Mo Brooks

Mo Brooks


Brooks Supports Health Care Bill Passage, Protects Those with Pre-Existing Conditions


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) today voted in favor of the improved and amended American Health Care Act (AHCA) that partially repeals ObamaCare and drives down projected health insurance costs while maintaining coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Congressman Mo Brooks said, “While today’s health care legislation falls short of the full ObamaCare repeal that I called for and believe in, a partial repeal does more good for working American families than no repeal at all.  I am proud that diligent House Freedom Caucus work has forced amendments that converted substantial increases in health insurance premiums into substantial cuts in health insurance costs for tens of millions of Americans.  The AHCA repeals roughly twenty ObamaCare taxes that have hurt job creators and cut take-home pay.  The AHCA repeals the ObamaCare individual and employer mandate penalties that undermine freedom of choice and liberty.”  

Brooks continued, “Further, the MacArthur-Meadows Amendment forced by the Freedom Caucus helps restore States’ Rights by giving states the discretion to seek and obtain waivers from many of ObamaCare’s most costly, premium-increasing mandates, thereby lowering health insurance costs for struggling American families.  Importantly, in order to receive a waiver, the MacArthur-Meadows amendment requires states to set up a high-risk program that limits higher premiums to one year for those individuals who tried to game the system by refusing to buy insurance.  After one year, the individual would return to standard rate.” 

Brooks stated, “Despite fear-mongering from the left, this legislation explicitly maintains protections for pre-existing conditions and bans health insurers from charging a patient with pre-existing conditions higher premiums as long as they maintain continuous coverage or sign up for new coverage within 63 days of exiting a previous insurance plan.  Consistent with a concerted effort to help those with pre-existing conditions, the amended AHCA provides an additional $8 billion to help offset insurance costs for citizens with pre-existing conditions in those states that seek an approved waiver.  This is on top of the $130 billion available to states through the AHCA’s Patient and State Stability Fund, which seeks to help states repair the damage done by ObamaCare to health markets. And both the $8 billion and $130 billion are over and above the roughly $350 billion per year over-taxed American citizens already give to citizens who have difficulty paying for their health care.”

Brooks concluded, “While the amended AHCA does not fully repeal ObamaCare, and while it is nowhere near what I believe is best, it is a step in the right direction to lower insurance costs for struggling American families and is a vast improvement over ObamaCare.  Leaving ObamaCare in place is not an option for Americans.  I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues to build on the progress made in the House on the AHCA to deliver on our promises to the American people.”  



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Rep. Brooks Joins Wolf Blitzer to Discuss North Korea


Washington, DC – Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05), a member of both the House Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committees, today appeared on CNN to offer his insights on North Korea’s national security threat to the United States, the role of China in the Asia-Pacific, and the risks facing America from national deficit and debt.  
To watch video of the interview, click HERE or on the image above. 
A transcript of the interview can be found below.  
Wolf: Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama is joining us.  He's a member of both the Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committees.  Congressman, thanks very much for joining us.
Rep. Brooks: My pleasure.
Wolf: You studied North Korea. You know the ramifications - the enormous impact. This may be the gravest national security threat facing the United States right now.  I don't know if you agree with that, but a lot of people believe it is. When the President says there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea, absolutely, let me get your reaction.
Rep. Brooks: That's the way it's been for 64 years ever since the Korean conflict ended in, I think it was 1953.  Technically the war - never a peace treaty - it’s always been a suspension of military activities. Now, fortunately, we've not had the kind of outbreaks and the loss of life that we had during the Korean conflict.  I think his statement is consistent with reality, but it's a little bit bold for a President to actually say it.
Wolf: Yeah, that's what I thought too.  There is enormous concern.  And, let's not forget there are millions of people who live within 30 miles of the demilitarized zone in South Korea and 28,000 U.S. troops along the DMZ as well.  Listen to what the President said in the interview with Reuters about Kim Jong-Un when he took power when his father, Kim Jung-Il, died. Listen to this.
“He's 27 years old.  His father dies, took over a regime.  So, say what you want.  But, that's not easy, especially at that age.  I’m not giving him credit or not giving him credit.  I’m just saying that's a very hard thing to do.  As to whether or not he's rational, I have no opinion on it.  I hope he's rational.”
Wolf: Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, he said this on Fox News.  And, I’ll read you the - he said, “All indications are that he is not crazy” - referring to Kim Jong-Un – “he may be ruthless, he may be a murderer, he may be someone who in many respects we would say by our standards is irrational, but he is not insane.”  Your comments?
Rep. Brooks: I hope that he is rational.  I concur with the President's remarks in that regard.  To me, I've always thought of him as a very smart person who knows how to act crazy in order to achieve goals.  On the other hand, it may not be an act.  You never know for sure.  There’s always some degree of question about how good our intelligence is about the mental state of someone who acts like this dictator in North Korea.  But, if he is rational, then he must know that if he attacks South Korea or the United States that he will die.  That will be an end result.  There will be, of course, people in South Korea and the United States that may also perish at the hands of this North Korean dictatorship.  But, if he is rational and he wants to live, then the mutually assured destruction doctrine that we've had with the Soviet Union, now Russia and China ought to deter him from engaging in the kind of military activity that he threatens on a regular basis.
Wolf: I've heard some of your colleagues say they’re frustrated because they don’t think U.S. intelligence has been all that great in providing the answer to his rationality.  Are you confident that you know whether the guy is rational or not rational?
Rep. Brooks: Well, I'm going to skip the rationality for a second and go to a classified briefing I had in the last few days.  And, it's quite clear that sometimes we are surprised by the advances that the North Koreans are making with respect to certain things that I’m not at liberty to discuss.
Wolf: In terms of their military advances?
Rep. Brooks: I'm not going to get into any kind of details except to say that I would expect that same kind of uncertainty applies to the mental state of the North Korean dictator.  Keeping in mind that even under the best of circumstances, we have psychologists and sociologists, whatever, making evaluations.  There’s always some degree of uncertainty about the mental state of somebody.  And, I say that having been a prosecutor and a defense attorney where we litigate mental states of mind on a regular basis.
Wolf: Is China helpful right now in dealing with this nuclear threat?
Rep. Brooks: They can be.
Wolf: But, are they as far as you know right now?
Rep. Brooks: Okay, I’m going to give a big picture.  It’s my impression that for years, decades, China has been using North Korea for purposes that benefit the Chinese.  By way of example, to the extent we're distracted with our strategy thinking, our military to South Korea and North Korea, then we're not focusing on what China is doing in the South China Sea perhaps as much as we should be focused on the advances that the Chinese communist government is making there.  It might also be that the Chinese are concerned that President Trump might actually implement that currency manipulation tariff that would have a significant adverse effect on the Chinese economy.  In turn would mean less money for their military buildup.  To the extent they can act like an honest broker, they might can protect this $350 billion trade advantage they have vis-a-vis the United States and be able to keep back Donald Trump and the United States effort to try to balance the playing field when it comes to trade.  So, I see them using North Korea in a lot of different ways - that being one of them.
Wolf: Yeah, China is now emerging as the number one trading partner for the United States, Canada and Mexico, two and three.  It’s a big issue.  In the midst of all of this, the President, in that interview, says you know what, South Korea should pay the U.S. a billion dollars for the deployment of that THAD anti-missile system in South Korea to deal with the potential threat from North Korea.  What do you think about that?  You’re on the Armed Services Committee.
Rep. Brooks: I think we have a $600 billion deficit.  We have a $20 trillion debt.  We're headed to insolvency and bankruptcy in the United States of America if we don't change our path.  That’s basically the warning of the Congressional Budget Office, the Comptroller General, and other federal government agencies.  To the extent we can encourage our allies to pay for more of their own defense, including the cost to us of defending them - that's of great benefit to the solvency of our country.
Wolf: But, do you think it's wise to raise that at a tense moment like this?
Rep. Brooks: I think it's wise to raise the cost, and our deficit and debt at every moment keeping in mind that as Admiral Mike Mullen testified before the House Armed Services Committee not that long ago when he was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - what was the number one national security threat to the United States? It wasn't North Korea - wasn’t China - wasn’t Russia - wasn’t Iran.  It was our debt.  Because our debt is what long-term can bring America to its knees and we better deal with it quick before it happens.
Wolf: We’ll see if the President can convince South Korea to hand over a billion dollars for the deployment of that THAD anti-missile system.  Congressman, thanks very much for joining us.
Rep. Brooks: My pleasure, Wolf.
Wolf: Thank you, Mo Brooks of Alabama.



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ALREPORTER.COM: Brooks wants El Chapo to pay for border wall


ALTODAY.COM: Mo Brooks wants El Chapo drug fortune to pay for U.S.-Mexico border wall


Brooks Introduces Cruz Immigration Legislation in the House to Fund Border Wall


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) today filed House companion legislation for the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (EL CHAPO) Act (H.R. 2186), which was recently introduced by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  The EL CHAPO Act would reserve approximately $14 billion in potential assets forfeited to the United States Government as a result of the criminal prosecution of El Chapo, the former leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, as well as other drug lords, for border security funding – to include the completion of the wall along the U.S.- Mexican border.  Representatives Kevin Brady (TX-08), Tom Garrett (VA-05), Steve King (IA-04), and Louie Gohmert (TX-01) have signed on as original cosponsors of H.R. 2186.

Congressman Mo Brooks said, “No nation can exist without borders and the EL CHAPO Act, which would reserve billions in assets forfeited to the U.S. Government by drug kingpins to be used for border security, is a significant step towards funding President Trump’s border wall, thereby restoring America’s control of her borders.  I commend Senator Cruz for sponsoring this financially responsible solution which promotes American security by minimizing the trafficking of drugs and weapons across our southern border.”

Senator Ted Cruz stated, “Ensuring the safety and security of Texans and all Americans is one of my top priorities and I am glad to work with Mo in this important effort.  Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border.  By leveraging any criminally forfeited assets of El Chapo and his ilk, we can offset the wall’s cost and make meaningful progress toward achieving President Trump’s stated border security objectives, all while easing the impact on our federal budget.”




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AL.COM: Mo Brooks, last Alabama GOP House holdout, gives support to health care plan


AL.COM: Rep. Mo Brooks' bill seeks $14 billion for border wall


Rep. Brooks Supports Freedom Caucus Victory on Amended Health Care Bill


Washington, D.C. – Today, and thanks to amendments fought for and obtained by the House Freedom Caucus, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) announced he will vote for and support the improved and amended American Health Care Act (AHCA) that partially repeals ObamaCare while driving down health insurance costs.

Congressman Mo Brooks said, “The House Freedom Caucus sought and was denied a vote to totally repeal ObamaCare.  Worse yet, the original AHCA increased health insurance premiums over the next few years by 15 to 20% over and above ObamaCare’s expected skyrocketing premium increases.  The Freedom Caucus worked tirelessly and used its political muscle to negotiate and successfully force conservative and States’ Rights changes to the AHCA, thereby making the AHCA a different and better bill for the American people.  The Freedom Caucus changes will partially repeal ObamaCare while driving down health insurance costs for tens of millions of Americans.”  

Brooks continued, “The MacArthur-Meadows Amendment gives states the discretion to seek and obtain waivers from many of ObamaCare’s most costly, premium-increasing mandates.  This cost-reducing, States' Rights measure lowers health insurance costs for struggling American families.  In addition, fellow Freedom Caucus member Congressman Gary Palmer’s amendment drives down insurance premiums by removing the most expensive individuals from the market and placing them in a high-risk pool akin to the State of Maine’s highly successful model.” 

Brooks stated, “Another big plus is that the amended AHCA incentivizes states to force able adults to work in exchange for Medicaid benefits.  It delays the job-killing tax on employer-provided health insurance to 2026 and accelerates relief from many ObamaCare taxes to 2017, two years earlier than the original AHCA, and preserves protections for pre-existing conditions while maintaining the ability of parents to keep their children on the family health insurance plan until age 26.”   

Brooks added, “Despite these conservative advances, there is still much to be done.  While the amended AHCA does not fully repeal ObamaCare, it is drastically better than what it was a few weeks ago.  I am committed to working with my Senate colleagues to build on the progress made in the House on the AHCA to deliver on our promises to the American people.”  

Brooks concluded, “Inasmuch as the House appears to have the votes to pass this amended and partial repeal of ObamaCare, I hope and expect the House Leadership to call a vote on passage of the amended American Health Care Act as early as this Friday but certainly no later than next week.”



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WHNT.COM: MOAB bomb has two Huntsville connections


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Contact Information

1230 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4801
Fax 202-225-4392

On November 6, 2012, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) was re-elected as the Representative for Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. He proudly represents the people of North Alabama and serves on three important committees:  Armed Services, Science, Space, and Technology, and Foreign Affairs.

As a sophomore member, Congressman Brooks is highly active and engaged in representing the interests of the 5th District. Brooks supports America’s missile defense technologies; he introduced successful legislation in 2011 and 2012 that blocked the White House from sharing classified missile technologies with Russia, and was adapted into the National Defense Authorization Act in FY2012. Rep. Brooks is also a vocal opponent of sequestration, voting against the Budget Control Act and called upon Administration officials to account for the consequences of sequestration in a HASC Strategic Forces Subcommittee hearing on April 18, 2012.

During his first year on the Hill, Brooks founded and became co-chairman of the Army Aviation Caucus, a forum in which Members of Congress, staff, and Army leadership raise awareness for Army Aviation and seek to affect legislative priorities. The Caucus now includes more than 50 members and is one of the most active caucuses on Capitol Hill.

Growing up in North Alabama, Mo Brooks’ parents taught him early on that study and hard work were expected and required. They also taught him the importance of honesty, and to never be shy about speaking up and fighting for important principles. Brooks was born in 1954 in Charleston, South Carolina, and moved in 1963 to Huntsville, Alabama. Rep. Brooks’ father, Jack Brooks, retired from Redstone Arsenal’s Metrology Center. Brooks’ mother, Betty Brooks, taught economics and government for over 20 years at Lee High School. They still live in Madison County.

Rep. Brooks graduated from Grissom High School in 1972 (where he was all-city in baseball and an active member on two state championship debate teams). He graduated from Duke University in three years with a double major in political science and economics, with highest honors in economics. In 1978, he graduated from the University of Alabama Law School.

After graduation, Rep. Brooks worked as a prosecutor in the Tuscaloosa District Attorney’s office, where he built a solid “tough-on-crime” reputation. While there, he obtained guilty verdicts in every one of the 20-plus jury trials he prosecuted. He also organized and managed the grand jury.

Rep. Brooks left the Tuscaloosa District Attorney’s office in 1980 to return to Huntsville as a law clerk for presiding Circuit Court Judge John David Snodgrass. In 1982, Brooks was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives and became one of 11 Republican legislators (out of 140 total) and the only elected Republican legislator north of Birmingham.

Brooks was reelected to the Alabama House in 1983, 1986, and 1990. While in the legislature, he was elected Republican House Caucus Chairman three times and was ranked number one (out of 140 legislators) by the Alabama Taxpayers’ Defense Fund in the fight to protect family incomes from higher taxes. He was also ranked in the top 20 percent by Alabama Alliance of Business & Industry on pro-jobs, tort reform, and free enterprise issues and was recognized as one of the legislature’s most effective legislators by Alabama Magazine.

In 1991, Brooks was appointed Madison County District Attorney. In 1996, he ran for the Madison County Commission and unseated an eight-year incumbent Republican. He was reelected to the Commission in 2000, 2004, and 2008. During every year except when he was serving as a prosecutor or court clerk, Brooks held a second job in private practice. In 1995-1996, he was appointed Special Assistant Attorney General for then Attorney General Jeff Sessions and, from 1996-2002, was appointed Special Assistant Attorney General for then Attorney General Bill Pryor.

In 1976, Mo Brooks married Martha Jenkins of Toledo; they met at Duke University. Martha graduated from the University of Alabama with an accounting degree. She later retired as a certified public accountant and obtained a math and education major from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2005. She taught math at Whitesburg Middle School. Mo and Martha are the proud parents of four children and grandparents of four grandchildren. Rep. Brooks was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on November 2, 2010.

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