Roger Williams

Roger Williams


Rep. Williams: Loss of Austin Area Residents “Hits us in our Core”


AUSTIN, TEXAS – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) this morning released the following statement after it was confirmed that two of the victims of Thursday’s terrorist attack in Nice, France hailed from Lakeway, Texas:
“Islamic terrorists know no borders, as they have targeted us and our allies abroad and our communities here at home. Make no mistake, we are under attack. The loss of Sean and Brodie Copeland hits us in our core and breaks our hearts. Our president must not lose sight of the mission to keep us safe and destroy radical Islamic extremists. May God bless the Copeland family and the entire Austin community today.”

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Rep. Williams Statement on France Attack


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) Thursday evening released the following statement after the attack in Nice, France:
“My heart goes out again to France, America's oldest friend, which has suffered another immense loss of life at the hands of another terrorist. Tonight we will mourn and pray but tomorrow America must lead and show strength if we are to eliminate this threat to our way of life.”

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Rep. Williams Votes to Protect Conscience Rights


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) on Wednesday voted in favor of the Conscience Protection Act, which reinforces and makes permanent a continuously passed amendment that protects health care entities from being discriminated against if they do not provide, refer or pay for abortions.
“Because the administration sees no problem with ignoring the laws already on the books, it is imperative this Congress permanently protect the rights of those who wish to protect life and ensure that the federal government does not push a left wing agenda on those who do not wish to provide or pay for abortions,” said Williams. “I will always stand with life and those who uphold the sanctity of it.”
The Conscience Protection Act would allow entities to file a civil suit against the federal government for violating “The Weldon Amendment" which prohibits federal funding to states that discriminate against physicians, hospitals and health insurance plans that do not provide, pay for or provide coverage for abortions.


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Rep. Williams Financial Services Amendment Passes House


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) last Thursday voted in favor of the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2017 which cuts Internal Revenue Service (IRS) funding $1.3 billion below the president’s request, supports small businesses and includes his amendment to rein in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

“In this bill, the government by the people is working for the people,” said Williams. “It cuts the fat, removes unnecessary red tape and emboldens America’s small businesses which are the backbone of our nation’s economy.”

Williams’ amendment would prohibit the CFPB from implementing, administering, or enforcing a new regulatory action with an economic impact of $100 million or greater.

The bill would also prohibit the use of funds for abortion in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, continue a pay freeze for senior political appointees and fully fund veterans programs within the Small Business Administration.

Williams serves on the Financial Services Committee in the House of Representatives.

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Rep. Williams Statement on Fallen Officer from Burleson


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) this evening released the following statement after he learned one of the slain officers in Dallas resided in Burleson, Texas.

“The tragedy in Dallas has devastated all of us. I'm especially heartbroken to learn that one of the fallen is a local hero, Officer Lorne Ahrens. There are no words to express the sadness felt by the entire Burleson community. I send my prayers to Katrina and their family. May the Lord's strength give their hearts and souls peace and comfort.

“Tomorrow, the Burleson community and I will have our postponed Independence Day celebration. Although I know it brings little solace, with a heavy heart I am dedicating my position as Grand Marshal to Officer Ahrens and all of our heroes who keep us safe every day. May God bless our police.”

Williams represents Texas’ 25th congressional district in the U.S. Congress which includes Burleson, Texas.

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Williams Response to FBI Recommendation


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) today released the following statement on FBI director, James Comey, not recommending criminal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while secretary of state:

“From the very beginning, this investigation was more about protecting Secretary Clinton’s reputation, than actually finding out the truth. FBI Director Comey himself stated that Secretary Clinton knowingly used her personal email for classified information, was careless and reckless and used terrible judgment. The fact that the FBI will not recommend prosecution is alarming and quite frankly, a failure of our justice system. It is clear to me, and anyone else who looks at the facts, that Hilary Clinton broke the law and lied to the American people.”  

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Williams Tax Proposals Included in GOP Tax Plan


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin), author of tax reform plan Jumpstart America, today released a statement in support of House Republicans’ tax plan recently outlined in their policy agenda known as A Better Way.

The tax plan incorporates several of Williams’ proposals, including lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent, preserving the last-in-first-out (LIFO) method of accounting, incentivizing American companies to bring their businesses back from overseas and allowing job creators to write off fixed asset purchases in the first year.

“I applaud my House colleagues for beginning a serious dialogue on real tax reform,” said Williams. “I agree that our current tax system is too bloated, complex and not competitive for hardworking American families and small businesses to thrive in the global economy which we live. It’s time to simplify our tax code, lower rates and cash flow American small businesses. While I am glad this is being discussed, it is now time to take action.”

Earlier this year, Williams testified before the tax writing committee in the House on his proposals which have the support of Americans for Tax Reform, former Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and former Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chair Don Powell.  

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Rep. Williams to Serve as Burleson Grand Marshal Monday


AUSTIN, TEXAS – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin), who represents Burleson, Texas in the U.S. Congress will be the Fourth of July Grand Marshal at the 12th Annual Burleson Lions Club Independence Day Parade.

For additional information on the route map or how to become a parade participant or sponsor, please visit or email    

What: 12th Annual Burleson Lions Club Independence Day Parade
Date:  Monday, July 4, 2016
Time: 9:00 am CT
Location: From Kerr Middle School down Johnson Ave. past City Hall into Old Town
Open to Press: Yes

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Rep. Williams Statement on SCOTUS Abortion Ruling


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) today released the following statement after the Supreme Court of the United States on Monday struck down Texas’ regulations on abortions and abortion clinics.

“I am disappointed by the court’s decision to do away with the health measures Texas put in place to protect the well-being of the mother and the unborn. However, I will continue to promote and work to protect the sanctity of life, as all of us, including the unborn, are created in the image of God.”

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Rep. Williams Statement on Supreme Court Immigration Ruling


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) today released the following statement after the Supreme Court of the United States on Thursday upheld a lower Texas federal court’s ruling against President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.  

“We’ve witnessed our government’s system of checks and balances rein in an out of control president who believes he has the power to act without congressional approval,” said Williams. “I applaud the high court for upholding the rule of law and belief that if you want to live in this country you must go through the ports of entry, not between them.”  

Last year, Judge Andrew Hanen of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas ruled the president exceeded his authority in shielding as many as five million undocumented workers from deportation.

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Contact Information

1122 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-9896
Fax 202-225-9692

Committee Assignments

Financial Services

Roger Williams represents the 25th District of Texas in the United States Congress, a district that stretches from Tarrant County in the North to Hays County in the South and includes much of Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Prior to his election in November 2012, Congressman Williams served his country in a number of ways and brings a unique background to Congress. He was raised in the Fort Worth area where he graduated from high school and later played baseball at Texas Christian University.

After graduating from college, he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves where he played in their farm system before an injury ended his sports career and forced him to begin his business career. He began working in the family car business and has owned and operated the business for 40 years.

Along the way, he also became involved civically and politically. He served as Regional Finance Chairman for Governor Bush in 1994 and 1998 before he went on to later serve as the North Texas Chairman for the Bush/Cheney 2000 campaign. Additionally, as well as the North Texas Finance Chairman and National Grassroots Fundraising Chairman for Bush/Cheney ’04, Inc. Williams was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2001 as the Chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee’s Eagles Program. He has also served as State Finance Chair for John Cornyn for U.S. Senate, Inc., in 2002 and as the National Director of the “Patriots” program for Senator Cornyn.

In 2005, Governor Rick Perry appointed Congressman Williams to serve as Texas Secretary of State. As Chief Election Officer for Texas, he worked to ensure the uniform application and interpretation of election laws throughout the state. The Congressman worked tirelessly to promote economic development, investment and job creation in Texas. He also served as the state’s Chief Liaison for Texas Border and Mexican Affairs as well as Chair of the state’s 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Response Strike Force.

Congressman Williams was elected to his first term in Congress on November 6th, 2012 and was selected to serve on the House Committee on the Budget, along with the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure.

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