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King Reaction to Federal Judge's Order Halting Obama's Unconstitutional, Executive Amnesty Orders


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement in reaction to Texas Federal Judge Andrew Hanen’s order granting a temporary injunction halting President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional, executive actions on amnesty.  “Judge Hanen’s order, that came down yesterday, essentially says that President Obama is operating lawlessly in regards to his executive amnesty actions,” said King.“Further, the President doesn’t have the legal authority to waive the law or the legal authority to grant work permits to people he decided to waive the law for illegal aliens. This is definitely a victory that changes the dynamics of the debate in the United States Senate today, and its also one that starts us down the path where we could eventually shut off all the President’s lawlessness.  I was the first advocate for defunding and blocking the President’s amnesty since 2011 with the Morten Memos. This order from yesterday is a judicial vindication of the positions I have long held on the President’s actions on immigration.  This is a significant step forward, but only a temporary halt against the President’s actions. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to do their constitutional duty and vote to cut off all funds for Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional, executive amnesty actions.” Read More

King Introduces Davis-Bacon Repeal Act


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after re-introducing the Davis-Bacon Repeal Act: “As a small business owner for 28 years, I saw firsthand the damaging effects Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates have on federal public works projects,” said King. “Throughout my years in the construction industry I have paid Davis-Bacon wages, and I have been paid Davis-Bacon wages. The Davis-Bacon Act is a Depression-era wage law. It requires that each federal, public works contract, $2,000 and above, contains a clause setting the minimum wages to be paid to the workers employed to complete the project. Any contractors or subcontractors who participate in the project must pay their workers this ‘prevailing wage.’ In most cases, Davis-Bacon wages are federal government mandated union scale wages, not a true ‘prevailing wage.’ Davis-Bacon artificially inflates the cost of federal contracts and restricts the ability of small businesses to compete for these contracts. My Davis-Bacon Repeal Act eliminates the federally mandated union pay scale under federal, public works contracts. Every dollar that American taxpayers send to Washington must be used as efficiently as possible, and every business – small or large, union or non-union – should have the ability to compete freely for federal construction projects. Davis-Bacon is bad for taxpayers and it is bad for small businesses and bad for workers needing a job. Repealing this outdated law would be a big step towards ensuring taxpayer dollars are being used wisely and efficiently.” Read More

King Introduces The English Language Unity Act


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after re-introducing H.R. 997, the English Language Unity Act: "There is no more unifying force in the world than a common form of communications currency," said King. "Every sovereign nation sate, including the Vatican, has at a minimum, an official language. It is essential that we make assimilation of our legal immigrants a top priority and learning English is an important first step in that process. My English Language Unity Act provides consistency among Americans by requiring all official functions of the United States to be conducted in English, establishes a uniform language requirement for naturalization and places an obligation on representatives of the federal government to encourage individuals to learn English. We are a nation strengthened by assimilation, and it is important we share one vision and one official language. English as the official language of our nation ensures as a Nation we are bound together and all have the ability to achieve the American dream." Read More

King op-ed: Abolish the IRS, Enact the FairTax


In recent years, Americans have watched as banks collapsed, small businesses failed, homes were foreclosed upon, and friends and family lost their jobs. As we continue to move toward recovery, we must ensure that we take to heart an important lesson from this crisis: big government is not the answer. Each year, American taxpayers spend 6.1 billion hours and $163 billion preparing their taxes. Small businesses spend 1.9 billion hours and $19 billion complying with our income tax code every year. The IRS itself costs nearly $12 billion dollars to operate for a single year. Our corporate taxes are the highest in the industrialized world. Our tax rates and system hobbles American business and diminishes our competitive edge. What's worse, our current tax system perversely taxes(read that punishes) all productivity; all earnings, savings and investment of Americans. We have a tax code that is counterproductive, complex and chaotic and the U.S. taxpayers are paying the price. There is a far better solution. The solution is H.R. 25, the FairTax, a national consumption tax placed on all new goods and services sold for personal use. The Fair Tax would completely replace the current patchwork of federal income, excise, and payroll taxes currently used to collect revenue for the federal treasury. The FairTax would drive economic growth, quash tax-evasion, empower taxpayers to determine how much they will pay in taxes each year, foster saving and investment, and enable American companies to compete fiercely in the global marketplace. Our federal tax system is morphed beyond recognition or repair. Productive Americans are hit too hard by taxes. The current economic malaise cannot and will not be solved with tax increases and more government spending. Years ago, I founded King Construction and spent 28 years operating my business. My experience with the IRS helped bring me to a conclusion to work to abolish them. Other than the Fair Tax, there is no tax plan that completely eliminates the IRS. What's more important, much more important, is that the Fair Tax does everything good that any tax policy does that is good. It does them all, and it does them all better. The FairTax eliminates the IRS - and every other current form of taxation as well.  It replaces the entire revenue stream with a consumption tax, which would lift the burden of taxation off American productivity and place the power to control how much Americans are taxed in our own hands. Because it empowers citizens instead of government, it is the most effective way to encourage positive, long-term economic performance which will create millions of jobs across the country. Replacing the current income tax with a consumption tax, the Fairtax, will ensure that productivity is not punished in our country, but rewarded. The FairTax will free the economy from the self-imposed chains of the current tax code and unleash growth. It is the way to help unemployed Americans find new jobs and families pay their bills. Now is the time to position the FairTax in the center of the ongoing economic debate in Congress, the presidential races and throughout America as the most effective way to empower the Americans and foster the robust economy we need to remain the shining city on a hill. Read More

King Introduces Sunshine in the Courtroom Act


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing H.R. 917, the Sunshine in the Courtroom Act. The legislation allows judges at all federal court levels to open their courtrooms to television cameras and radio broadcasts.   “From the founding of our nation we have opened up the machinery of government to the public,” said King. “The people pay for the operations of government and their lives are directly affected by the decisions made by their leaders. That is why I have re-introduced the Sunshine in the Courtroom Act which allows for the much needed transparency of the decisions made in the federal judiciary every day that affect all of our lives. My bill also allows for a stellar education process for students studying law and for the general American people. My bill would allow presiding judges in appellate courts, including the Supreme Court, to permit electronic recording and broadcasting to the public of any court proceeding over which the judge presides. However, if the judge finds that the recording would constitute a violation of the due process rights of a party it would not be allowed. Cameras make for a more open and transparent government along with a more educated public.  I look forward to working with my colleagues to make this a reality for the American people.” Read More

King Introduces the Religious Worker Visa Reciprocity Act


Washington, D.C. - Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing H.R. 899, the Religious Worker Visa Reciprocity Act: “In 1990 Congress created the R-1 nonimmigrant visa for religious workers,” said King. “This was created to help religious workers like priests, ministers, monks, nuns and other religious workers to come to the U.S. for up to three years to work for religious organizations. What started at a moderate growth rate for admissions has now skyrocketed. The most infamous of these acceptances was Sheik Omar Abdul-Rahman, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing. The United States has the most generous immigration policy in the world. However, the generosity is being repaid with fraud and abuse. This is a sensible opportunity to narrow the R-1 visa and make a stand for religious freedom. All U.S. religious workers should have the same access to a foreign country as that country’s religious workers have to the U.S. This is a sensible solution that both limits waste, fraud and abuse by lowering the number of considered petitions and promoting religious freedom.” Read More

King Introduces New IDEA: The Illegal Deduction Elimination Act


Washington, D.C. - Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing his New IDEA Act, the Illegal Deduction Elimination Act: “I believe we must shut off the job magnets that encourage illegal immigrants to come to the United States,” said King. “I have authored New IDEA, the Illegal Deduction Elimination Act, which would protect American jobs for American workers. New IDEA would make wages and benefits paid to illegal workers nondeductible for federal tax purposes. For example, a $10-per-hour wage for an illegal employee would cost the employer $16-per-hour without deductions plus penalty and interest. This would dramatically reduce the cheap labor incentive of hiring illegal workers. New IDEA would also make E-Verify permanent and provide ‘safe harbor’ for employers who use this employment eligibility system. My legislation would also create an information-sharing system between the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. By using an automated system to verify employment authorization, and by sharing this information amongst three federal agencies, false identification documents and illegal workers will be identified more easily and the agencies of government would be required to coordinate and cooperate with each other.” Read More

King oped in U.S. News & World Report: Do Democrats Support Amnesty or Security?


Given the president’s intransigence, Congress can either choose to violate its oath and become accomplices to President Barack Obama’s shredding of Article I, or members can use every tool provided by the Founding Fathers to protect the Constitution. It is clear to me that members of Congress have no choice, but to defend their own prerogative and honor their oath. Once the duty is clear, the only real question is the tactic. The Constitution’s most targeted and least invasive remedy is the power of the purse. Congress can simply target the unconstitutional actions of a president and strip all funds and fees from being used to carry out those actions. This is uncontroversial and has been done many times. In fact, if you scan appropriations bills, you will find funding limitations for certain actions scattered throughout. The trap door for using the power of the purse is that the president must sign the bill that strips him of funds to continue his unconstitutional actions. If the president was really concerned with working within the constraints of the Constitution, then there would be no crisis to confront. Therefore, we can assume a stand-alone bill that strips funds and fees for the president’s illegal and unconstitutional acts would be vetoed. Given the abdication of Congressional prerogative we have seen from Democrats (after the election was safely over), it is also safe to assume there is no way to override that veto. So we know a stand-alone bill is dead and any presentation of one is a show vote as doomed as the Charge of the Light Brigade. Serious strategies will include finding bills that the president cannot veto and including in them language stripping funding for executive amnesty. The Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill is one such piece of must-pass legislation. We all know DHS has many important components to keep us safe in a dangerous world that seems more perilous by the minute. Republicans have responded by funding those components. All that is included in that important legislation is the removal of use of funds and fees to carry out the president’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty. The choice, then, is with the president and Democrats about whether they would rather defend unconstitutional amnesty or fund homeland security. This is a good strategy which can prove instructive for the American people. After Democrats railed against the president acting alone on amnesty when they had to face the voters, they have closed ranks around amnesty now. So the question is: Do Democrats support amnesty or security? Would the president place his amnesty over doing his job to protect the United States? In closing, Congress is bound by oath to defend the Constitution. As a part of that duty, we must make a good faith effort to stop the president’s illegal and unconstitutional acts. Neither show votes nor lawsuits demonstrate fulfillment of our duty to defend the Constitution with everything in our power. Congress can demonstrate it is interested in both funding DHS and defending the Constitution. It is up to the president to decide whether he is more interested in violating the Constitution than he is in defending the homeland. To view the original article source, click here. Read More

Kings ObamaCare Repeal Language Passes the House


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after voting in favor of his full, 100% repeal ObamaCare language within, H.R. 596: [[{"fid":"323","view_mode":"full","fields":{"format":"full","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"obamacare hr 569","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"alt":"obamacare hr 569","height":"416","width":"708","class":"media-element file-full"}}]]   To view Congressman King’s full remarks, click here. Read More

King Introduces Protect Interstate Commerce Act


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing the Protect Interstate Commerce Act (PICA). Last Congress, PICA was adopted by voice vote in the House Agriculture Committee to be included in the 2014 Farm Bill. “Open and unrestricted commerce between the states is a vital component for a thriving economy,” said King. “The Constitution gives Congress the power to ‘regulate commerce among the several states’. The Constitution explicitly grants Congress the authority to regulate trade. My legislation would prevent states from enacting laws that would prohibit trade of an agricultural product from other states based on its means of production. On January 1, 2015 California began a state-wide ban on the sale of eggs based on the facilities in which the hens live. Just within the last month in anticipation of the new law coming into effect, California experienced a 79% increase in egg prices. Outside of California, the Midwest has seen a 35% increase since January 2014 in anticipation of these new requirements. If my legislation is enacted, it would not affect the fact that eggs are already regulated by the Federal Egg Inspection Act, and my legislation would allow their sale even if they aren't produced by a specific state's standards. This issue goes far beyond the California egg issue. Restricting interstate trade would create a great deal of confusion and increased costs to manufacturers. This would create a patchwork quilt of conflicting state regulations erected for trade protectionism reasons. My legislation would not prevent a state from implementing its own labeling policies on products. Additionally, states would still be able to set standards of production within their own borders. Preventing the sale of a product based on its means of production prohibits the consumer from choosing to purchase the products they want. My legislation will allow consumers to make their own choices about the products they buy, without the government interfering in that choice. It is important that no state imposes any regulation on another state that would directly violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, and this bill preserves the rights of states to regulate the production of agriculture products within their own state. I am grateful for the bipartisan support my bill has received, and urge this Congress to bring it to the Floor for a vote.” To view the original bill text, click here. Read More

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Small Business

Steve King grew up in a law enforcement family in Storm Lake, Iowa. He attended Denison Community High School, where he met Marilyn Kelly, whom he married in 1972. They have lived in Kiron for 38 years and are members of St. Martin’s Church in Odebolt. Steve and Marilyn have three grown sons and five grandchildren.

King studied math and science at Northwest Missouri State University. He started King Construction in 1975 and built the business up from one bulldozer. He brings valuable knowledge to Congress as an agribusinessman and a small business owner for 28 years. King’s oldest son now runs the construction business.

He served in the Iowa State Senate for six years where he assumed roles as Chairman of the State Government Committee and Vice Chairman of the Oversight Budget Subcommittee. He was a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Judiciary Committee, Business and Labor Committee and the Commerce Committees. He worked in the State Senate to successfully eliminate the inheritance tax, enforce workplace drug testing, enforce parenting rights, including parental notification of abortions, pass tax cuts for working Iowans, and pass the law that made English the official language in Iowa.

King was elected to Congress in 2002 to represent Iowa’s Fifth Congressional District. During the 2012 election cycle, Iowa was redistricted to four districts. King now represents the Fourth Congressional District in the 113th Congress which includes: Ames, Fort Dodge, Mason City, Sioux City and Spencer. He brings personal experience, Constitutional principles, traditional marriage and family values and the perspective of representing one of the top producing agriculture districts in the nation to the people of Iowa’s new Fourth Congressional District.

King serves on the Agriculture Committee and is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight, and Nutrition. He has long been dedicated to adding value as close to the corn stalk and bean stubble as possible, as many times as possible. The Fourth District is one of the leading agricultural production districts in America. It will lead the nation in egg and pork production and will be near the top in corn and soybean production. The Fourth District will also rank first among all 435 congressional districts in ethanol and total renewable energy production. King’s very first bill in Congress was an expansion of a tax credit to small ethanol and biodiesel producers. His language was included in the Energy Users Act of 2005, which President George W. Bush signed into law.

As 97% of Iowa’s businesses are small business, King received a special waiver to serve on the House Small Business Committee so he could work to restrict government regulations that impede the growth of business and jobs. He continues to sit on the Small Business Committee as he serves Iowa’s new Fourth District and he brings with him to the Committee firsthand knowledge of challenges faced by small business owners. He also sits on the following Subcommittees within Small Business: Agriculture, Energy and Trade; Healthcare and Technology; Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access; Contracting and Workforce.

King is also a member of the House Judiciary Committee, where he sits on the Constitution and Civil Justice Subcommittee and the Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee. He believes the Constitution means what it says and that it should be read with the intent of our Founding Fathers in mind. King is never caught without a copy of the Constitution in his coat pocket.

King also chairs the Conservative Opportunity Society, a powerful and legendary House caucus that is best known for energizing Republicans to regain the majority of the House of Representatives in 1994.

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