. In fact, companies will flock to the United States, providing jobs for the American people and growing our economy

Our economy will also be more stable if we stop the out-of-control government spending. Since taking office, I have been a strong supporter of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution because the government should not be spending more than it receives. American families have to follow a budget, why shouldn’t the federal government? The rising debt as a result of the out-of-control spending places an incredible burden on future generations. We are also putting our country in a position of weakness by borrowing money from other countries, like China. The day after the president’s address, I introduced a bipartisan constitutional amendment to force the federal government to adhere to a balanced budget. I hope Congress will take up this important legislation to make our economy and country stronger.

While I am disappointed these issues were not discussed in the State of the Union, I do agree with the president that we need to work together to solve our nation’s problems. We have heard this rhetoric from President Obama before, but I sincerely hope in the last year of his presidency, he puts his words into action and finally works with Congress to address the challenges facing our country.  

As 2016 progresses, I look forward to hearing from you about your concerns. I invite you contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654, or Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049.

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Rep. Stivers' Statement on Muskingum River Hydropower Projects


Regarding today’s announcement that FFP New Hydro LLC can move forward with four hydropower projects on the Muskingum River, including the Malta Lock & Dam Water Power Project and the Rokeby Lock & Dam Water Power Project, all of the following may be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

“I am excited for the jobs this will bring to the Muskingum River region and for the great potential of hydropower to add to the diverse, all-of-the-above energy portfolio our country needs to be energy independent and economically secure,” Stivers said.


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Rep. Stivers' Statement on Lifting Sanctions on Iran


Regarding the Obama Administration's announcement today that it is lifting sanctions on Iran, all of the following may be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

"North Korea has shown that not every country has peaceful nuclear ambitions. The President and Secretary of State are under the false assumption that they have secured 'peace for our time' with their Iran deal, when in reality they have done quite the opposite."

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Representatives Stivers & Sinema Introduce a Bipartisan Balanced Budget Amendment


WASHINGTON, DC - As the national debt tops $18.8 trillion, Representative Steve Stivers (R-OH) and Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) today introduced House Joint Resolution 81, a bipartisan constitutional amendment which would restrict the federal government from spending more than it receives.

“When the government spends more than it brings in, it takes money and economic opportunity from our children. We owe it to future generations of Americans to get federal spending under control for the sake of our economy and our national security,” Congressman Stivers said. “We are also putting our country in a position of weakness by borrowing money from other countries, like China.”

“Arizonans are sick and tired of Washington’s wasteful spending,” said Congresswoman Sinema. “Congress must work together to balance our budget, just like hardworking Arizonans do every day.  This bipartisan, commonsense legislation requires the federal government to eliminate wasteful spending and live within its means.  I’ll continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reduce the debt and deficit and provide long-term economic stability for Arizona families.”

The proposed resolution would amend the United States Constitution, which will require a two-thirds majority of each house of Congress to approve it, and then subsequent ratification by 38 states, or a ¾ majority. Once adopted, the BBA would take effect 10 years after ratification.

In case of a declaration of war or a national emergency, Congress could waive the balanced budget requirement; however, such an exception would require a majority vote in both chambers, and any debt incurred would be required to be paid back within 10 years, without exception. This provision allows for flexibility in responding to emergency situations, while ensuring the federal government takes seriously its responsibility to ensure it is not burdening future generations with debt.

The approach Stivers and Sinema are taking to adopt a balanced budget amendment is one of two ways to amend the United States Constitution. To ensure the United States lives within its means and balances its budget, Stivers has also led the effort in Congress to both encourage and formally track the individual states, which are calling for a Constitutional Convention to adopt a federal balanced budget amendment through a process outlined in Article V. To date, 27 states, including Ohio, have sent balanced budget amendments to Congress. Thirty-four states – a 2/3 majority -- would be required to move forward and any amendments proposed by the eventual Convention would require ¾ of states to approve it.

“At this point, either legislative strategy will do. Whether we start with Congress or start at the state level, it is essential that we require a balanced budget,” Stivers said.

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Rep. Stivers' Statement on the President's Last State of the Union Address


In response to the President’s last State of the Union address, all of the following may be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH15):
“When the President promised a different kind of a State of the Union, I had hoped that we would see a comprehensive strategy for defeating ISIS. I had hoped he would acknowledge that our economy will grow when we remove the heavy burdens of our tax code and overregulation. And I had hoped that he might even say the words ‘balanced budget.’
“Unfortunately, none of those things happened. But many Americans are still concerned about the threat of terrorism and believe government spending has gotten way out of control.  

“We can’t just will the American people to be more optimistic; we have to actually fix the problems that they worry about.

“If we work together, we will find that we can still solve those problems. I urge the President to work with us and I pledge to work together to make America safer and stronger while increasing employment and balancing budgets.”
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Stivers Nominates Students to Military Academies


WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stivers (R – OH) today announced his nomination of students from Ohio's 15th Congressional District to the United States military academies. Stivers nominated the following students:

•    Luke D. Hamlin was nominated to the Air Force Academy. Hamlin attends Queen of Heaven Academy and is the son of Douglas and Cynthia Hamlin.

•    Jacob L. Blauser was nominated to the Merchant Marine Academy. He attends Coronado High School and is the son of David and Kellie Blauser.  

•    Tazz L. Ashbaugh was nominated to the Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. Ashbaugh graduated from Fairfield Union High School and currently attends the Ohio State University. He is the son of Chad and Denese Ashbaugh.

•    Nathaniel O. Beach received a nomination to the United States Naval Academy. Beach attends Pickerington Central High School and is the son of Cary and Laura Beach.

•    Cole S. Losoncy was nominated to the Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. Losoncy attends Pickerington North High School and is the son of David and Melanie Losoncy.

•    Matthew T. Martin received a nomination to West Point. He attends Pickerington North High School and is the son of Michael and Laura Martin

•    Durkin J. Ross received a nomination to the Air Force Academy. Ross graduated from Pickerington North High School and currently attends the Ohio State University. He is the son of Donald and Lisa Ross.

•    Madeline T. McCoy received a nomination to the United States Naval Academy. McCoy attends Canal Winchester High School and is the daughter of Shawn and Jodi McCoy.

•    Rae-Kelly Hamilton received nominations to the United States Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and West Point. Hamilton attends Grove City High School and is the daughter of Kelly and Traci Hamilton.

•    Daniel T. Stuhldreher was nominated to the United States Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, West Point, and the Merchant Marine Academy. Stuhldreher attends Hilliard Bradley High School and is the son of Kyle and Amy Anderson.

•    Daniel J. Prater was nominated to the Air Force Academy and the United States Naval Academy. Prater attends Hilliard Bradley High School and is the son of Timmy and Christine Prater.

•    Arquimides Sergarra-Ibañez received a nomination to the Air Force Academy. He attends Hilliard Bradley High School and is the son of Arquimides and Carmen Segarra.

•    Trevor R. Parker received a nomination to West Point. Parker graduated from Hilliard Darby High School and attends the Marion Military Institute. He is the son of Jeffrey and Michelle Parker.

•    Benjamin A. Radcliff received a nomination to West Point. Radcliff graduated from Hilliard Darby High School and attends the United States Military Academy Prep School. He is the son of George and Dodie Radcliff.

•    Justin M. Trapp received nominations to West Point, the United States Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy. Trapp attends Westfall High School and is the son of Ryan and Valeria Trapp.

•    Daniel M. Dombrowski was nominated to the United States Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, West Point, and the Merchant Marine Academy. He attends Soli Deo Gloria Academy and is the son of Michael and Kristel Dombrowski.

•    Ian B. Hamilton received nominations to the United States Naval Academy and West Point. He attends Upper Arlington High School and is the son of Scott and Katie Hamilton.

•    Nicholas B. Kahler was nominated to the Air Force Academy and the United States Naval Academy. Kahler attends Upper Arlington High School and is the son of Thomas and Susan Kahler.

•    Eryn H. Wolfe was nominated to the Air Force Academy and West Point. She attends Grandview Heights High School and is the daughter of Tyler and Laura Wolfe.

•    Tyler L. Barnett was nominated to the Air Force Academy, the United States Naval Academy, and West Point. He attends Vinton County High School and is the son of Sherman Barnett and Nancy Harris.

“I am honored to nominate these students to the United States military academies,” Stivers said.  “As a Colonel in the Ohio Army National Guard, I thank these students for their willingness to serve our country. I also would like to thank those who served on this year’s Academy Review Board for their assistance in interviewing the students and providing recommendations.”

In pursuit of a nomination to a U.S. military academy, students submit an application and are interviewed by Congressman Stivers’ Military Academy Review Board. The Board evaluates the students on the basis of academic performance, leadership ability and community involvement.

To receive a service academy nomination from Congressman Stivers, candidates must be an unmarried resident of Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, a United States citizen and between the ages of 17 and 23. Qualified persons interested in pursuing a nomination to one of the United States Service Academies should visit for more information, or contact Congressman Stivers’ Lancaster Office at (740) 654-2654.


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No Child Should Ever Be Without a Home


Recently, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released its Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress.  This report provides a “point-in-time” count of homeless Americans, an estimate which is based upon the numbers collected on one particular night in January. The count includes homeless individuals living in shelters, and those identified by volunteers who survey places such as streets, parks, rail stations and all-night businesses where those who are homeless frequently seek shelter.

In 2015, HUD identified 128,000 homeless children under the age of 18 in the United States. This reflects a 5.8 percent decrease from the numbers it released for 2014. While a decrease in the number of homeless youth would be cause to celebrate, unfortunately, these numbers don’t provide a complete picture of the problem.

In fact, the HUD survey does not consider the places most homeless families and youth can be found, which is staying temporarily with other people, or in motels. By comparison, the Department of Education, which does consider these living arrangements, identified more than 1.3 million homeless children and youth in the 2013-2014 school year, a number that was UP from 2012-2013.

Two different federal agencies with two completely different stories to tell as it relates to homeless youth -- this is a discrepancy we must fix to ensure that the federal government has accurate data and the information it needs to best serve this extremely vulnerable population.

That’s why Representative Dave Loebsack (D-IA) and I introduced the Homeless Children and Youth Act last January. This bipartisan legislation would require HUD to adopt a more accurate definition of homelessness, to ensure that homeless children and youth are eligible for the same assistance available to homeless adults. Specifically, our bill would expand HUD’s definition of “homeless” to include all children and youth who are already verified as homeless by several other federal educational and social services programs.

No child should ever be without a home, let alone be forced to navigate bureaucratic red tape just to prove that they are actually homeless and to get access to available services that will help get them back on their feet.  This change would help HUD more effectively serve these young people, and they could do it at no new cost to American taxpayers.

Representative Loebsack and I have been working closely with First Focus Campaign for Children, the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, the National Parent Teacher Association, the National Network for Youth, the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, and the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare to garner support for this important legislation. In addition, a companion bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Diane Feinstein (D-CA).

As temperatures begin to drop and provide more challenges for homeless Americans everywhere, it is my hope that Congress will act soon on this bipartisan and common-sense effort to serve those most in need.


Steve Stivers is a three-term Member of Congress from Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.
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My Offices Are Here to Serve You


One of the best parts of my job is being able to help the constituents of Ohio’s 15th Congressional District. With an office in Washington, D.C. and Ohio offices in Lancaster, Wilmington, and Hilliard, I am committed to providing the best constituent service to get you the assistance you need.

I frequently hear from constituents who need help with federal agencies. While I am not able to override decisions made by these agencies, my staff can submit inquiries to help answer questions, check on claims, and find solutions to issues with agencies such as the Social Security Administration, the Postal Service, the State Department, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and more.

For example, I have helped many constituents expedite the passport process and provide information on passport renewals and visas. This is especially important to remember during this time of year, when many people are beginning to plan vacations for the spring. I can provide information on programs available through the Department of Homeland Security and State Department to help make traveling easier.

I have also been able to work with the VA to help veterans receive military service medals and ribbons that had been misplaced or never awarded. In particular, the qualifications for receiving a Purple Heart have recently changed to include service members who suffered traumatic brain injury while serving. I have helped a number of veterans who did not previously qualify for the Purple Heart to receive recognition for their sacrifice for our country. For more information on how I can help with travel, service medals and federal agencies, please visit my website at or contact any of my district offices.

My office also provides help outside of federal agencies including arranging White House and Capitol tours for constituents traveling to Washington, D.C. White House and Capitol tour requests should be submitted well in advance to ensure availability, especially during the busy spring travel season. My office also provides other helpful information on places to visit in Washington, such as Arlington National Cemetery, the Library of Congress and the Washington Monument. To request tours and information, please submit a tour request on my website or contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015.

Another popular service for constituents is requesting flags that have been flown over the Capitol. Through this program, constituents can submit a request to purchase a flag flown over the Capitol in recognition of a person or event and flown on a specific date. You can request these flags on my website or by contacting my Washington, D.C. office. Flags that have already been flown over the Capitol can be purchased in my Lancaster office at 123 S. Broad Street in Lancaster.

It is my honor to serve you. If you have  questions about any issue with a federal agency or any of the services listed above, I invite you contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654, or Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049.

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Obama signs 3 CU reg. relief provisions into law


WASHINGTON (12/7/15)--Three key credit union regulatory relief provisions were signed into law Friday by President Barack Obama. The provisions were passed as part of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which is a five-year, $305 billion highway funding package.

“Friday the president signed legislation into law that contains the most significant regulatory relief measures for credit unions that we’ve seen pass Congress in nearly a decade,” said CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle. “This is a huge victory for credit unions and the over 100 million credit union members CUNA represents.”

The bill contains provisions that modernize privacy notification requirements, allow privately insured credit unions to join the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) program and direct the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to establish a process for determining whether an area should be designated “rural,” which could impact the products credit unions in that area can offer.

“Passage of these three provisions in both the House and Senate is a culmination of years of work by thousands of credit union advocates to help remove barriers and allow not-for-profit financial institutions to better serve their member owners,” Nussle added.

The House passed the bill Thursday afternoon with a 359-65 vote, and the Senate followed suit Thursday night with an 83-16 vote.

CUNA has worked with legislators and staffs on all three provisions, and their respective bills since the start of the 114th Congress. CUNA was also active in previous years getting those bills passed by committees and the House.

The privacy notice provision is based on H.R. 601, which was introduced by Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.) and Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) in January; the FHLB provision is based on H.R. 299, introduced in January by Reps. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio), Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio), Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) and Andre Carson (D-Ind.); and the CFPB rural  is based on H.R. 1259, introduced in March by Reps. Andy Barr (R-Ky.) and Ruben Hinojosa (D-Texas).

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Contact Information

1022 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2015
Fax 202-225-3529

Committee Assignments

Financial Services


Raised in Ripley, Ohio, Steve Stivers learned from his mother and father the importance of family, hard work and public service, which have been the values he has carried with him through his life, whether as a student at The Ohio State University, a soldier serving overseas, as a State Senator, or as a Member of Congress.

Stivers is currently serving his third term as a Member of Congress and represents Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, which is made up of 12 counties including: all of Athens, Clinton, Fairfield, Hocking, Madison, Morgan, Perry, Pickaway, and Vinton counties, and parts of: Fayette, Franklin, and Ross counties.

Stivers is serving his third term his third term on the Financial Services Committee, which oversees the banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities industries. Members who serve on the committee also work on housing and consumer protection legislation and oversee Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, Stivers has been tapped to serve on the Committee on Rules, which is charged with determining which bills reach the House Floor for a vote. Historically, the Committee is often known as “The Speaker’s Committee” because it was chaired by the Speaker up until 1910 and is the means through which the Speaker of the House manages the House Floor. The Committee also determines how long and under what rules the full body of the House will debate each bill.

Throughout his career, Steve Stivers has led the way supporting programs and initiatives to encourage job creation, promote economic development, and put our country’s fiscal house in order. As he wrapped up a successful first term in office, two of Stivers veterans bills, the HIRE at Home Act and TRICARE for Kids, were rolled into the National Defense Authorization Act and signed into law by the President. In his second term in office, Stivers had two bills make their way to the President’s desk. These two bills, H.R. 1391 and H.R. 4189,would re-name two postal facilities located in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District after our fallen veterans. These bills are a small measure Congress can take to honor the lives of brave service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Prior to running for Congress, Stivers served in the Ohio Senate and before that worked in the private sector for the Ohio Company and Bank One, where he focused on promoting economic development and encouraging job creation.

A career soldier, Stivers has served 29 years in the Ohio Army National Guard and holds the rank of Colonel. He served the United States overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and Djibouti where he led 400 soldiers and contractors and is proud that each and every one returned home safely to the United States. Stivers received the Bronze Star for his leadership throughout the deployment.

Stivers received both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA from The Ohio State University and resides in Columbus with his wife, Karen, and children, Sarah and Sam.

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