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WASHINGTON, D.C. – New policies to train and equip the United States military emerged in the first subcommittee hearings of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) this week.

    Congressman Scott DesJarlais, M.D., a member of the Subcommittee on Readiness, as well as Seapower and Projection Forces, is working to increase troop readiness, bolster military research and development, and promote the latest defense technology. 

    The two subcommittees convened today to “mark up” their portions of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which sets annual defense priorities. The process entails debate and amendments, before the full committee considers the entire NDAA. Rep. DesJarlais (TN-04), who recently returned from Eastern Europe to discuss national security with NATO allies, represents a district at the heart of the Aerospace and Defense Technology Corridor spanning Middle Tennessee from Kentucky to Alabama.

    It includes Fort Campbell, Arnold Air Force Base, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Redstone Arsenal, among other military and scientific facilities. “Our military is stretched thin and underfunded,” said the Congressman, explaining budget uncertainty in the midst of increasing foreign engagements endangers soldiers’ lives and also U.S. national security.

    “Only three of 58 Army brigades are ready to fight. The Airforce is older and smaller than it’s ever been. The Navy is well short of the number of ships we need to protect American economic and security interests worldwide,” he said. “We’re asking fewer troops to do more with less, while adversaries such as Russia and China are rapidly developing their capabilities.”

    The Readiness Subcommittee’s “mark,” which bipartisan members unanimously approved, contains several measures from Rep. DesJarlais, including more training for Remotely Piloted Aircraft operators and funding for Air National Guard projects in his home state.

    The Congressman is a strong supporter of President Trump’s goal of 355 ships for the Navy, an increase of 80 to counter Chinese expansion. Modernizing procurement to save time and money is another top priority for the Congressman.

    “Like every federal agency, the Department of Defense has overlapping layers of bureaucracy and outdated systems that create waste and inefficiency. The department is so large, some common-sense changes could save billions of taxpayer dollars,” said Rep. DesJarlais.

    The Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces recommends multi-year, bulk procurements of warships to cut costs. Last month, HASC Chairman Mac Thornberry introduced legislation allowing the department to purchase non-military items, such as office supplies, on the open market rather than through complex federal bureaucracies. The proposal follows others, which became law in 2016 and 2017, to mandate major paperwork reductions and specialized acquisitions officers.

     “The savings will accrue to our fighting men and women,” said Rep. DesJarlais.

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Rep. DesJarlais' Name Found On Gunman's List In Congressional Shooting


Rep. Scott DesJarlais’ name was on a note found with the gunman who opened fire during practice for the Congressional Baseball Game last week. DesJarlais’ office confirmed Monday that his name was on the gunman’s list, along with the names of five other congressmen. DesJarlais released the following statement, "Members of Congress frequently receive threats and security alerts. There are a number of plans to ensure that we, our staff and our constituents stay safe, and those plans will evolve based on recent events. However, violent political rhetoric remains a big problem. Celebrities are staging mock assassinations of the President. Mainstream media outlets feed the hysteria, surely a factor in the latest attack on Republicans. Americans elected us to improve the economy and health care, but some people are taking 'massive resistance' to a dangerous extreme."

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GOP reps on gunman’s list back calls to let lawmakers, others carry firearms in DC


Several GOP congressmen whose names were on a list found in gunman James Hodgkinson’s van are proposing and backing legislation that would allow members of Congress and others to carry a gun to protect themselves in the nation’s capital and across the country. Within hours of the shooting, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, leader of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, introduced his own gun bill -- a broader measure that would allow anybody from states that allow residents to carry concealed weapons with a valid permit to exercise that right while in Washington. Rep. DesJarlais, a strong Second Amendment Supporter, supports Massie’s bill and will join as a co-sponsor. 

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Veterans, commissioners waiting on federal funding to build Bradley County Veterans Home


A project that could potentially help hundreds of veterans in Bradley County is at a standstill. Commissioners say they've been working on the plan for a new Veterans Home since 2003. In a statement Rep. Chuck Fleischmann said the following, “Representative Desjarlais and I sent a letter to former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki asking that he take into account the extraordinary efforts by the great citizens of Bradley County and Governor Haslam’s office to bring a new VA veterans home to the area. Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to our veterans and I will fight to make sure our nation provides them with the resources they have rightly earned.” Rep. DesJarlais stated he is investigating the formula used to determine which veterans homes get built first to make sure it is fair to Tennessee veterans.

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Rep. Scott DesJarlais' name was on list found with gunman at congressional baseball shooting


Rep. Scott DesJarlais' office confirmed Monday the Tennessee Republican's name was on a list that authorities found with the gunman who shot five people last week at a Republican congressional baseball practice. Capitol police notified the congressman's office 24-48 hours after the shooting that the South Pittsburg Republican's name was on the shooter's handwritten list.

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DesJarlais, Cooper describe feeling of unity at capitol after shooting


Tennessee lawmakers described the mood at the capitol after a fellow congressman was seriously hurt in a shooting just outside of Washington D.C. “People were shocked that this happened. I spoke with a number of my colleagues that were at the baseball field this morning and it was pretty chaotic. They said that there are lots of shots being fired and they were trying to take cover. They were just very grateful that there was someone there to return fire in the form of the security detail and capital police otherwise we are certain there would have been much more damage and probably several lives lost,” said DesJarlais. 

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Tennessee Members Of Congress Urge President Trump To Approve Federal Disaster Assistance Gor Tennessee Counties Affected by Severe Storms


Members of Tennessee’s Congressional delegation on Wenesday urged President Trump to quickly approve Governor Haslam’s request for a major disaster declaration for the State of Tennessee to help 12 Tennessee counties -- Blount, Cumberland, Fayette, Knox, Loudon, Morgan, Putnam, Rhea, Roane, Sevier, Shelby and Smith -- impacted by severe storms, straight-line winds and flooding beginning on May 27. The letter was signed by U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker and Representatives Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, Steve Cohen, Jim Cooper, Scott DesJarlais, John Duncan, Jr., Chuck Fleischmann, David Kustoff and Phil Roe.

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Washington reacts to horrific shooting injuring Rep. Scalise, staff and police


House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R LA, was shot during a practice baseball game on Wednesday morning. Several others including two law enforcement officers were also shot. Scalise’s injuries are believed to be serious but not life threatening. The congressman underwent surgery at a nearby hospital. Rep. DesJarlais, said he attributes lives being saved to the presence of Scalise's security detail.

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Civil Service reform at VA supported by Rep. Scott DesJarlais


Representative DesJarlais, M.D., voted for the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 to improve employee accountability and protect whistleblowers at the VA. “During my listening tour across the Fourth District, Tennessee veterans spoke to me about federal health care’s broken promises,” said DesJarlais. “Tennessee heroes who put their lives on the line deserve to be at the front of the line for the best care. Unfortunately, a culture of mismanagement at the VA rewards poor performance, while preventing good employees from doing their jobs.”

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(WDEF) talked to the Chief of Staff for Congressman Scott DesJarlais from South Pittsburg. The Congressman was not part of the team where the shooting took place; he plays on the football team instead. Vaughn says five years ago, there would have been much more security at a practices like these. But that security has been scaled back. Vaughn says the only security were the two body guards there with Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot. He believes if they had not been there, many more of our elected officials could have been shot. Officials say the two security members immediately engaged the shooter and both were injured.

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Contact Information

413 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-6831
Fax 202-226-5172

Congressman Scott DesJarlais represents the Fourth Congressional District of Tennessee, which includes Marshall, Bedford, Rutherford, Moore, Lincoln, Franklin, Marion, Grundy, Sequatchie, Warren, Van Buren, Bledsoe, and Rhea counties. Also included are portions of Maury and Bradley counties.

As a resident of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, Scott ran for office because he wanted to bring common sense and hometown, conservative values to Congress. Throughout his first term in Congress, Scott built a proven track record of fighting for policies that that will return fiscal discipline and accountability to Washington, reduce the size of government and create and environment that will help to strengthen our nation’s economy and create jobs.

Scott earned degrees in Chemistry and Psychology from the University of South Dakota and went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine. Scott moved to Tennessee almost two decades ago to practice medicine at the Grand View Medical Center in Jasper, TN.

As a doctor, Scott understands the importance of an efficient, well run health care system and believes that health care decisions need to be left to patients and their physicians – not bureaucrats in Washington. Rep. DesJarlais has been an outspoken advocate for the repeal of President Obama’s health care legislation.

Congressman DesJarlais serves on three committees that allow him to directly address and influence many issues  important to the Fourth District, as well as shape how the overall federal government functions.

Scott and his wife Amy, have three children: Tyler, Ryan and their little sister Maggie. The DesJarlais family are active members of the Epiphany Episcopal Church in Sherwood, Tennessee where Amy grew up.

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