Roger Williams

Roger Williams


Rep. Williams to Honor Cleburne Vet with New Roof


CLEBURNE, TEXAS – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) today announced that on Wednesday he will congratulate James Clay, an Army veteran, on being the recipient of a new roof to be donated by a local roofing company.

Clay, a native of Johnson County, was stationed in Japan and spent six years in the Army Reserves while segregation existed in the United States.
“Mr. Clay served the United States with honor, and it is comforting that this local hero is being recognized for his service,” said Williams. “No matter how big or small the gesture, all of us have a duty to look out for those who sacrificed to protect this great country.”

What: Congressman Williams to honor Cleburne veteran with new roof
Date:  Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: 833 Carmela Court, Cleburne, Texas 76031
Open to Press: Yes

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Rep. Williams: Victims of terrorist attacks should have their day in court


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) this afternoon voted to override President Barack Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act – a bill which would allow victims of terrorism to sue foreign governments for attacks on American soil.

“Today, Democrats and Republicans came together, united, to ensure that victims of terrorist attacks in the U.S. can have their day in court against nations that support the murder of Americans,” said Williams. “Outdated policies of immunity for foreign governments, including those which sponsor terrorism, must not prevent justice from being served.”

Earlier this year, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act unanimously passed the Senate and House but was vetoed last week by President Obama.

The Senate voted 97-1 and the House voted 348-77 to override the veto.

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Rep. Williams Statement on POW/ MIA Recognition Day


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin), who represents Fort Hood in the U.S. House of Representatives, today issued the following statement on POW/ MIA Recognition Day:

“Today we remember our sons and daughters who made such courageous sacrifices in defending the United States. We remind them and their families that they will never be forgotten. These are America’s heroes to whom we owe much gratitude.”

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To Roger Goodell: You’re the NFL’s CEO. It’s time to condemn players who refuse to stand


As the chief executive of the National Football League, I believe it is up to you to outright condemn the players who refuse to stand during our national anthem.

I am sure you can remember the great sports heroes you looked up to as a child. For me it was Ted Williams and Johnny Unitas. They were larger than life.

But as we grow older we realize that while there are men and women in sports who are gifted with incredible athletic abilities, they, like everyone else, are not without flaws.

The NFL's players must be reminded that our flag, our national anthem and the uniform of our brave military are more sacred than the uniforms that they wear on the field.

Just because we want to mimic their performance on the field, does not mean we should strive to be them in every aspect of our lives. For children, that distinction is not as easily understood. And it is for this reason that these professional athletes are held to a higher standard.

Consider the players of high school teams around the country in the last week who have followed their heroes’ examples by remaining kneeled or seated during our national anthem.

These kids are too young to recall September 11th and the effect that had on our country.

They are too young to remember Pat Tillman, a safety for the Arizona Cardinals who left his NFL career to join the Army Rangers. As you know, he died in combat.

These kids, some of whom may one day honorably serve in the armed forces, do not yet understand that what they are doing isn’t silent protest but rather a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who sacrificed for them.
While their ignorance should be forgiven, we cannot justify the actions of the adult players who know better or the inaction of the league.

America is the greatest country in the world. It is the greatest country partly because of the rights that are guaranteed to us, including the freedom of speech, in our government’s founding document. While these players may not have a legal obligation to rise, they have an American duty to do so.

The humble beginnings of many professional athletes – including some of the very ones who refuse to stand for our national anthem – would have prevented them from reaching their current level of success in any other country.

America reveres its professional football players so much that they are paid no less than several hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, with endorsements often increasing their salaries into the millions.

It would be more constructive if sports stars set positive examples for their young fans, which means standing for our national anthem, volunteering in their communities and giving to charitable organizations that support their causes.

While there are still tragic and inexcusable incidents of injustice, racism and bigotry in this country of more than 300 million people, we cannot allow influential members of our society to undermine the monumental progress that has been made in our nation’s relatively short history.

These players must be reminded that our flag, our national anthem and the uniform of our brave military are more sacred than the uniforms that they wear on the field.

I urge you, Mr. Commissioner, to discipline these players who have shown such disrespect to a nation that has allowed them to achieve so much.

Roger Williams represents the 25th congressional district of Texas, which includes Fort Hood, in the U.S. House of Representatives. He played baseball, and coached, for Texas Christian University and was drafted into the Atlanta Braves farm system.


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The CHOICE Act is a Better Way


In 2010, just two years after one of the largest financial collapses in our nation’s history, President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law. At the time, President Obama and Congress promised to hold Wall Street accountable and protect American families from unfair, abusive financial practices.  

But six years later, we have seen firsthand that Dodd-Frank, as it is called for short, has allowed for continued taxpayer-funded bailouts and crippled Main Street businesses and community financial institutions.

My friends who disagree with me will argue that the lack of regulation led to the financial collapse of our economy in 2008. What they won’t tell you is that today’s cost of overregulation has made it near impossible to start and maintain a small business. As of today, the number of finalized regulations under Dodd-Frank has cost more than $45 billion dollars, with billions of dollars estimated in rules that are still pending.

These costs are inherited by businesses who must hire more accountants and lawyers to meet compliance measures. For small businesses, which employ half of the nation’s workforce, this is devastating because they oftentimes have to cut elsewhere in order to gather the resources to meet standards.

But overregulation doesn’t stop with mom and pop shops. Let me tell you about community banks just in our home state.  

In 2010 there were 626 FDIC-insured banking institutions in Texas. The most current number of chartered banks and savings institutions in the Lone Star State is 472. That is too significant of a decline for a state with one of the healthiest economies in the country.  

The Dodd-Frank Act created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, otherwise known as the CFPB.  

As many of my colleagues have said in the past, the CFPB has an important mission to carry out. Properly designed, it would be capable of accomplishing a great deal. But sadly, that is where this fairytale ends. The CFPB, like all government agencies, must operate with transparency and be held accountable to taxpayers. Unfortunately, that’s not how the CFPB was set up.

The CFPB is headed by one director, and appointed by the president for one five-year term. The bureau can spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year with no oversight or control from Congress. Its budget is not subject to congressional appropriations.

The CFPB’s jurisdiction is so vast that it often creates or implements rules over industries it was never intended to regulate.

Even when given the chance to exempt smaller financial institutions from their rules as stipulated in the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFPB has largely ignored congressional intent. It is time to restore the decision making power to the lawmakers who are held accountable to the people who sent them to Washington.  

So this year I introduced the CFPB Accountability Act of 2016. This bill, which I’m glad to see was included in the CHOICE Act, and was voted out of committee on Tuesday, would require congressional authorization for any CFPB ruling that would have an economic impact of $100 million or greater.

We must relieve small businesses of unnecessary and expensive measures, protect taxpayer dollars and make the CFPB more transparent and accountable. The CHOICE Act will do this. It will strengthen our financial regulatory system and, ultimately, the American economy. And that is why it is a better way.

Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) is a member of the House Financial Services Committee, and he has more than 40 years’ experience in small business.

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Rep. Williams Kicks off Congressional College Football Caucus


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) this morning held the Congressional College Football Caucus’ kickoff event. The caucus is chaired by Williams and Congresswoman Terri Sewell (D – Birmingham).

“I am proud to launch this bipartisan gathering of lawmakers who can set aside politics and unite behind their love of college football. We want to ensure great opportunities remain available for our student-athletes who may otherwise be unable to further their education.”

The Congressional College Football Caucus is a bipartisan gathering intended to promote the values and principles that are developed through playing football. Its goal is to educate lawmakers and the public on the vital role that college football plays in our country, while ensuring that the opportunities created by more than $5 billion in annual scholarships are preserved.

Williams is also chair of the Congressional Baseball Caucus and a coach for the Republican Congressional Baseball Team.

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Rep. Williams Honored as ‘Tax Fighter’


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin), a member of the Financial Services Committee and author of the tax reform plan Jumpstart America, today received the “114th Congress Tax Fighter Award” from the National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC).

“Representative Williams has been a major asset to taxpayers all across America during his congressional service. He has had the courage to challenge the orthodoxy of Washington special interests,” said NTLC President Lewis Uhler.

Last year, Williams introduced seven bills cumulatively titled Jumpstart America. In April he testified on his tax plan before the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Rep. Williams Works to Block Future Iran Cash Payments


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin), a member of the Financial Services Committee’s Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing, became an original cosponsor of the Prohibiting Future Payments to Iran Act after the Obama Administration on Tuesday disclosed that it had transferred an additional $1.3 billion in cash to Iran after delivering a $400 million cash payment the same day Iran released American prisoners.

“The Obama Administration needs to stop pretending that any deal is better than no deal,” said Williams. “Iran is our enemy and Iran is the enemy of our most important allies in the region. Barack Obama and John Kerry have coddled Iran’s leadership who publicly promise to wipe America off the map. Our commander-in-chief has decimated our position on the world stage and it’s time for Congress to step in and help rebuild it.”  

On Wednesday, Williams suggested that the cash should have been used to improve the quality of care for U.S. veterans instead of being sent to “a state sponsor of terrorism that imprisons American citizens and taunts our Navy.”

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Rep. Williams: Use Iran Money to Help Vets


WASHINGTON, DC –Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin), a member of the Financial Services Committee’s Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing, today released the following statement after the Obama Administration on Tuesday disclosed that it had transferred $1.3 billion in cash to Iran shortly after it delivered a $400 million cash payment the same day Iran released four American prisoners.

“Instead of sending over ransom money to a state sponsor of terrorism that imprisons American citizens and taunts our Navy, President Obama should have used this $1.7 billion to improve the care of veterans who have so bravely served our country.”

Last month, U.S. State Department officials acknowledged the initial $400 million cash payment was used as “leverage.”

“Whether it is their refusal to utter the phrases ‘radical Islam’ or ‘ransom,’ the Obama Administration has tried time and again to deceive the American people with its policies that have made America less safe,” said Williams. “It’s time we prioritize our veterans and the national security of this great country.”

Today, Williams became a cosponsor of the Prohibiting Future Payments to Iran Act which would ban the U.S. Government from providing cash payments to the Government of Iran.

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Visit from Congress: U.S. representative stops in Lampasas


Congressman Roger Williams (R-Austin) met with community and business leaders during a visit to Lampasas on Thursday.

Williams toured the Ajinomoto Windsor plant on the downtown square – one of the largest private employers in the city.

The congressman met with leaders of the food manufacturing company as well as representatives of the Lampasas Economic Development Corp.

“Lampasas has done a really good job of economic development,” Williams said. “We were just here to promote that and talk about seeing if anybody needs help from a federal standpoint, so we might be able to bring more jobs here.”

Williams said the factors that make the community favorable to business also tend to be true of the overall Texas economy.

“Our economic strength we’ve got here in Texas is no personal income tax,” the congressman said. “That really drives a lot of businesses to here. There’s no reason they shouldn’t come right here to Lampasas. You’ve got a great workforce, a great community. You’ve got quality of life, which is important.”

“It was good to have Congressman Williams here, to visit our plant and see our facility,” said Bruce Schroeder, general manager for the local Ajinomoto Windsor plant.

Having visits from state or national elected leaders “is a rare opportunity for us,” Schroeder said. “They’re busy in Washington and Austin…”

Williams and other lawmakers return to congressional session Sept. 6, and they will convene until October.

He outlined legislative priorities, including tax reform and national defense.

“The highest [corporate] tax rates in the world are right here in the United States,” Williams said, discussing his goal to change the tax structure.

Another major objective for Williams is “to get our military back on a budget where the generals can begin to run their own business, and we don’t continue to hollow out our military. We need to build it back.”

But the congressman was not overly optimistic about accomplishing those goals in the next session.

“I don’t know that we’ll get much done at all until after the election,” Williams said. “I think that we just don’t know. There’s so much divide up there.”

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Contact Information

1122 Longworth HOB
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Phone 202-225-9896
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Committee Assignments

Financial Services

Roger Williams represents the 25th District of Texas in the United States Congress, a district that stretches from Tarrant County in the North to Hays County in the South and includes much of Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Prior to his election in November 2012, Congressman Williams served his country in a number of ways and brings a unique background to Congress. He was raised in the Fort Worth area where he graduated from high school and later played baseball at Texas Christian University.

After graduating from college, he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves where he played in their farm system before an injury ended his sports career and forced him to begin his business career. He began working in the family car business and has owned and operated the business for 40 years.

Along the way, he also became involved civically and politically. He served as Regional Finance Chairman for Governor Bush in 1994 and 1998 before he went on to later serve as the North Texas Chairman for the Bush/Cheney 2000 campaign. Additionally, as well as the North Texas Finance Chairman and National Grassroots Fundraising Chairman for Bush/Cheney ’04, Inc. Williams was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2001 as the Chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee’s Eagles Program. He has also served as State Finance Chair for John Cornyn for U.S. Senate, Inc., in 2002 and as the National Director of the “Patriots” program for Senator Cornyn.

In 2005, Governor Rick Perry appointed Congressman Williams to serve as Texas Secretary of State. As Chief Election Officer for Texas, he worked to ensure the uniform application and interpretation of election laws throughout the state. The Congressman worked tirelessly to promote economic development, investment and job creation in Texas. He also served as the state’s Chief Liaison for Texas Border and Mexican Affairs as well as Chair of the state’s 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Response Strike Force.

Congressman Williams was elected to his first term in Congress on November 6th, 2012 and was selected to serve on the House Committee on the Budget, along with the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure.

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