Michael Turner

Michael Turner


Turner, Ryan Press House Leadership to Extend Health Coverage Tax Credit for Delphi Retirees


Washington, DC: Today, Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) and Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) sent a bipartisan letter to House Leadership reaffirming their strong support for the passage of an extension of the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) as part of a year-end tax extenders bill before the 113th Congress adjourns for the year. 

The HCTC helps struggling American families pay their health bills, including thousands of Delphi Salaried Retirees whose pensions were terminated during the GM rescue and subsequently turned over to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.

In March of this year, Reps. Turner and Ryan joined a delegation of 28 Members and Senators from across the country in sending a letter to both House and Senate leadership pushing for pushing for the extension of the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC).

In July 2013, Reps. Turner and Ryan introduced legislation that would have provided the Delphi Salaried Retirees and other eligible individuals the choice of continuing within the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) program past the program’s December 31, 2013 termination date, or upon leaving the program.

The full text of today's letter can be found below:


November 20, 2014

The Honorable John Boehner                        The Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House                                     Minority Leader

U.S. House of Representatives                       U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. 20515                                Washington, D.C. 20515

The Honorable David Camp                           The Honorable Sander Levin

Chairman                                                         Ranking Member

Committee on Ways and Means                      Committee on Ways and Means

U.S. House of Representatives                        U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. 20515                                  Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi, Chairman Camp and Ranking Member Levin:

We wish to reaffirm our strong support for passing an extension of the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) as part of a year-end tax extenders bill before the 113th Congress adjourns for the year.  As you know, an extension of the HCTC was included in the Senate’s tax extenders bill and we urge you to include it in the House tax extenders bill as well. The Senate provision, supported by Senate Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman, mirrors H.R.2783, a bill we introduced by in the House.  A March 2014 letter supporting the HCTC was signed by 28 Members of Congress and Senators from across the country, and is attached for your reference.

Across the country, the HCTC has helped tens of thousands of struggling families pay their health bills.  These families include thousands of Delphi retirees whose pensions were terminated during the GM rescue and subsequently turned over to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.  As you know well, many of 20,000 Delphi salaried retirees lost significant portions of their promised pensions.

Without the HCTC, which expired on January 1, 2014, these salaried retirees face financial hardship with up to 50 percent of their remaining pension going to fund their health care premiums. The Delphi retirees have spent all of this year paying for health care out of their own modest income. If Congress fails to act, these retirees will continue to struggle to pay their health care expenses. This is an issue that cannot wait. We urge you to pass the tax extenders bill that includes the two-year extension of the HCTC before the 113th Congress adjourns.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.



Michael R. Turner              

Member of Congress                       


Tim Ryan                                            

Member of Congress

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Turner Statement on Jerusalem Synagogue Attack


Washington, DC: Following reports that two Palestinians attacked a synagogue in Jerusalem and killed four Israeli worshipers, Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, released the following statement: 

"This act of terror must immediately be condemned by the international community. As we mourn the death of the three American citizens involved in today's attack, our hearts go out to all the victims and their families as they attempt to recover from today’s senseless act of violence," said Turner.

"We recognize and support Israel's right to defend its territory and its citizens against further attacks by radical elements such as Hamas. The nation of Israel and its people continue to have my full support,” said Turner. 

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Turner, Portman & Brown Applaud NCAA Decision to Keep First Four Tournament Games in Dayton Through 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Mike Turner and U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Rob Portman (R-OH) applauded a decision by the NCAA to select the University of Dayton as the host site for opening round games of the NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball tournament through 2018.

“Today, the NCAA recognized the importance of hosting the First Four in Dayton. Last week, I was proud to highlight Dayton’s distinct capabilities and to urge the NCAA to keep the opening of March Madness in Dayton. We are grateful that the NCAA agreed and that Dayton’s tradition of tremendous attendance, strong fan experience and record ratings for the NCAA’s First Four will continue,” Turner said.  

“I congratulate the University of Dayton on their selection as host for the NCAA Final Four games. Today’s announcement reaffirms what so many of us have long known – Dayton is a city that has so much to offer to visitors, and I am excited about the economic impact these games will bring to the region.” Portman said

“Today’s decision by the NCAA is a slam dunk for Dayton and basketball fans throughout Ohio,” Brown said. “For more than a decade, Dayton and the Miami Valley have been exceptional hosts of the opening round games. By continuing to start the tournament in Dayton, the NCAA selection committee has reaffirmed Dayton’s important place in the tournament.”


Earlier this month, Brown, Portman, and Turner sent a letter to NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert urging the NCAA to select the University of Dayton as the host for the First Four games. The letter pointed to long-standing support of leaders and the community for the tournament. In 2013, the First Round games generated more than $4.5 million in revenue for the Dayton-area. A copy of that letter can be viewed here. 


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Turner, Portman, Brown Urge NCAA to Select Dayton as Host City for First Four Tournament Games


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Mike Turner (OH-10) and U.S. Sens. Rob Portman (R-OH) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) joined in a letter to NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert in support of the University of Dayton’s bid to remain the host for the opening round of NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball tournament through 2018. Dayton has hosted the First Four games since 2001 and has hosted more tournament games than any other site in the country. 
“The University of Dayton and our southwest Ohio community have demonstrated a track record of success in hosting the opening of the annual NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournament,” Turner said.
"Dayton’s geographical location, proximity to international airports, and large committed fan base have been critical to the sizable attendance, fan experience, and record ratings the NCAA has received while Dayton has hosted the 'First Four.' Additionally, President Obama’s decision to bring a visiting head of state to the 2012 “First Four" in Dayton further establishes the wide recognition of the distinctive capability of our region to host internationally and nationally prominent events. I strongly urge you to continue hosting the “First Four” in Dayton and to further consider our region for additional opportunities to host tournament games,”  Turner said.
“Basketball fans know that March Madness starts in Dayton, Ohio,” Brown said. “For more than a decade, Dayton and the Miami Valley has hosted the opening round games. The tournament provides an economic boost for small businesses and showcases one of Ohio’s top cities. As the NCAA finalizes its site selections for coming years, I urge President Emmert to continue the NCAA’s investment in the City of Dayton.”
“The City of Dayton has proven over the years that it is well positioned to host the NCAA Final Four tournament,” Portman said. “From its great universities, restaurants, to an arena for the games, Dayton offers an exceptional package.”
In its letter, the delegation pointed to long-standing support of leaders and the community for the tournament. In 2013, the First Round games generated more than $4.5 million in revenue for the Dayton-area. The letter also urges the NCAA to consider expanding the tournament’s presence in Ohio.
The full letter to the NCAA can be seen below.
November 12, 2014
Dr. Mark Emmert
National Collegiate Athletic Association
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Dear Dr. Emmert:
We write in support of the University of Dayton’s (UD) bid to continue hosting the opening round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament through 2018. We also urge the NCAA to strongly consider expanding the community’s opportunities to host additional tournament games.
The Dayton region’s exceptional capability to host nationally and internationally renowned events makes it the ideal area to continue hosting the “First Four.”  Dayton is located within a day’s drive of sixty percent of the U.S. population and has three international airports within 100 miles (Dayton International, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International, and Port Columbus International), making it easily accessible for visitors and fans from around the country. 
UD and the surrounding community have also played a proud role in the NCAA Tournament’s history. UD Arena has hosted more tournament games – 105 – than any other site in the country and for the past fifteen years has served as the home for both the annual play-in game and the “First Four.” The city of Dayton has embraced these games, with UD Arena being filled to capacity each of the last two years and the community actively creating outstanding experiences for the fans who visit. The city of Dayton has also taken the additional step of holding welcome events for visiting schools and the fans attending the games.  This past March, the tournament helped generate $4.5 million in revenue for the Dayton-area economy and the NCAA saw record ratings for the “First Four” portion of the tournament.
The “First Four” in Dayton has been such a success that President Barack Obama hosted British Prime Minister David Cameron at the event in 2012 to provide the visiting head-of-state a front-row seat at the opening of the annual tournament.  Prime Minister Cameron was on an official visit to the United States for important foreign policy discussions.
We urge you to commit to continue hosting the opening round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in Dayton, and ask that you consider expanding the tournament’s presence in the area. The people of Ohio and the city of Dayton look forward each year to participating in this event.  Thank you for your consideration.

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Turner: Mr. President, In Case You Haven’t Noticed, Russia has invaded Ukraine


Washington, DC: Following reports from the Kiev military that a "column of 32 tanks and truckloads of Russian troops” have moved into Ukraine, Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Armed Services Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee, released the following statement: 

“If these reports are accurate, the significant number of troops and artillery that have moved across the Ukrainian border in the last twenty-four hours prove the Russian Federation has no intention of deescalating the current crisis in Ukraine. 

Putin continues to send troops, tanks, and weapons across the sovereign Ukrainian border. In response, the President has sent an international message of ambivalence.

In order to take decisive action to counter Putin’s ongoing escalation of this already serious conflict, President Obama must first definitively call these movements what they are: a continued invasion."

Following NATO reports on August 28th that Russian troops were operating inside Ukraine, Congressman Turner released a joint statement with House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (R-CA) calling on the President to "definitively state whether or not Russia has invaded Ukraine and immediately condemn this overt escalation of an already serious conflict.” In response, the Obama administration failed to define that movement of over 1,000 Russian troops into Ukraine as an invasion.

"President Obama continues to ignore the obvious. Ukraine has been and continues to be invaded by Russian troops. To counter this aggression, the President of the United States must at least be willing to acknowledge that Russia’s actions are an invasion and a violation of Ukraine’s sovereign territory. 

Today, the President must provide strong U.S. leadership and condemn Russia’s acts as an invasion of Ukraine,” said Congressman Turner.  

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Turner: No Adavanced Waships to Putin's Russia


WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Representative Mike Turner, the Chair of the United States Delegation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Parliamentary Assembly, joined a bipartisan group of law makers in writing to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urging that the NATO Alliance purchase or lease the Mistral-Class warships that France plans to sell to Russia.  

In the bipartisan letter, the lawmakers called for NATO to “purchase or lease the warships as a common naval asset. Such a decisive move by NATO is not without precedent and would show President Putin that our rhetorical resolve is matched by our actual resolve and that this Alliance will not tolerate or abet his dangerous actions in Europe.”

“Just weeks ago, a Russian spy plane violated NATO airspace for the first time since the end of the Cold War," said Congressman Turner. "As Putin continues his efforts to intimidate our allies and destabilize the region, our NATO Alliance must demonstrate its resolve in the face of this aggressor state. We must ensure Putin is incapable of procuring these highly sophisticated assault ships and instead, take this opportunity to bolster our own capabilities." 

Copies of the letter were sent to the Secretary of State Kerry and Defense Secretary Hagel.  Text of the letter follows.

November 4, 2014

His Excellency Jens Stoltenberg

Secretary General

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Boulevard Leopold III, 1110

Brussels, Belgium

Dear Mr. Secretary General:

Congratulations on assuming one of the most important jobs in international security. We welcome your installation and look forward to your leadership during these challenging times for the NATO alliance.

On May 29, 2014, we wrote your predecessor on the particular challenge posed by France’s contract to supply two advanced Mistral-class amphibious assault and helicopter carrier warships to the Russian Federation. In that letter, we proposed a solution to keep these warships out of the hands of a government that poses a clear and present threat to the security of certain NATO members, substantially enhance the Alliance’s capabilities at a moment when some members have been cutting defense expenditures, and mitigate any disparate financial burden to France for refusing to transfer the warships to the Government of Russia.

Since we last wrote your office proposing that NATO purchase or lease these warships, Russian government actions have only heightened our concern over this potential transfer and strengthened our resolve to oppose it while exploring creative and constructive options to promote unity among our allies at a time when, to quote French President Francois Hollande, Russia’s actions “contravene the fundamental principles of European security.” Such a transfer should be unthinkable, at the moment, and for as long as Russia’s government maintains its threatening posture toward NATO and occupies territories in neighboring European countries in gross violation of international law.

As we collectively confront the unacceptable actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government, every effort must be made to maintain transatlantic unity. Sensitive to the financial burden that France may incur should it rightly refuse to transfer these warships to Russia, we renew our call that NATO purchase or lease the warships as a common naval asset. Such a decisive move by NATO is not without precedent and would show President Putin that our rhetorical resolve is matched by our actual resolve and that this Alliance will not tolerate or abet his dangerous actions in Europe. 

We, and many others, have repeatedly urged France to unequivocally refuse to transfer the Mistrals and we appreciate France’s willingness, in the wake of the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, to postpone a final decision on the fate of these warships until later this year. But we cannot be satisfied with any outcome that could see these ships sailing under the Russian flag—now or in the foreseeable future.

While there was a period following the end of the Cold War when Russia was acting cooperatively and could be considered a partner in European stability, that era has sadly, and definitively, come to an end following the attempted illegal annexation of Crimea. We all look forward to a future when we can work constructively with a representative and democratic government in Moscow to secure a Europe, whole, free, and at peace, that day has not come and, for now, it is critical that NATO members cease providing President Putin the means to intimidate or invade countries on Russia’s periphery or even directly confront our allies.

Mr. Secretary General, we would have liked to keep this note a short one of congratulations as you assume an awesome responsibility, but circumstances require timely and decisive action on this urgent matter. We appreciate your consideration of our proposal that NATO purchase or lease these warships, and look forward to your response.


Eliot L. Engel (D-NY)

Ranking Member

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Michael Turner (R-OH)


U.S. Delegation to NATO Parliamentary Assembly

William R. Keating (D-MA)

Ranking Member

Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Mike Rogers (R-AL)


Subcommittee on Strategic Forces

Armed Services

Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA)

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Steve Chabot (R-OH)

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Steve Cohen (D-TN)

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Jim Gerlach (R-PA)


Congressional Ukrainian Caucus

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Turner Fights for West Carrolton’s Appvion Paper Facility


Washington, DC—Today, Congressman Mike Turner testified before the United States International Trade Commission to ensure that the duties he fought for and helped secure are extended and that the ability of American companies, like Appvion, to create and maintain American jobs is protected. 

On behalf of West Carrolton’s Appvion Paper Facility, Congressman Turner urged the Commission to keep the antidumping and countervailing duties on lightweight thermal paper from China and Germany in place for another five years.

“Appvion’s investment in my southwest Ohio community has created hundreds of new jobs throughout our region. However, the expiration of current trade duty orders on dumped and subsidized imports threatens their ability to be successful in American markets.

These duties have leveled the playing field and allowed Appvion to improve its sales and profitability. 

Good manufacturing jobs in Ohio are dependent on the extension of these duties and on the preservation of a fair trade environment.

We must make certain that companies like Appvion who are willing to invest substantially in manufacturing in America are adequately protected from any unfair competition,” said Congressman Mike Turner. 

 “Representative Turner has supported efforts to ensure fair competition for all producers of lightweight thermal paper in the U.S. since we filed our first petition in 2007. We appreciate his strong commitment to our company, our Ohio manufacturing operations and to ensuring a fair and level playing field on which to compete,” said Mark Richards, Chief Executive Officer of Appvion, Inc.

“Appvion employs nearly 1,700 people across the United States in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and the fair trading of lightweight thermal paper in the United States is vital to our bottom line.  We know that our product can compete on a level playing field. However, keeping these duties in place is the only effective way to protect the domestic marketplace from foreign competitors who won’t play by the rules.”  



On October 22, 2014, Congressman Turner joined with U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Rob Portman (R-OH) and sent a letter to the Chairman of the ITC that called for the continuation of current dumping margins on lightweight thermal paper (LWTP) from China and Germany.

In August 2014, Turner and U.S. Senators Brown and Portman joined with other congressional members, to urge the Commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to ensure that companies who are importing LWTP from China and Germany are paying the requisite duties owed on such products. 

In February, 2014, Turner, Brown, and Portman called on the Commerce Department to use to use its legal authority under U.S. trade law to address fraudulent behavior by foreign companies dumping into domestic markets. According to Commerce, German exporter Papierfabrik August Koehler AG and Koehler America, Inc—known as Koehler—sold merchandise at a less than normal value and manipulated data to avoid paying antidumping duties for imports on LWTP.

In April 2013, Turner, Brown, and Portman commended action by the Administration that upheld a decision to impose a duty on the manufacturer.

In April 2008. Turner led a House letter to the Secretary of Commerce in support of Appleton Papers’ (now Appvion) unfair trade practices petition concerning LWTP from China and Germany. 

In 2008, Congressman Turner testified before the Commission regarding the original thermal paper investigation that led to the institution of the current antidumping and countervailing duties. 

In November, 2007, Turner wrote to the Chairman of the ITC in support of Appleton Papers’ (now Appvion) petition concerning LWTP from China and Germany.

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Turner Statement on Large-Scale Russian Air Activity in Europe


Washington, DC—In response to reports that NATO jets have intercepted more than two dozen Russian military aircraft in the past 24 hours and that this aircraft was conducting “significant military maneuvers” on the edges of NATO and European air space, Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the U.S. Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, released the following statement:

"Last week, a Russian spy plane violated NATO airspace for the first time since the end of the Cold War. 

Over the last 24 hours, we have seen increasingly adventuresome, unusual activity by the Russian military in international air space.  

Russia’s escalating provocative acts of intimidation and threats of destabilization are cause for concern—not just for our European allies—but for the entire NATO alliance. 

Putin shows no signs of letting up and today’s reports are another reminder of the necessity of a strong, united, and well-equipped NATO alliance in the face of an aggressor state."

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Turner Praises Hagel’s Approval of 21-Day Ebola Controlled Monitoring Period


Washington, D.C.— In response to news reports that Secretary Hagel has approved the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that all military personnel serving in Ebola afflicted areas of West Africa undergo a mandatory, 21-day 'controlled monitoring' period, Congressman Mike Turner, a senior member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released the following statement: 

“Last Friday, I questioned General Lariviere regarding the Department of Defense’s Ebola guidance for service members being deployed to countries with Ebola outbreaks. I seriously recommended that these guidelines be revised in order to protect our men and women in uniform and ensure that the public isn’t unduly exposed. 

The previous DOD guidelines on monitoring returning troops stated that 'as long as individuals remain asymptomatic, they may return to work and routine daily activities with family members.'

Today, I’m encouraged that Secretary Hagel shares my concerns and is taking action to impose a 21-day 'controlled monitoring' period for all returning troops. We are hopeful that this period is in effect a quarantine. 

This act will ensure that our service men and women, their families, and our communities have the confidence that every necessary precaution is taken to ensure their health and safety.”

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Turner Fights to Protect American Public From Ebola


Click HERE to watch 

I’m highly skeptical and the public is worried… The Ebola procedures and protocols need to be revised

MIKE TURNER: Mr. Chairman, I greatly appreciate that. I'm under a time constraint, having to return back to my district, and I greatly appreciate the Chairman doing that. On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to talk with Secretary Hagel about the Ebola mission and I believe he takes this very seriously. He's very concerned, both about the effect on our men and women in uniform, and also about protecting the American public. 

I am very concerned about the protocols of protecting the American public. And since I only get one question, my question is going to be about that. Although, I am too very concerned as I think all of the American public is about the protection of our men and women in uniform.

I'm very skeptical of the DoD protocols and I think the American public is very skeptical. We have basically two threats, one of Ebola coming here or two individuals that have been exposed to Ebola, falling ill to Ebola. We've had four cases, two of came here, and two are the result of people being exposed to Ebola here and then falling ill.

Three were healthcare providers. The American public is very concerned that individuals who have been exposed to the Ebola virus have had significant public access after being exposed. This is during the period while they were falling ill to Ebola.

Now on October 10th, Ebola came to visit Ohio. Amber Vinson traveled from Dallas, Texas to Cleveland. While she was in Cleveland, she visited local businesses and of course she flew on a flight there. Almost 300 people had contact with her while she was falling ill to Ebola. Fortunately, Ohio doesn't have a report, at this time, of a case of Ebola.

But on October 20th, the entire Ohio congressional delegation, on a bipartisan basis, sent a letter to the CDC challenging their protocols, with respect to people who have been known to have been exposed to Ebola. 

Now we all know the stories: trying on wedding dresses, flying, going on a cruise, bowling, riding on the subway. Although some of these issues are personal responsibility, they do go to the issue of protocols. If you look at the October 10th Department of Defense guidelines, in paragraph number four, it says that a commander has authority which means they may—they don’t have to—quarantine someone up to ten days if they are concerned about an individual who's been exposed. 

Now we all know the doctor in New York fell ill apparently after eleven days. Then it goes on to say no known exposure—that doesn't mean they weren’t exposed, it means there is no known exposure. That then there is a 21 day monitoring period, but it suggests that the individuals return to routine daily activities. Well, those routine daily activities would include going on cruises, flying, wearing wedding dresses, bowling and riding on the subway.   

So I think I’m very concerned—as the American public is—as the multiplier effect of the contacts that could occur in the public. And as we are learning in light of what has happened, I believe that both the CDC's rules and perhaps the DoD guidance should be revised.

In light of what we now know and are seeing in the concerns of the multiplier effect, again of the three healthcare providers that had significant public contact, while falling ill to the Ebola virus, do you believe that this October 10th DoD guidance should be revised and Mr. Lumpkin, I would like your answer, too.

MICHAEL LUMPKIN: I think the first thing I would like to say, as I mentioned in my opening statement, that we at the DoD in West Africa are not doing direct patient care. So our operations in support of USAID are focused on those lines of effort of the command and control, the logistics –

MIKE TURNER: But that Mr. Lumpkin, that doesn't mean that no one is going to be exposed to the virus. I understand what you're saying about the distinction between health care providers and non- healthcare providers, but the gentleman that flew here first, patient number one, in the United States was not a healthcare provider either.

MICAHEL LUMPKIN: Very true, but because—But I want to make sure you understand—we have different categories of risk and I would like to turn it over to my Joint Staff colleague here to explain the risk categories and the mitigation strategies with each one of them.

MAJOR GENERAL LARIVIERE: Mr. Turner, thank you for the question. The protocols we've put in place we think excede the CDC's standards, as you mentioned. We will be testing personnel twice a day while they are deployed, take their temperature and to ensure that if they were exposed and did become infected, we could isolate them effectively. The zero to ten-day timeline that you discussed is the timeline that will take place in country and commanders will have the authority to remove that personal –

MIKE TURNER: But General as we already know from the doctor in New York he indicated, if the news reports are correct, that his symptoms occurred at 11 days, so isn’t your ten days too short? 

MAJOR GENERAL LARIVIERE: Well the ten days were in country, the 21 days can't start until they are actually out of the affected areas. So the 21 day monitoring period will take place –

MIKE TURNER: Which means they could be traveling on day 11 and no longer isolated.

MAJOR GENERAL LARIVIERE: They could be traveling on day 11. 

MIKE TURNER: Which would result in an additional exposure.

MAJOR GENERAL LARIVIERE: No sir, we will try to limit their exposure prior to their departure but the one 21 day timeline won't start until they're back in the United States.

MIKE TURNER: Well my time is up. But I want to indicate,  I am highly skeptical and the public is worried. I believe these need to be revised. The Ohio Delegation sent to CDC they believe there’s need to be revised.  The American public is concerned people that are exposed are having too much contact with the American public and raising the risk to the United States citizens. Thank you Mr. Chairman.  

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Contact Information

2239 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-6465
Fax 202-225-6754

A lifelong resident of Dayton, Ohio, Congressman Mike Turner has family roots in Eastern Kentucky. His parents, Ray and Vivian, moved to Dayton in the 1950’s to take advantage of the job opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Mr. Ray Turner worked at General Motors, retiring after 42 years as a member of IUE local 801; and Mrs. Vivian Turner retired from teaching in the Huber Heights School District. Congressman Turner has two daughters, Jessica and Carolyn.

Congressman Turner attended Dayton Public Schools and graduated from Belmont High School. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio; an MBA from the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio; and a Juris Doctorate from Case Western University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to his election to Congress, Turner was in private practice and corporate law for 13 years.

Congressman Turner has a background of community activism having worked with not-for-profit groups focusing on neighborhood concerns, community development, housing code enforcement, and historical preservation. As the two-term Mayor of the City of Dayton, he was a strong proponent of neighborhood revitalization, crime reduction, increased funding for safety forces, economic development and job creation. He created Rehabarama, a private-public partnership to rehabilitate neglected housing in Dayton’s historic neighborhoods, which had significant economic impact on the region, and received national awards from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Also while serving as Mayor of Dayton, Congressman Turner established a development fund providing more than $19 million in grants for housing and job-producing projects. The development fund sparked investment which resulted in a renaissance of Dayton’s downtown, including a $130 million arts center, a minor league baseball stadium, river front development, loft and upscale housing, additional corporate headquarters, and redevelopment of the former Delco and Frigidaire brownfield area into an office, research, and industrial park. Under Mayor Turner’s leadership, the City of Dayton had a balanced budget for all eight years of his tenure (having not been balanced for the previous five years), added 54 police officers to the force, resulting in a nearly 40 percent reduction in police response time, and closed two adult movie theaters in residential neighborhoods, thus improving the quality of life for Dayton residents.

First elected to the 108th Congress and sworn in January of 2003, Congressman Turner was appointed to the Armed Services Committee, from which he assists Wright-Patterson Air Force Base located in Ohio’s Tenth District, and to the Government Reform Committee, which allows him to contribute his experience as a former mayor to government reform. Congressman Turner’s urban experience was called upon by then House Speaker Dennis Hastert who appointed him Chairman of the new Saving America’s Cities working group. The 24 Member working group was charged with developing goals and principles to help urban America by focusing on economic development issues and encouraging private sector investment in cities.

Continuing his work on urban issues, in the 109th Congress, Turner served as Chairman of the Government Reform Committee’s Subcommittee on Federalism and the Census. During his tenure he worked to help save the Community Development Block Grant program from being reduced in funding and combined with several other programs under the control of the U.S. Department of Commerce. In recognition of his efforts, Congressman Turner was the recipient of the American Planning Association’s 2005 Legislator of the Year Award and the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s 2005 National Legislative Leadership Award.

In the 111th Congress, as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Turner was named the Ranking Member on the Strategic Forces Subcommittee. The Strategic Forces Subcommittee has jurisdiction over the nation’s nuclear arsenal, our military assets in outer space, the Department of Defense’s intelligence programs, and also over missile defense systems. Reelected to a fifth term in November of 2010, Congressman Turner served as Chairman of the House Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee, and as a Member of the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee for the 112th Congress.In January of 2011, Turner was appointed Chairman of the US Delegation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Parliamentary Assembly – the inter-parliamentary organization of legislators from the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. The Assembly provides a critical forum for international parliamentary dialogue on an array of security, political and economic matters.

In November of 2012, Congressman Turner was elected to represent the newly created 10th Congressional District, which includes all of Montgomery County, Greene County, and portions of Fayette County.  For the 113th Congress, Turner has been appointed Chairman of the House Armed Services Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee, which conducts oversight of ammunition programs, Army and Air Force acquisition programs, all Navy and Marine Corps aviation programs, National Guard and Army and Air Force National Guard and Reserve. The subcommittee also authorizes procurement and R&D programs to ensure that America’s soldiers and airmen are fully equipped to carry out their mission. This is critical not only to our national security, but to Ohio’s economy as well.  Congressman Turner will continue to serve as a member of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee.
In addition to his work on the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Turner is a senior member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

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