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Sam Johnson


Sam Johnson on President Obama’s Last Budget Proposal


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today President Obama released his budget proposal for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017.  In response, U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) made the following statement:

“The one good thing I can say about President Obama’s budget proposal is that it will be his LAST budget proposal,” said Johnson.  “Unfortunately, it comes as no shock to see that Obama proposes more of the same: more spending, more taxes, and more debt.  This is WRONG.  At a time when our debt is over $19 trillion, Obama needs a reality check.  And House Republicans and I are going to give it to him.  In the coming weeks we’ll be hard at work writing a conservative budget to get our fiscal house in order.  Americans want, need, and deserve a budget that balances and stops passing on crushing debt to the next generation.” 



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WASHINGTON, D.C. – On February 5, 2016 U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) returned to Texas’ southern border in response to the Department of Homeland Security’s recent report, which shows a 30% increase in border crossings compared to the previous year.  Johnson and fellow Border Security Caucus members were briefed by the Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety.  In addition, Johnson toured the Rio Grande River by boat to see the security challenges firsthand.

Following the briefings and tour, Johnson released the following statement:

"While this certainly wasn't my first trip to Texas' southern border, the new surge of illegal aliens over the past few months is why I made this trip today. It's no secret that Obama's lawless executive amnesty is having devastating impacts not only on Texas border cities but across the country.  That's why I've been hard at work in Washington to stop illegal immigration and Obama’s amnesty.  As part of that effort I've introduced several pieces of legislation such as my bill, the No Amnesty Tax Refunds for Illegals Act, which was just signed into law.  I and my fellow Border Caucus colleagues most sacred duty is to protect our homeland and every citizen in it.  I spent 29 years as a fighter pilot and seven as a POW doing just that.  And the House Border Caucus will continue to fight to keep America safe."

In Washington, D.C., Congressman Johnson is hard at working fighting Obama’s executive amnesty.  Below are some of his recent key efforts:

Introducing legislation:

  • NOW LAW! On March 4, 2015, Johnson introduced H.R. 1298, the No Amnesty Tax “Refunds” for Illegals Act.  During a February 2015 hearing IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirmed in response to Congressman Johnson’s questions that under the President’s executive amnesty the IRS can take hard-earned taxpayer dollars and hand them out as amnesty tax “refunds” to illegal immigrants.  Congressman Johnson introduced H.R. 1298 to stop illegals from receiving up to $24,000 in tax “refunds” from the IRS.  On December 18, 2015, the PATH Act was signed into law, which included the No Amnesty Tax “Refunds” for Illegals Act.

  • On May 14, 2015, Johnson re-introduced H.R. 2334, a bill to stop illegals from claiming the $1,000 refundable child tax credit.  Right now, the IRS doesn’t require Social Security numbers for this credit.  In fact, the Inspector General has said that, as a result, this refundable credit can encourage illegals to come here.  To stop this, Congressman Johnson’s bill would simply require individuals to provide their Social Security numbers to get the refundable credit.  On December 18, 2015, the PATH Act was signed into law, which included a provision of this bill that would prohibit individuals who commit fraud from being able to claim the child tax credit for ten years.

  • On April 23, 2015, Johnson re-introduced H.R. 1996, the No Social Security Numbers for Illegal Aliens Act.  Under Obama’s executive amnesty, illegals can get work permits that would then enable them to get Social Security numbers as well as Social Security benefits.  This is wrong and unfair to the law abiding and hardworking American taxpayer.  As Chairman of the Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee, Congressman Johnson reintroduced H.R. 1996, which would prohibit Obama from handing out Social Security numbers to illegals. (He originally introduced this legislation on December 1, 2014.)

Votes on the House Floor:

  • On December 18, 2015, Congressman Johnson opposed the Omnibus because it failed to defund the President’s executive amnesty.
  • On June 3, 2015, Congressman Johnson voted for Representative Steve King’s (R-IA) amendment to H.R. 2578, the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill.  This amendment would have prohibited the Obama Administration from using federal funds to defend itself against the lawsuit Texas initiated to challenge the President’s 2014 executive amnesty in court.  (State of Texas, et a. v. United States of America.)
  • On March 3, 2015, Congressman Johnson voted against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations bill, H.R. 240, because it did not stop President Obama’s executive amnesty. Unfortunately, this bill passed by a vote of 257 to 167.
  • On January 14, 2015, Congressman Johnson voted in support of the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations bill, H.R. 240, which included provisions to prohibit the President from carrying out his executive amnesty program.
  • On December 11, 2014, Congressman Johnson voted against the CR/Omnibus bill because it did nothing to stop President Obama’s amnesty actions.
  • On December 4, 2014, Congressman Johnson voted for H.R. 5759, the Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act, to prohibit President Obama from granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.



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Sam Johnson Introduces Water Bill to Bypass EPA, Allow Local Reservoir to Proceed Immediately


WASHINGTON, D.C. – To coincide with Texas Water Day, U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) introduced the North Texas Reservoir Approval Act (H.R. 4466).  This bill would provide additional water that is in demand due to significant population growth in North Texas.  Specifically, H.R. 4466 would exempt the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir from the Clean Water Act so that the project can proceed immediately.  At the current rate of projected population growth, by 2020 Collin County will not have enough water to meet demand without this reservoir.  To avoid a lag in resources, this project must move forward immediately given the time required to construct and fill the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir, and that is exactly what Johnson’s bill would do.

Shortly before introducing the North Texas Reservoir Approval Act, Johnson attended the annual Texas Water Day event at the U.S. Capitol where he delivered the following remarks:

“Happy Texas Water Day!  It’s great to be here this morning with y’all!        


“Water – or lack thereof – is something Texans know all about.  We all know that Texas had record rainfall last summer.   And because our lakes are finally full for the first time in years, drought and water rationing may not be the first thing on people’s minds.  But folks know our weather can change at the drop of a hat.               


“That is why, for several years now, I’ve been hard at work to ensure North Texas has reliable, clean water.  You see, North Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation with a thriving business community.  It’s a blessing, to be sure!  It’s a great place to live!  But a growing population means that growing resources are also needed.           


“Unfortunately, North Texas is facing one of the most critical water supply situations in our country today.  We’re going to have more people than our water resources can support.  And rationing water is a near certainty…especially if things don’t change now.       


“This isn’t for lack of effort.  In fact, I’ve been working alongside the North Texas Municipal Water District for several years to bring online the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir.  This reservoir would provide water for our community for years to come.  However, the EPA has not been willing to play ball.  I’m sure that comes as no surprise! 


“The Administration has run down the clock.  We’ve played by the rules, but North Texans are out of time.  Water is absolutely critical, and I can assure you that my full attention is on this issue.                     


“That’s why I’m proud to announce that today I will be introducing the North Texas Reservoir Approval Act.  This bill will exempt the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir from the Clean Water Act – essentially bypassing the EPA and allowing construction of this vital reservoir to proceed immediately.  Enough is enough.          


“Now I realize that getting this bill passed won’t be easy.  But I want to assure you that I’m committed to ensuring that this new reservoir is approved.  Clean water is something ALL Americans want, need, and deserve.  PERIOD.


“God bless y’all. God bless Texas.  And God bless America.  I salute you.”



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2016 Valentines for Vets: Sam Johnson Encourages Area School Participation


Washington, D.C. – To coincide with the National Salute to Veteran Patients (the week of Valentine’s Day), U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) is holding his annual “Valentines for Vets” outreach program. Teachers and students in Collin County are encouraged to create Valentines that will then be picked up by staff between February 8th and February 12th. Congressman Johnson will hand-deliver the heart-felt messages to veterans at the Dallas VA Medical Center.

“Across the country, thousands of veterans are hospitalized in medical centers operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA),” said Johnson. “Many times, these hometown heroes are away from their family and friends for long periods of time. That is why each year I ask students and teachers in Collin County for their help in creating valentines for our veterans. I do this for two main reasons.  First, it is an excellent opportunity to teach young students about freedom, protecting our American way of life, and what it means to serve in our Great Nation’s military.  Second, this program provides us the chance to say ‘thank you’ to those who we can never thank enough for their service and sacrifice.  I encourage all our area schools to participate – together, let’s make this a special day for our hometown heroes!”

To see if your school is participating and to schedule a pick-up time no later than February 12th, please reach out to Valentines for Vets program coordinator, Chance Watson.

Details about the special card specifications can be found HERE.


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February 9th: Sam Johnson Staff Offer Federal Agency Assistance


Washington, D.C. – On Tuesday, February 9th the staff of U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) will host their monthly “Mobile Office Hours.”  This outreach program works to better help constituents with federal agency assistance by meeting Collin County folks at convenient locations across the district.  February’s Mobile Offices will be located in Plano West, McKinney, Lucas, and Wylie (times and specific locations listed below). Appointments are not necessary.

“Dealing with a federal agency can be very confusing and frustrating, but the good news is that you don’t navigate all the rules and regulations alone,” said Johnson.  “My staff and I are happy to answer questions, help you handle various issues, and also make requests on your behalf to make this process easier.  I encourage people to visit the nearest Mobile Office location on February 9th, but if you are unable to make it, you are always welcome to contact my Plano office at 469-304-0382.”

Johnson’s staff can help with federal agency issues, such as:

  • Medicare;
  • Veterans Affairs (VA);
  • Home foreclosure;
  • Social Security; and
  • Internal Revenue Service.

In addition, Johnson’s staff can also:

  • Help with overseas adoptions;
  • Provide information regarding trips to Washington, D.C.;
  • Offer application guidance to a U.S. Service Academy;
  • Assist with Congressional Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) applications; and
  • Process requests to have American flags flown over the U.S. Capitol building.

Please be aware that Congressman Johnson is elected to serve in the legislative branch of our nation's federal government. He does not have jurisdiction to assist with the following:

  • Agency decisions made in line with federal law or regulation;
  • Problems with a state or local government agency – you must contact your state or local officials for help regarding these issues;
  • Judicial matters; and
  • Private disputes. (Examples of these issues are Child Custody, Divorce, and Criminal Trials or Imprisonment.)

Please also be aware that, in order for Congressman Johnson’s staff to make inquiries on constituents’ behalf, the Privacy Act of 1974 requires a privacy release be signed before the agency is contacted.  If you are represented by counsel, their permission to assist with the case is also required. Make sure to bring all relevant documents so staff is able to help you as expediently as possible.

Mobile Office Times and Locations

Plano West, 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Christopher A. Parr Library
6200 Windhaven Parkway
Plano, TX 75093 

McKinney, 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Collin College- Central Park Campus
2200 West University Drive
McKinney, TX 75071 

Lucas, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Lucas City Hall    
665 Country Club
Lucas, TX 75002 

Wylie, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Wylie City Hall    
300 Country Club Road
Wylie, TX 75098

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2016 Congressional Art Competition for High School Students Now Underway


Plano, TX – U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) is pleased to announce that the 34th annual Congressional Art Competition is now underway.  This is an annual art competition for high school students to showcase their talent and artwork.  First place winners in each of the congressional districts across the nation will have their artwork displayed at the United States Capitol. 

Congressman Johnson encourages all Collin County high school student artists to participate.       

“Our community is blessed with many talented student artists, and this annual competition gives them an opportunity to share their talent with their neighbors and peers,” said Johnson.  “It’s always inspiring to see the different art subjects and ideas from our young adults.  I encourage all students who are interested to enter, and I look forward to seeing their creativity!  ” 


About the Art Competition

The Congressional Art Competition is open to all high school students, whether they attend public, private, or home schools.

In April, entries will be displayed on Congressman Johnson’s website for the public to view and vote for their favorite.  The winning artist will receive the People's Choice Award.  Congressman Johnson will also host an art exhibit and award ceremony to display entries and announce the First, Second, and Third Place winners as well as Honorable Mention winners.

The First Place Winner will have the rare and unique opportunity to have their artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol Building for one year.  This student will also have the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. courtesy of Southwest Airlines, meet with Sam Johnson, and attend an award ceremony where their artwork will join other first prize entries from other Congressional Districts for an exclusive unveiling ceremony.

In addition, the Second Place Winner’s artwork will be proudly displayed in Congressman Johnson’s district office in Plano for one year.



March 21st:  Deadline to RSVP to participate

March 28th: Deadline for artwork to be submitted

April 25th: Congressional Art Competition Awards Ceremony in Texas


Guidelines and Participation Rules

The FULL LIST of guidelines as well as the application form that MUST be filled out and submitted for a student to participate is FOUND HERE.

Please note a few key guidelines, keeping in mind that this is NOT the full list (which can be found in the link above): 

1) The competition is open to high school students who currently reside in the Third District.  Please be aware that not all students reside in the same district they attend school.

2) TEACHERS OR PARENTS must RSVP via email for any student who wishes to participate in the competition.

3) Only ONE entry per student. 

4) The artwork must be submitted in a “ready to hang” format (i.e. canvas, framed with hooks or wire on the backing, etc.).


How to Enter

Students interested in participating in this year’s Congressional Art Competition must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Email an RSVP for the Competition to Meagan Talton in Congressman Johnson’s Plano Office no later than March 21st.  Students may not RSVP themselves – a teacher or parent must RSVP on each student's behalf.  The RSVP must include the student's name, hometown, art teacher, and school.

Step 2: Students must submit their artwork entries no later than March 28th.  Student artwork MUST meet all of the Rules and Regulations.

Students may submit their original artwork one of two ways:


1) Contact Meagan Talton (469-304-0382) to schedule a pick-up at their local school; or

2) Drop off their artwork submission at Congressman Johnson’s Plano office.

IMPORTANT: There are two pieces of paperwork that MUST be completed in order to participate in the Art Competition – a Student Release Form and a Student Application. This completed paperwork will be collected at either the scheduled artwork pick-up time or when the student drops their artwork off at Congressman Johnson’s Plano office. 

For questions, please contact Meagan Talton (469-304-0382).

Additional information about the Competition can be found HERE.




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Sam Johnson Provides Free IRS Tax Return Publication at Local Libraries


WASHINGTON, D.C. – To help Collin County constituents during this tax season, Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) is providing local libraries with paper copies of the IRS’s “Tax Guide 2015 for Individuals” (IRS publication 17). This 288-page publication provides critical information for individuals doing their 2015 tax returns.

“As a fiscal conservative, I want to do everything I can to help my constituents save money – particularly during what can be a stressful and confusing tax season,” said Johnson. “Part of that effort is making sure Collin County folks have affordable access to the resources they need! Following the law and saving money shouldn’t be difficult! I hope this resource proves helpful, and if you and your families should need any other assistance with the IRS, please don’t hesitate to call my Plano office at (469) 304-0382. My staff and I are always happy to help!”

Where to find copies of IRS Publication 17, provided by Congressman Johnson:


Frisco Public Library
6101 Frisco Square Blvd.
Frisco, TX 75034
(972) 292-5669 


John and Judy Gay Library
6861 W. Eldorado Pkwy.
McKinney, TX 75070
(972) 547-7323

Roy & Helen Hall Memorial Library
101 E. Hunt St.
McKinney, TX 75069
(972) 547-7323 


Melissa Public Library
3411 Barker Ave.
Melissa, TX 75454
(972) 837-4540 


Harrington Library
1501 18th St.
Plano, TX 75074
(972) 941-7175

Maribelle Davis Library
7501 Independence Pkwy #B
Plano, TX 75025

LER Schimelpfenig Public Library
5024 Custer Rd
Plano, TX 75023


Princeton Community Library
319 McKinney Ave.
Princeton, TX 75407
(972) 736-3741 


Prosper Community Library
700 N. Coleman St.
Prosper, TX 75078


Richardson Public Library
900 Civic Center Dr.
Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 744-4350 


Sachse Public Library
3815 Sachse Rd. Building C
Sachse, TX 75048
(972) 530.8966 


Rita & Truett Smith Public Library
300 Country Club Rd. #300
Wylie, TX 75098
(972) 516-6250 


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Sam Johnson Congratulates Service Academy Nominees, Class of 2020


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) is proud to nominate 47 Collin County students to the U.S. Service Academies for the Class of 2020.  Each service academy will make formal offers of appointment this spring. 

“Second to God, serving our Great Nation is the worthiest calling of my life, which is why I find nominating students to America’s service academies to be one of the most rewarding parts of my job as Collin County’s U.S. Representative,” said Johnson.  “These 36 young men and women have undergone a competitive and rigorous selection process based on academic performance; extracurricular, civic, and service activities; and athletic aptitude.  Each and every one of them is a fine young American, and it’s my privilege to nominate these young leaders as they answer the call of duty.  I congratulate them and know they will represent our community well.”

Students interested in learning more about service academy applications should contact Robyn Hess in Johnson’s Plano office at (469) 304-0382. 

In addition, every fall Congressman Johnson hosts a free Academy Information Session with all branches represented for Third District students and families.  The session provides students with an opportunity to learn more about each Academy and decide if military life is for them.  Third District residents must be between the ages of 17 and 23 to be eligible to apply.  

Class of 2020 Academy Nominations by U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson


U.S. Naval Academy


Joshua Belonga

Prosper High School

Christopher Beltran

Heritage High School

Brandon Brown

Plano West Sr. High School

Harrison Hanes

McKinney North High School

Eungjae Kim

Plano West Sr. High School

Jaehyun Lee

Liberty High School

Aali Sahay

Plano ISD Academy High School

Richard Tapia

Lone Star High School

Michael Wlodawsky

Prosper High School

Travis Wright

Yokohama International School



U.S. Air Force Academy


Timothy Barber

Farmersville High School

Miles Charles

Heritage High School

Kaelynn Mayes

Plano West Sr. High School

William Mays

Plano West Sr. High School

Collin McMahan

Plano ISD Academy High School

Anthony Niedzielski

Lucas Christian Academy

Mark Simpson

Liberty High School

Connor Spencer

John Paul II High School

Russell Sutton

Plano East Sr. High School

Conley Walters

McKinney High School



U.S. Military Academy


Christopher Aselton

Plano Sr. High School

Jake Baumert

Lovejoy High School

Samuel Beaty

Lovejoy High School

Madison Bryant

Liberty High School

Jaxson Deaton

Frisco High School

Katelyn Gross

Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Nicholas Hughes

Plano ISD Academy High School

Nathan Hwang

Frisco High School

Elias Jesus

Valley Forge Military Academy

Nathaniel Kaufman

Plano East Sr. High School

Matthew Kim

Plano Sr. High School

Eric Li

Plano West Sr. High School

Jonathan Lindstrom

NEW College Prep Academy

Kaelynn Mayes

Plano West Sr. High School

Aidan Mulligan

McKinney High School

Kevin Rinkliff

Plano West Sr. High School

Andres Salerno

Frisco High School

Corinne Schnell

Prince of Peace Christian School

Amelia Trotter

Plano West Sr. High School

Morgann Yancey

Plano West Sr. High School



U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


Colleen Blahnik

Allen High School

Oscar Castillo

Prosper High School

Connor Diggs

Texas High School

Bryce Foster

The Canterbury Episcopal School

Eric Han

Independence High School

Harrison Hanes

McKinney North High School

Kaelynn Mayes

Plano West Sr. High School

Jonathan Rivera

Plano East Sr. High School

Nicholas Scrofano

McKinney Boyd High School

Caleb Wysong

McKinney Christian Academy


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Sam Johnson Announces New VA Specialty Clinic in Conjunction with CBOC


PLANO, TX – Today, U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) announced that the VA has approved a new specialty clinic to be built in conjunction with the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) that will open in the spring of 2016.  Johnson’s work to see a new VA clinic open in the North Texas area has spanned several years.  The announcement regarding this new specialty clinic comes just three months after the location decision for the CBOC.

“As a 29-year Air Force veteran and POW for nearly seven years, proper care and treatment for our servicemen and women has always been a top priority of mine,” said Johnson.  “That is why, to help our local veterans with the long commute to the Dallas VA hospital, I have been working to get a local clinic approved that would help ease the travel burden on North Texas veterans.  While the previously announced CBOC will help ease that burden by providing veterans with primary care, this new specialty clinic will further help our veterans receive specialized care closer to home.  With these two clinics, our hometown heroes will be able to receive high-quality health care that best meets their needs.   This is another huge win for North Texas, and I look forward to sharing updates with our community as the process moves along.”

Jeff Milligan, Director of the VA North Texas Health Care System said, “I am very happy to announce the VA’s footprint in Plano will continue to grow with the addition of another clinic that will provide specialty services to area Veterans!  We appreciate Congressman Sam Johnson’s support of all Veterans.  His leadership was a significant part of getting this project approved.”

Additional details about the newly announced specialty clinic:

A site survey will be conducted within the vicinity of the current primary care CBOC (3804 West. 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75075) to determine the best location to build the new specialty clinic.  Upon completion of a design, competitive bidding of the construction will take place.  Current and future data will be reviewed to determine what services will best meet the needs of North Texas veterans, which may include Physical Medicine and Rehabilitative Services (Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy services), additional mental health and primary care teams, Radiology, and other specialties.  Additional details regarding the annual number of veterans to be served, number of employees, and anticipated date for doors to open will be forthcoming as the project moves forward. 

Additional details about the CBOC scheduled to open in spring 2016:

The 10,000 square foot clinic will open up access to the fast-growing North Texas population and will be equipped to serve 6,000 veterans per year.  The CBOC will house five Patient-Aligned Care Teams (PACT) and will be able to provide primary care, mental health, telemedicine, laboratory, and x-ray services. 


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Sam Johnson: Fair Savings Treatment for Guard and Reserve Forces


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) introduced his 29th piece of legislation in the 114th Congress and his first for 2016, the Service Member Retirement Improvement Act (H.R. 4381).  This bill would stop the IRS from stifling Guard or Reserve service members’ ability to save for their retirement.

“Ensuring our troops and veterans receive fair treatment is top priority of mine, particularly as a 29-year Air Force veteran and POW for nearly seven years,” said Johnson.  “So when I learned that the IRS is able to limit many of America’s Guard and Reserve forces ability to save for their retirement if they also hold a civilian job, I wanted to do something about it.  This bill is all about doing the right thing by these selfless heroes and their families.  Our service members shouldn’t be penalized when it comes to saving for their retirement just because they happen to serve our country.”

The Service Member Retirement Improvement Act is supported by a wide range of military and veteran advocacy groups, including:

Association of the United States Army
Association of the United States Navy
Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States
National Association for Uniformed Services
National Guard Association of the United States
Naval Enlisted Reserve Association
Reserve Officers Association
The Retired Enlisted Association

To read their letter of support, CLICK HERE.  

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Contact Information

1211 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4201
Fax 202-225-1485

Committee Assignments

Ways and Means

Sam Johnson, a decorated war hero and native Texan, ranks among the few Members of Congress to fight in combat. During his 29-year career in the U.S. Air Force, Representative Johnson flew combat missions in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He endured nearly seven years as a Prisoner of War in Hanoi, including 42 months in solitary confinement. Following his distinguished military career, Sam established a home-building business in North Dallas from scratch and served in the Texas State legislature.

Sam holds a House leadership role as one of the few Deputy Whips (vote counters). He is a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means where he serves as the Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee and sits on the Health Subcommittee. In the 112th Congress, House leaders appointed Sam to the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT).

Sam uses his committee assignments to benefit the Third District. Sam’s tenure and long-standing relationships give his constituents direct access to top congressional leaders.

A fiscal hawk and constitutional conservative who advocates lower taxes and smaller government, Sam has proven himself as a respected leader with a rock-solid record.

In 2011, the renowned bipartisan publication, National Journal, named Sam the most conservative Member of Congress based solely on his voting record, meaning he voted against Nancy Pelosi and President Obama’s big government, failed stimulus agenda at every turn.

In 2009, Sam’s peers recognized him as the “most admired” Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition, in 2009 the prestigious Congressional Medal of Honor Society bestowed Sam their highest civilian accolade, the National Patriot Award, for his tireless work on behalf of the troops, veterans, and freedom.

In 2011, Sam accepted the “Freedom of Flight” award at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards, dubbed the Oscars of aviation, from renowned air show pilot Bob Hoover.

Sam serves as a Regent for the world famous Smithsonian Institution, where he represents the Board of Regents on the Advisory Board of the National Air and Space Museum.

Sam chronicles his POW experience in solitary confinement in his autobiography, Captive Warriors. The book details the stories of the self-named “Alcatraz Gang,” including great American patriots, such as Jeremiah Denton and Jim Stockdale.

A decorated combat veteran and war hero, Sam was awarded two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, one Bronze Star with Valor, two Purple Hearts, four Air Medals, and three Outstanding Unit Awards.

Sam Johnson is married to the former Shirley L. Melton of Dallas. They are proud parents of three children and grandparents to ten.

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