Rich Nugent

Rich Nugent


SITREP - October 10th, 2015


What a sorry, sorry mess the House of Representatives has become… I think that pretty much sums up the week in Washington. In short, in case you’ve missed any of this, last month, House Speaker John Boehner surprised everybody by announcing his resignation effective the end of October. His number two, current House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was expected by most to replace him. In normal times, he almost certainly would have. These are not normal times.

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SITREP - October 5th, 2015


Last week was a bit of a mixed one up in DC. For what feels like the fiftieth time in recent years, Congress again failed to consider detailed funding bills for the government and instead resorted to a short-term “continuing resolution”. As any longtime readers of this newsletter will know too well by now, continuing resolutions just keep funding exactly as it currently stands. Congress hasn’t gone through the line items and made tough choices. Instead, the collective wisdom of the House and Senate has basically been, “Forget it. It’s too hard.

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SITREP - September 21st, 2015


I honestly don’t have a lot to report from last week that you all don’t already know. The fight over whether to fund Planned Parenthood has been well documented and the coverage of the presidential election is in full swing. Instead, I wanted to give you all a heads up about one of the most important (and certainly one my favorite) events we do all year.

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SITREP - September 12th, 2015


In keeping with the “ready, fire, aim” decision-making that we’ve seen far too often over the last few years, the House this week abruptly changed tactics at the last minute on Iran. First, the House was set to have a straight vote of disapproval of the Iran deal. That vote was sure to be a success. At the last minute, however, after hearing from concerned House members, the leadership agreed that the vote should be split into three pieces.

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Sitrep - August 15th, 2015


There isn’t much new and noteworthy in the policymaking world this week, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you all a little legislative story you missed out on a few months ago. It’s instructive in seeing how Congress can, but often doesn’t work.

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Sitrep - August 8th, 2015


There isn’t a whole lot of news to report this week that you all don’t already know about.  I did want to make you aware of one thing that’s been a growing issue here recently.  As many of you know, a portion of your monthly cell phone bill goes toward the so-called “Universal Service Fund”.  That fund, among other things, provides cell phones to low-income families.  When people talk about “Obamaphones”, that’s specifically what they are referring to.

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Sitrep - July 25th, 2015


Couple quick updates for you from last week. First off, regarding the attack in Chattanooga, I think the message should be pretty clear to everybody by now that the men and women of our military are being targeted for no other reason than their decision to put on the uniform of this nation. The idea that we’d leave them out there unprotected is unacceptable and you better believe I am pushing for a change in policy. 

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Sitrep - July 11th, 2015


Just a couple quick updates for you this week – some good news and some bad news.  First, if you’ve been following the progress of the Veterans’ ID Card legislation, it has passed both the House and Senate and has been sent to the President’s desk for his signature.  That would be the good news.

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Sitrep - June 26th, 2015


Amidst all of the news this week about the Supreme Court, there were a couple other items of note.  First off, the House considered several pieces of reform legislation about the Department of Homeland Security.  Since it was created, DHS has been a big mess (and slow to clean itself up).

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Sitrep - June 6th, 2015


The House moved two more appropriations bills this week.  So, why does that matter?  Well, as you’ve heard me say before, the appropriations process is the only way your representatives have the chance to go through the budget line by line and adjust things to reflect your priorities.  No appropriations process, no prioritization process.

Case in point, I was able to continue my efforts from last year to shift resources from the bloated census budget into treatment courts for veterans and inviduals suffering from mental health issues.  

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First, let me say what an honor it is to be your representative in Congress. While this may be a “digital” introduction, I really look forward to having a chance to meet with you in person and to hear your views on where this country should be headed. In the meantime, let me take just a minute to tell you bit about who I am and where I come from.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. My father was a steel worker and my mother, a dedicated homemaker. And while not without its ups and downs, I was mighty lucky to grow up in a time when America was at her best.

Right out of high school, I joined the Illinois Air National Guard. And as anybody who has spent time in America’s military can tell you, young people inevitably learn the value of leadership, teamwork, discipline, and self-reliance. My experience as a young man was no different. Honorably discharged after six years, I decided to continue serving as a police officer in the city of Romeoville, Illinois.

After twelve years, having achieved the rank of sergeant, my wife Wendy and I moved with our young son Ryan to beautiful Hernando County. I joined the Sheriff’s Office as a deputy and have been with them ever since. Over the years, I worked hard and rose through the ranks – eventually becoming Sheriff in 2000.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost thirty years since we came to Florida. All three of our boys, Ryan, Kyle, and Casey are now grown and as a Dad, I couldn’t be prouder of them. Ryan, our oldest, graduated West Point in 2004. Having spent a year in South Korea before a 15 month combat deployment in Afghanistan, he is now a Captain assigned to the Joint Multinational Readiness Center at Hohenfels Training Area in Germany. Before finishing his tour in Afghanistan, he signed up for three more years.

Kyle, his younger brother, is an Army ROTC graduate of the University of Tampa and is now assigned to the Florida National Guard as a Blackhawk pilot. And Casey, our youngest, is also following in his brothers’ footsteps. He graduated from West Point and is now a Lieutenant with the 1st Infantry Division out of Fort Riley.

As parents, it means the world to us to see our children putting service before self. Wendy and I have always emphasized the importance of service – to whom much is given, much is expected. We believe that as Americans, we owe it to future generations to make the sacrifices necessary so that this country will always be the greatest on earth.

Throughout my career as a police officer, I have seen the best and worst in our community. I know the great potential that lies there. My wife Wendy, as a school teacher, believes the same. Our experiences have shown us that the best solutions in our communities will come from small business owners, local leaders, and private citizens – all working together; not, as some believe, from the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington.

In my view, a government for the people and by the people, must be made up of the people. The best representative is a member of the community first, and a Member of Congress second. In keeping with that ideal, I promise you that I will always be available and ready to listen. I will always come back to the District because it’s my home and that’s where my family is. I hope that you will always feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns, or even just to say hello. In the meantime, I wish you all the best and I hope to meet you soon.

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