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Dear friends, This Monday, a plane carrying 75 Veterans departed the Central Wisconsin Airport for our nation’s capital. Among the stops on their one-day journey would be the World War II and Vietnam Memorials. For all of them, this would be their first visit to their respective memorials, for many of them it would be their only visit. My office always looks forward to the opportunity to welcome the Veterans and thank them for their service: I think everyone involved would agree that it is an overwhelming experience. For many of the Veterans, seeing their memorial for the first time evokes memories, not only of their service, but it also reminds them of friends and fellow soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation.    Two days later, on Wednesday, the President addressed the nation. He indicated that once again, our nation, and likely our sons and daughters, would be called on to defend our way of life and the freedoms that previous generations fought to defend. I give the President credit for finally proposing a strategy, but it does not yet seem like his heart is in it. Americans need to see more. We need to know that he believes this is the correct – and best – option for our country, and the people who will be tasked with carrying out his plan. To that end, the number of young men and women who heed the call to serve our nation never ceases to amaze me. If you, or someone you know, feel that a career in military service is in your future, please join us this coming Saturday for our annual Wisconsin Academy Day in Oskosh: see the column on the right for more details. If you are ready to begin the Academy nomination process, please CLICK on the image below for more details and an application form.     It is an honor to represent the many men and women who have served our nation, those who stand ready to answer the call to defend her, and the families who support you. Thank you for your service and the privilege of representing  you in Congress. Until next week… Have a great week,               Sean Read More

Put Kids Ahead of Deadbeat Parents


  Duffy Introduces Child Support Assistance Act Reforms law that currently helps deadbeat parents   Washington D.C. - During a House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions hearing Wednesday, US Representative Sean Duffy (WI-07) questioned a representative from the consumer reporting industry about a provision under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that actually helps deadbeat parents avoid child support payments. Currently, under the FCRA, credit reporting agencies are required to give consumers at least 10 days notice when they furnish a credit report to a state or local agency for the collection of child support. This notice however gives would-be deadbeat parents ample time to run up their credit, dump savings and assets or otherwise give the impression they can afford far less for their children. Rep. Duffy,Vice Chair of the Subcommittee, today introduced H.R. 5452, the Child Support Assistance Act, which would strike the provision:  Rep. Duffy offered, "Regardless of the parents' relationship, this must first and foremost be about the kids and the responsibility that parents have to care for them. The law should not encourage or provide parents a way out of supporting their children." Duffy continued, "During Wednesday’s hearing, the representative for the consumer reporting industry indicated his support to strike the 10-day provision from the law, and I am very glad to work with Mr. Murphy on legislation that would do exactly that."  To view Rep. Duffy's complete exchange from Wednesday's hearing, click here Read More

Back to Congress


Dear friends, Last week the kids went back to school. This week, it’s Congress’ turn to go back into session. Thanks in large part to many of the conversations I have had with constituents this this past month here in Wisconsin, below are four issues that will drive some of my conversations in Washington this fall:       1.    Learn from Arizona: In light of shocking allegations regarding mistreatment of Veterans at the Minneapolis VA, I sent a list of questions to the Director of the Minneapolis VA on behalf of the many 7th District Veterans who receive care from that system. Now is the time for the Director and the Minneapolis VA to be as forthcoming and transparent as possible. Veterans have earned the right to this care, but they deserve to know if they are not in the best possible hands. If the VA has learned anything from the horrific scandal in Arizona, it is imperative that they provide the necessary answers, hold the responsible parties accountable and fix any issues as quickly as possible. To read my letter to the Director of the Minneapolis VA, click here.             2. Less Regulation = More Business: I was grateful to National Credit Union Association Chairman Debbie Matz for taking the time to visit our district and hear from representatives from our local credit unions this past month. One attendee offered, “The Constitution is only 3 pages long, regulations are thousands of pages." Chair Matz was receptions to their concerns and said she would continue to work with the credit unions to relieve that burden. I look forward to working with her in Washington on solutions that will help our 7th district credit unions and the families and businesses they serve. [Insert Photos]      3.    Repeal the Death Tax!: I led a coalition of thirty lawmakers this week asking House leadership for a vote to repeal the federal estate tax, or “Death Tax”. The Death Tax creates a nearly insurmountable hurdle for small business owners and farmers who wish to pass the fruits of their life’s labor from one generation to the next. It has been nine years since Congress considered a repeal, which means that 236 Members of Congress have never had the opportunity to voice our opposition to this devastating tax. It is my sincere hope that the House leadership will allow us to vote on a repeal this fall. For more, click here.          4.    End Hunger & Homelessness: Several concerns, and possible solutions, were raised at my annual pastor’s lunch. Driving out hunger and homelessness in our community is a top issue of concern for me, as I know it is for many in the 7th District. Again, I thank the pastors for the work that they do and taking the time to share their thoughts with me. I am excited to work towards a few regulatory, and possibly some legislative, reforms and solutions this fall.   These are just a few of the many issues that I hope Congress has an opportunity to address in the coming months. If you have ideas or concerns about issues facing your corner of the 7th District, please do not hesitate to share them with me. Until next week… Have a great week, Sean Read More

Learn from Arizona


Instead of stepping back, Minneapolis VA should be up front with Veterans Washington D.C. – U.S. Representative Sean Duffy (WI-07) is demanding answers from the Director of the Minneapolis VA Health Care System, Patrick Kelly. In light of shocking allegations regarding mistreatment of Veterans at the Minneapolis VA, Rep. Duffy sent a list of questions to the Director on behalf of his constituents and the many Veterans who receive care from the Minneapolis VA system. Among the questions, "Has the director, or any superior, asked employees to manipulate data?" and, "How many employees have been terminated after coming forward with concerns" and "What is the process when these complaints are received?" Duffy was outraged that, after showing an initial interest to be transparent about the situation, the Minneapolis VA system abruptly cancelled a Congressional staff conference call less than twenty-four hours after setting it up, with no indication of when they might reschedule.    Rep. Duffy commented, "Now is the time for the Director and the Minneapolis VA to be as forthcoming and transparent as possible." He continued, "Veterans have earned the right to this care, but they deserve to know if they are not in the best possible hands. If the VA has learned anything from the horrific scandal in Arizona, it is imperative that they provide the necessary answers, hold the responsible parties accountable and fix any issues as quickly as possible."   A copy of the letter that was sent to Director Kelly is attached.   [[{"fid":"387","view_mode":"full","fields":{"format":"full"},"type":"media","attributes":{"class":"file media-element file-full"}}]] Read More

Repeal the Death Tax!


Duffy, Noem & LaMalfa Lead Coalition Requesting Vote on Death Tax Repeal This Congress Washington D.C. – U.S. Representatives Sean Duffy (WI-07), Kristi Noem (SD-AL) and Doug LaMalfa (CA-01)led a coalition of thirty lawmakers asking House leadership for a vote to repeal the federal estate tax, or “Death Tax”.  In the letter to the top three Members of House leadership, the lawmakers say that, “The Death Tax creates a nearly insurmountable hurdle for small business owners and farmers who wish to pass the fruits of their life’s labor from one generation to the next.” They also note that it has been nine years since the House of Representatives last voted to repeal the Death Tax. 236 Members of Congress who have been elected since the last vote have never had the opportunity to vote on a Death Tax repeal bill. The full text of the letter, including supporting comments from Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp, is attached. [[{"fid":"385","view_mode":"full","fields":{"format":"full"},"type":"media","attributes":{"class":"file media-element file-full"}}]]   Read More



Dear friends, Often I reach out to you to let you know about legislative issues I have been working on your behalf, but just as big a part of my job is casework and constituents services.  Whether you are a Veteran seeking assistance with disability, having trouble with your Social Security or maybe you are having a passport or immigration issue, I have a great team of very qualified people who are equipped to help you cut through the bureaucratic red tape, get the answers you need and get you on your way. Keep reading for a more complete list of the ways in which we may assist you. How may I help you? To find out more about how I can help, you should first contact my office for further information. A caseworker will discuss your situation and, if necessary, instruct you on how to fill out a privacy waiver requesting casework. Listed below are particular areas where we can offer assistance. If you do not see your need addressed on this list, please call our office. • U.S. passports • U.S. immigration • Social Security • Medicare • Military benefits • Veterans benefits • Federal taxes • Federal student loans • Federal retiree benefits • Federal workers’ compensation • U.S. Postal Service issues • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance   Help Us, Help You: Interns are an invaluable asset to completing the core functions of our operation, and in return we offer an invaluable career building experience. In particular, in our district offices, interns research solutions to address constituent needs and help plan and execute district events, such as town halls, medal ceremonies, and outreach meetings.  Call either of the phone numbers listed on the graphic for more information and to find out how to apply. Thank you very much for the continued privilege to serve you…and help you. My team and I take great pride in the work that we are able to accomplish on your behalf. If you ever need anything at all, please do not hesitate to call on us. Until next week… Have a great week,             Sean Read More

Hispanic Community Honors Rep. Duffy


  [[{"fid":"380","view_mode":"congress_small","fields":{"format":"congress_small","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":"160","width":"160","class":"media-element file-congress-small"}}]]  [[{"fid":"381","view_mode":"congress_small","fields":{"format":"congress_small","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":"160","width":"160","class":"media-element file-congress-small"}}]]  [[{"fid":"382","view_mode":"congress_small","fields":{"format":"congress_small","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":"160","width":"160","class":"media-element file-congress-small"}}]]   Milwaukee, WI – Wisconsin’s Hispanic Community honored U.S. Representative Sean Duffy (WI-07) for his efforts to bring a Mexican Consulate to Wisconsin and highlight the important relationship between the United States and our neighbors in Mexico and Central and South America at the Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee on Friday. After receiving the award, he praised Wisconsin’s Hispanic community for bolstering the relationship as well:   “I have great pride for Wisconsin’s diverse culture and the many people who are seeking the American Dream here in our state. It is a privilege to be recognized by Wisconsin’s vibrant and incredibly hardworking Hispanic community.”   Rep. Duffy continued, “One of the reasons I joined the House Foreign Affairs Committee is to focus on the important relationship between the United States and Mexico. Our Hispanic community, including many people here, has been extremely supportive of that effort. I am grateful for their partnership, friendship, and look forward to continuing to work together to build on our shared interests in Latin America to improve our respective economies, help bring jobs and trade to Wisconsin, and bolster security and rule of law.”   Congressman Duffy is working closely with the Mexican government to establish a consulate in Wisconsin. The government is expected to make their decision by the end of the year.   Rep. Duffy is the only Wisconsin House Member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he also serves on the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, he is the Vice-Chairman of the Mexico Inter-Parliamentary Working Group.   Mexican Fiesta is an event sponsored by the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization serving the Wisconsin Hispanic Community. Their mission is to raise funds to provide scholarships for higher education of our students in the state of Wisconsin and to maintain a diversity of cultures by having a truly authentic festival.     (en Espanol) Homenaje al  Congresista Sean Duffy otorgado por la Comunidad Hispana   Milwaukee, WI – El Viernes 22 de Agosto en la Fiesta Mexicana de Milwaukee,  El Representante del Congreso de los Estados Unidos, Sean Duffy, (WI -07)  fue homenajeado por la Comunidad  Hispana de Wisconsin por sus esfuerzos en traer un Consulado Mexicano a Wisconsin y resaltar la importante relacion entre los Estados Unidos y  nuestros vecinos de Mexico y  Centro y  Sur America.   A continuacion de recibir el galardon, el Congresista Duffy, elogio a las comunidades Hispanas de Wisconsin:   “Yo me enorgullezco de la diversidad cultural  en Wisconsin y de  las muchas personas que buscan el Sueno Americano aqui  en nuestro estado.   Es un privilegio el ser  reconocido por esta vivrante y extraordinariamente trabjadora  comunidad Hispana de Wisconsin.”   “ Una de las razones por las que que me incorpore al Comite de Asuntos Extranjeros  en el Congreso  es el enfocarme en la importancia de las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y Mexico.  Nuestra comunidad hispana, incluyendo mucha de la gente aqui presente esta noche, nos ha alentado grandemente en ese esfuerzo .  Yo estoy agradecido por su colaboracion y amistad y espero que continuemos trabajando juntos  en nuestros intereses communes en America Latina para asi mejorar nuestras respectivas economias , colaborar en crear empleos y comercio en Wisconsin y robustecer la seguridad  y el respeto  a la ley.” El Congresista Duffy esta trabajando muy de cerca con el gobierno Mexicano para establecer un consulado aqui en Wisconsin.  Se espera que el gobierno llegue a una decision para finales de ano. Mister  Duffy es el unico Congresista de Wisconsin que es miembro del   Comite de Asuntos Extanjeros y simultaneamente sirve en el Subcomite del Emisferio Occidental;  el Congresista Duffy es tambien Vice Presidente  del Grupo de Trabajo Inter-parlamentrio US -Mexico.  La Fiesta Mexicana es un evento patronizado por la Fundacion de Becas Hispanas de Wisconsin , una organizacion sin fines lucrativos  que sirve a la Comunidad Hispana .  Su mision es recaudar fondos para proveer Becas para educacion superior a estudiantes en el estado de Wisconsin  y mantener la diversidad cultural al presenter un autentico Festival.     ### Read More

Driving the District


Dear friends,  While Congress stands in recess in D.C., the work rolls on in Wisconsin’s 7th District. In addition to my usual meetings, I’ve appreciated the opportunity to check-in on some on-going district projects and meet with some key constituencies who provide invaluable insight and feedback to help me better represent the people of this hardworking district. Keep scrolling for a photo re-cap of what is driving the district…      I met with more than 30 Veterans in Hudson for my second Veterans roundtable. From a VSO officer in attendance, “Instead of fixing the problem they found a way to present positive results by showing deceptive statistics.” I will continue to work to shine light on the issues and appreciate the help in working to fix the problem.              I was grateful to National Credit Union Association Chairman Debbie Matz for taking the time to visit our district and hear from representatives from our local credit unions. She supports credit unions utilizing social media to engage millenials and was receptive to concerns about the sheer amount of paperwork that goes into remaining compliant. One attendee offered, “The Constitution is only 3 pages long. Regulations are thousands of pages." Chair Matz said she would continue to work with the credit unions to relieve that burden.      We had a great outing on the river to check the progress on the St. Croix River Bridge. It is coming along nicely and will be a great addition for our local economy when it is complete.    I was also grateful, once again, to bring together pastors from our community for my annual pastors lunch. The focus of which was discussing ways we can pool all of our resources and ideas to address hunger & homelessness in the 7th District. One pastor summed it up well offering, "We all have people in our congregations who need help, but we must focus on the root cause of homelessness."      We also had a great visit this week with the Friends of St. Croix Wildlife. They are doing excellent work to engage all aspects of our community to preserve and protect our wetlands. Before I let you go, please take note of a potential scam that has hit several people in our district. More information in the column on the right.  Thanks very much to the many constituents and organizations for inviting me into your part of the district. If you have an organization or concern that you want to make sure I am aware of, please do not hesitate to call any of my offices. We will do our best to set-up a meeting or visit. Have a great week,    Sean   Read More

Did you see this?


Dear friends, Any week that affords me the opportunity to thank one of our heroes for their service is a very good week in my book, but this week I am glad to report that we were also able to take one more step in our effort to get better service for our Veterans. Read on for more on that and the rest of the wrap-up of the week that was… #ThankYouForYourService: It was my humble honor to present 92 year old Veteran and hero, Sgt. Anton F. Jacks with the prestigious Legion d'Honneur medal for his efforts which saved an un-told number of lives, both American and French, during World War II. Nearly 75 family, Veterans and friends turned out in Thorp last week to honor this incredible man. Sgt. Jack’s daughter-in-law said of the ceremony, “It just makes us all very proud…this means a whole lot to him.” Click on the image for a local news clip from the event:     This Doesn’t Add-Up: I led an effort with the Republican Members of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation to push the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for answers over discrepancies between the estimated wait times reported by the VA medical centers and the actual wait times that were discovered during the official audit. Media reports show reported wait times far out of line with what Veterans actually waited. At the Tomah and Milwaukee offices, the difference in reported times were 8 and 11 days respectively. However, the worst offender was the Madison office; wait times for a primary care new patient appointment reported as 29 days – but the audit found Veterans waited closer to 50 days. To read our full letter to the acting VA Secretary outlining our requested information, click here. I am planning another Veterans roundtable next week in Hudson. See the up-coming events column on the left for more information about that meeting. On Deck: This week CFPB Director Richard Cordray will finally have to face tough questions from the Financial Services Committee about allegations of racism and sexism in his agency. On the Floor of the House we expect to vote on a resolution to sue the President for his failure to faithfully execute the laws. We also plan to take-up a bill to address border security. Dessert: In case you missed this, our very talented summer interns put together this video about their internship experience.    If you, or someone you know, is interested in an internship opportunity in either our Hudson, Wausau or Washington D.C. offices, please go to, for more information. That is the wrap-up for this past week. Until next week… Have a great week,        Sean Read More



Duffy Amendment Unianimously Passes House Promotes #Privacy for Students Washington D.C. - U.S. Representative Sean Duffy (WI-07) introduced an amendment to H.R. 3136, the Advancing Competency-Based Education Demonstration Project, a bill that would give schools the flexibility to base course completion on competency rather than time in a classroom. The Duffy Amendment would require those institutions to notify students of the possibility that software companies they contract with may access their personally identifiable information and could be sold to another party. The Duffy Amendment would also give students an opportunity to opt-out from having their personally identifiable information sold. During debate on the Amendment, Rep. Duffy emphasized the importance of giving Americans, particularly college students, these notifications and options. “This is about empowering students: giving them the power and control over their personally identifiable information. If they choose to have it sold, so be it; they give permission – just like when they make a post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. But if they don’t give consent, let’s not allow schools to take their information and sell it without their permission.” Click on the image to watch the full debate: [[{"fid":"379","view_mode":"full","fields":{"format":"full","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"class":"media-element file-full"}}]] The Amendment passed the House of Representatives by voice vote and was met with widespread praise from Members on both sides of the aisle. ### Read More

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Congressman Sean Duffy was born and raised in Hayward, Wisconsin. His great, great grandfather was one of the state’s early pioneers and a laborer for the Northwestern Lumber Company. His great grandfather, one of Hayward’s founding settlers, was a sawyer for 27 years.

Congressman Duffy has never strayed far from his roots, becoming a nationally recognized professional lumberjack athlete. He is a two-time world champion in the 90-foot speed climb, three-time champion in the 60-foot and an accomplished log-roller. Sean has been a color commentator for ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, as well as a Badger State Games Honorary Athlete and takes pride in bringing national attention to a sport with vital roots in Wisconsin’s proud history.
The tenth of eleven siblings, Congressman Duffy worked his way through law school by performing in lumberjack shows and exhibitions across the state of Wisconsin and around the country. After graduating from law school he practiced law for two years in Hayward before becoming a special prosecutor in Ashland, Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, he became the acting assistant D.A, and later the District Attorney of Ashland County. He is most proud of his dedication to prosecuting child sex crimes. Working together with law enforcement, Congressman Duffy helped make Ashland County one of the first counties in the state to investigate and prosecute child Internet sex crimes.

Congressman Duffy met his wife Rachel Campos-Duffy, an Arizona native, through the MTV show, “The Real World,” Together, they are the proud parents of six children: Evita, Jack, Lucia-Belen, John-Paul, Paloma, and MariaVictoria.

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